The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 23

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Chapter 23: Please Show Basic Respect

Even though they had protective gear and treadmills, people had to go out less after the Head Balloon arrived.

Therefore, at that time, their demand for deliveries was actually higher than usual, but the delivery services of various companies had weakened significantly.

When Uesugi Kiyoshi's "Sky Web" delivery service was launched, it quickly seized the vacant market.

Even if other companies wanted to follow suit, it was useless.

Thanks to the previous collaboration with the Yoshida General Hospital, Uesugi Kiyoshi had already obtained the blood resources of nearly a million people in advance, and he only needed their authorization to begin services, which was much easier than collecting fluids again.

As a result, Uesugi Express, which used to be sparsely visited, suddenly expanded like a balloon being inflated and its income was beyond description.

And Sky Web Express, also greatly changed the daily lives of the Japanese people.


"Chengye, Chengye, your package has arrived!"

Dachang Chengye jolted up from bed, stuffed the magazine under the bed, then opened the door to receive the package handed by his mother.

"It's only been a few days, why did you buy so many things?" Mother complained unhappily.

"Well, the shipping cost is only 100 yen, besides, they are all study materials!"

Dachang Chengye quickly closed the door, hurriedly opened the package, and upon seeing the magazines inside, he let out a loud scream of joy, then loosened his belt.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Suddenly, a continuous knocking sound came from outside the window.

Unable to contain his anger, Dachang Chengye, holding his pants, angrily drew back the curtains, and shouted at the huge face stuck to the glass, "Can you bother me later, Dachang Chengye?!"

"Dachang Chengye, I need to talk to you!"

The same voice came from outside, filled with anger.

"It's only been seven days, Hokkaido, Aomori, Fukushima... so many prefectures in Japan, I've visited them all! Can you buy less things?"

"Do you have the authority?" Dachang Chengye was not very nice to his own balloon, "You want me dead, I'm just asking you to deliver some things, is that not allowed? And besides, you don't get tired!"

"Tired in the heart!"

"But you don't even have a heart!" Dachang Chengye didn't want to talk anymore, he closed the curtains, "Stop arguing, we're only missing one package now, if you bother me, I will order ten more items a day, all shipped from Hokkaido!"

"Do you have so much blood?"

"Body fluids are not just blood, you fool!"

Dachang Chengye sarcastically mocked his own balloon without reservation.

Just over a month ago, he was just like everyone else, scared of the strange balloons suddenly appearing, but also happy when they left.

But now, he just wants these balloons to stay forever.

Unknown dangers bring fear, just like ancient humans feared fire. But once we understand these patterns and principles, what is there to be afraid of?

His silhouette was hidden by the curtains, and after a while, the familiar scent of Dachang Chengye filled the area again.

The target shifted - how strange!

But these were the rules of his own actions, almost instinctive, impossible to resist. Head Balloon sighed and flew off into the distance.

It was late at night, with few pedestrians and vehicles on the road, but the balloons in the sky were still moving back and forth. Each gloomy face on the various sizes of packages attached to the steel cables was filled with exhaustion.

Dachang Chengye's balloons even saw an excavator being lifted by a few balloons, almost making tears well up in their eyes.

"Born as a balloon, I'm sorry."

It heard the desperate voices of its own kind.

Soon, Dachang Chengye's balloon arrived at its destination - Uesugi Express Delivery Square.

The place here was wide open, brightly lit, with flat land filled with demagnetization devices covered in black cloth.

Of course, it's also possible that there are people under the black cloth, theoretically speaking.

"Friendly reminder, friendly reminder, please pay attention to your steel cables during the ascending and descending process, maintain a safe distance, beware of entanglement collisions, beware of entanglement collisions!"

Amid the mechanical prompts, it reached its target in the air and hesitantly extended its steel ring.

As expected, beneath the black cloth, there was still that darn electromagnetic switch, and this time the cargo was even heavier than before.

Unable to go against its inherent principles, Head Balloon could only curse loudly, which resonated throughout the entire Japanese sky, echoing endlessly.

"Darn Uesugi Kiyoshi!"

"Ah, just ignore them!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi, feeling uncomfortable under the gaze of a thousand eyes, awkwardly smiled.

At this moment, he was being interviewed by a journalist.

This was a requirement for company promotion and a response to public demand from the government.

Who doesn't want to know more about the mysterious Uesugi Kiyoshi?

Therefore, even if Uesugi Kiyoshi was reluctant, he had to accept. Of course, he could still keep some basic secrets like his address and appearance.

"So, Miss Qianniao, do you have any more questions?"

The female journalist named Qianniao Xianai closed her notebook and took out another one from her bag.

"As a special correspondent for the government, I've asked my questions. Next, would you be willing to take questions from an environmental and lifestyle magazine journalist?"

"Of course not!" Anda Tuozhen blinked rapidly at the side, Uesugi Kiyoshi quickly changed his words, "Sorry, I still need to go to the Prime Minister's residence..."

"Just one question!" Qianniao Xianai stood up directly, holding onto his suit.

"Alright." Unable to escape, Uesugi Kiyoshi reluctantly nodded, "Go ahead."

"What are your thoughts on the Head Balloon's rights?"


Uesugi Kiyoshi scratched his ear, compared to what he heard just now, he believed that there was an issue with his hearing.

"Could you repeat your question from earlier, Miss Qianniao?"

"From what I know, your delivery business uses a lot of Head Balloons, but so far, you haven't taken any measures to protect their rights. Why is that?"

"Because, because they are Head Balloons! They are enemies of humans, they will kill people!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi started regretting his indecisiveness, what is the problem?

"Tigers eat humans too, but humans still protect tigers, why can't Head Balloon be protected too?"

"Yes, why not?" Uesugi Kiyoshi looked at Anda Tuozhen.

"Well, maybe it's because there are too many of them?" Anda Tuozhen reluctantly replied.

Qianniao Xianai snorted, "Absurd, even if it's just a sparrow..."

"You discuss it slowly, I'll take my leave first."

Uesugi Kiyoshi ran away in despair.

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