The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Opening the Door, Delivering a Package

The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is in Tokyo, and it's the world's first six-star hotel, known as the king of luxury hotels by many people.

Inside the hotel are three Michelin-starred restaurants, always difficult to book a table at, but now all reserved by the Yumura Society.

They held a grand meeting here, called the Head Balloon Strategy Research Meeting.

Of course, if someone here does come up with a reasonable solution to the Head Balloon issue, it's unlikely they'll leave the meeting alive.

All the senior managers, business owners with business dealings, and familiar government officials gathered together to celebrate the return of Head Balloon.

As they say, love makes one cherish understanding, and being drunk makes one appreciate the wine. During the days when Head Balloon disappeared, more than just Yumura Hideyoshi missed them day and night.

Just the thought of the protective clothing industry being able to restart, bringing a continuous stream of wealth for the company and for oneself, who wouldn't feel excited about it?

Amidst the mingling of cups and laughter, the vice minister of the Ministry of Justice who came to the banquet suddenly noticed something unusual.

"Where is President Yumura?" After clinking glasses with an acquaintance and a senior executive, he couldn't help but ask, "I've searched all three halls, but I still haven't seen him!"

"President Yumura fell ill suddenly and couldn't make it, he sends his apologies."

The senior executive looked around, saw that no one noticed them, leaned in closer, and whispered, "Actually, he felt really uncomfortable inside, coming here made it worse, so he decided to take a leave of absence."

The vice minister suddenly understood.

The news of Yumura Hideyoshi acquiring the patent for the Protective Walking Machine and then selling it back to the original owner at a loss of 499 billion yen had been widely circulated.

Of course, if Head Balloon doesn't appear again, we can still praise the brave actions, but now...

"What about Mr. Kenichi? Why hasn't he come yet?" asked the deputy secretary.

As the chief secretary of Yumura Hideyoshi, if the leader is not here, he should send him to speak as a representative.

"Don't mention it, the day before yesterday when Head Balloon came, he had just gotten off the car, walked to the doorstep, and then... oh!"

"It's really unfortunate!"

The deputy secretary raised his glass and clinked it with his friend to show sadness, then whispered, "As you know, my niece just graduated from the management department of Tokyo University..."

Yumura Hideyoshi sat in his office, reviewing documents, but suddenly ran out of ink in his pen.

"Koike, Koike, you..."

He reflexively called out to his secretary, and in the middle of speaking, remembered that the person had passed away, sat still for a long time, tears slowly filling his eyes.

He wasn't crying because of Kenichi Koike. He was just a secretary. This position could attract talented young people from Tokyo University and Kyoto University, so he didn't worry that he couldn't hire another one.

But when he thought about Koike's cause of death, he couldn't help thinking about the Head Balloon, and then connected it to the Protective Walking Machine, which made Yumura Hideyoshi feel sorrowful.

Why did it turn out like this? The protective suit and walking machine should have been his. The joy from these two things should have brought him so much happiness. He should have experienced this dreamlike happiness, but why did it turn out this way now?

"Uesugi Kiyoshi!"

Yumura Hideyoshi squeezed out this name that he detested.

"President, president, oh, sorry!"

The head of the company's courier service department hurriedly pushed the door open and witnessed the old man crying, then quickly closed the door and left.

"Come in!" Yumura Hideyoshi wiped his tears and nodded at the department head, asking, "What's the matter?"

"Yes, um..."

"Please speak your mind," Mr. Yumura Hideyoshi smiled kindly.

The popularity of Head Balloon led to a decline in the courier business, affecting some industries negatively.

Neither protective suits nor walking machines were suitable for couriers to use. Considering profits and compensation for work-related injuries, Yumura Society had to reduce its operations or even stop working altogether.

He understood the situation well and didn't blame others too harshly, as poor performance was expected.

The minister hesitated, glanced anxiously at Mr. Yumura Hideyoshi, and then closed his mouth tightly.

"President, please take a look at this!" He handed over the brochure he was holding tightly with both hands.

Mr. Yumura Hideyoshi looked slightly surprised as he furrowed his brow and took the brochure. He immediately noticed the name that worried him.

[Great News!

Inventors of protective suits and the Protective Walking Machine

Uesugi Kiyoshi's another world-changing innovation.

A brand new delivery method.

Convenient and fast.

Just fifty yen.

And a little bodily fluid.

Head Balloon delivers to your door!

What the heck?!

Yumura Hideyoshi tore up the flyer and angrily scattered it into the sky.

"Is Uesugi Kiyoshi crazy? How could Head Balloon, how is it possible..."

"Okay," said the minister, forcing a smile that looked even worse than a frown. "I've tried it, it really works..."


Uesugi Kiyoshi kept reflecting on whether his approach to the Head Balloon was too basic if he only focused on "protection".

Being able to exchange information, move quickly, carry heavy objects, be intelligent yet follow rules - if these strange abilities are not utilized properly to create value, wouldn't it be a waste?

Hiroshi Noda's discovery pointed him in the right direction.

Why not use the Head Balloon as a drone?

Just a bit of bodily fluid mixed with anticoagulants and flavor enhancers can make the Head Balloon mistakenly identify targets. So, if fluid storage facilities are built near delivery points, wouldn't it be possible to transport items over long distances?

The collaboration with Yoshida General Hospital was based on this idea.

Since starting at the job, Hiroshi Noda had been working on this research under Uesugi Kiyoshi's guidance.

The results were ready before the Head Balloon returned, and after a few days of experiments, everything went smoothly.

Uesugi Kiyoshi named it "Sky Web".

The core of the Sky Web delivery system is electromagnetic switches and induced liquid.

The company asked sellers and users for samples, providing them with electromagnetic switches and induced liquid.

Sellers attached switches to the goods and used containers with induced liquid to attract the Head Balloon to carry the goods on the balloon's steel ropes.

The sellers then hid themselves and informed the company. The company used a demagnetizing device sprinkled with the seller's inducing liquid to receive the goods and then deliver them using the customer's inducing liquid.

The entire transportation process was efficient and convenient, taking only thirty minutes from Tokyo to Osaka.

Not only did they not need any transportation vehicles, but they also saved a lot of manpower.

The Yumura Society's express delivery branch had over thirty thousand members and thousands of delivery points, while Uesugi Kiyoshi only needed about a hundred employees and a piece of empty land to handle all of Japan's express delivery needs.

How scary!

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