Age of Adepts Chapter 673

By TsukikageRyu

Chapter 673

I've already let the AoA Discord know (it's still the best place for the most up to date info and notification of new chapter releases), but I'm currently contesting a chest cold. Nothing too serious, and I don't expect it to get so bad that there will be any problems with releasing daily. However, it does mean that I'll likely be posting later in the day consistently this week. So don't worry if you get on and haven't seen the day's chapter posted yet- it'll be coming. If anything changes, I'll of course let you know here. If I do have a day where I fee too bad to work, I might skip a day and double release the next day instead. Again, I'll make a not of it here and on the Discord.


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First Grade: 675

Second Grade: 678

Third Grade: 683

Fourth Grade: 688

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