The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Good Things Should Be Kept Hidden for Enjoyment

This time, the operation was not dangerous, so Uesugi Kiyoshi took less than a hundred people with him.

And Tomie Kawakami was also among them.

It's not just because this person begged so hard and clung to him, but she was too dangerous, like a time bomb with a self-destruct function. Uesugi Kiyoshi couldn't relax without her by his side.

"Boss, when you come back, can we stop by Roppongi Hills? My bracelet got dirty and needs a new one!"

"Boss, do you like Bordelle lingerie? You buy for me, I wear for you to see, okay?"



Excitedly chattering Tomie Kawakami, accidentally caught a glimpse of a female colleague, instantly showing a disgusted expression, and yelling in discontent.

"Why does that sneaky face thief also want to follow? What use could her ridiculous shapeshifting ability have?"

"Who knows..." Uesugi Kiyoshi chuckled.

The day after knocking out Tomie Kawakami with cash, Eri Kamei also joined the research institute, but her ability this time probably won't be of much use.

Just as the institute's only unique individual at the moment, it shouldn't hurt to introduce her to the world.

Hiding at home, unable to earn experience points.

"And what about you?" After hearing Tomie Kawakami's unabashed insult, Eri Kamei also refused to show weakness and replied, "What good are you for?"

Tomie Kawakami stood tall with pride, tilting her head up high and saying, "I'm beautiful! Isn't this enough?"

Eri Kamei chuckled disdainfully. Her once gentle and pure face gradually became more exquisite, until it was indistinguishable from Tomie Kawakami.

"What about now?"

With her only advantage gone, Tomie Kawakami suddenly panicked, stammering for a while before coming up with a new reason. "I-I can... keep the president warm in bed..."

"I can do that too!"


Uesugi Kiyoshi's emotions heightened as he looked at Eri Kamei, only to see her turn away, revealing her rosy and translucent earlobes.

Have I done anything before?


It was just to correct her bad behavior, after scolding her, she was put in solitary confinement for twenty days.

Eri Kamei's shapeshifting ability is not completely under control, she can transform into anyone she touches, and she can also be influenced by the person she touches, even losing herself.

Only by staying away from others completely, can she restore her true self.

Uesugi Kiyoshi did it for her own good, but he never expected such a generous reward.

Is this what they call Stockholm syndrome?

Just imagining two Kawakami Tomies holding hands, feeling shy and timid in bed, eagerly awaiting their own happy moment, really makes one look forward to it...

"It's late, let's go quickly!"

He composed himself, cleared his throat, and gestured for everyone to set off.


The client this time is named Yuichi Kamida, around twenty years old, and is a jobless wanderer living in Tokyo.

The task he entrusted is, "Release the extraterrestrial power from the honey from South America".

This strange and peculiar task, initially regarded as trash by the operator, was picked out by Uesugi Kiyoshi to be treated as a serious matter.

When they arrived at the location mentioned in the task, the door was tightly shut, and no matter how they knocked, no one responded.

"Are we too late... Break down the door!" Uesugi Kiyoshi ordered the arriving police officer to assist.

After the door opened, a faint smell of decay hit them, and the experienced police officer immediately became serious.

"This is the smell of a dead body!"

However, after searching the simple rental house thoroughly, the police didn't find a body. They only discovered that the rotten smell was coming from a thin leather product.

The leather had an irregular shape, mixed with red and white colors, and had some yellow threads running through it. It looked like an abstract painting, sticking tightly to the wall.

"Maybe I made a mistake..." The police officer bowed repeatedly, feeling ashamed.

"No, you are not wrong." Uesugi Kiyoshi pointed at the leather wallpaper and said. This is Yuichi Kamida!

Everyone was shocked to hear this. After careful examination, they found traces of hair, bones, and clothing on it. But why would a living person turn into this appearance?

You see, the hardness of human tooth enamel is comparable to steel. It can crush bones and muscles into a flat sheet like paper. This is not something an ordinary person can do.

The police officer's gaze became confused, wondering who could have done this.

"There is only one truth!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi's expression turned serious. He opened Yuichi Kamida's diary on the table, adjusted his non-existent glasses, and began to explain his speculation.

Several days ago, Yuichi Kamida's friend Ogiku finally finished his journey in South America after going through hardships and received a pot filled with honey from a tribe.

It is said that this honey is collected by natives from local unique plants at the risk of their lives. Its taste is extraordinary, once tasted, other foods become bland as if chewing on wood shavings.

Upon hearing this news, Yuichi Kamida sneaked into Ogiku's house with his mischievous friends and stole the pot of honey.

"When eating the honey, we must not be caught!"

This is a warning from the natives and not a joke. To satisfy their cravings, they must face life-threatening risks.

Every time they consume the honey, it is like gambling with their lives, perhaps coming out unscathed, or maybe becoming a victim of unknown forces.

It was only after losing five friends in a row, that Yuichi Kamida understood this lesson. However, he still had no idea how to avoid being caught.

Yuichi Kamida originally planned to go to South America based on the map he found at Ogiku's house, but at that moment, he saw an advertisement from the Institute of Special Events. Trusting Uesugi Kiyoshi's reputation and with a mindset to give it a try, he sought help from the institution.

However, while waiting, he couldn't resist the temptation and opened the honey pot once again, taking another risk.

And this time, Yuichi Kamida was found.

"Wow, so cool!" After hearing Uesugi Kiyoshi's deductions, Tomie Kawakami's eyes sparkled and she quickly applauded, "Just from the commission and diary, to deduce so much information, truly worthy of the president!"

"Oh, no, I'm just standing on the shoulders of giants."

Uesugi Kiyoshi smiled calmly and picked up the glass vial under the skin of the person.

The liquid inside was clear in color, shiny like oil, emitting a rich fragrance, which was the mysterious honey from South America.

"Dr. Noda, you should know how to proceed with the next task, right?"

"...How to proceed?" Hiroshi Noda scratched his head, looking extremely puzzled.

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