Zhan Long

Chapter 490

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Chapter 490 The Endless Chase

“Careful! They have Death God Arrows!” Dong Cheng said as she flew into the air.

Wan Er’s intelligent eyes stared right into the crowd as she said, “A few hour ago, I was studying the Death God Arrows. This weapon is extremely strong, and can penetrate anything. However, when it activates, it lets out a very loud sound. It’s only suitable for surprise ambushes. In a situation where you can see the Death God Arrows, you have at least one second to react to it. In that time, you could easily dodge the attack.”

I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and charged forward. I dashed forward, and stepped onto the magma rocks. The lava reflected my figure, and waves of heat emanated from it. It was hot enough to melt a person.

“Kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai!”

The Vice Guild Master of [Wrath of the Heroes], Wind Chaser, shouted. I recognized him. It was Li Feng Lin, one of the students from Li Hua University. Actually, you couldn’t even say that we knew each other. However, now, we were in the game. Now, it was all or nothing!

“Zhi zhi….”

I heard the sound of a bow being drawn. It was Sonata again! I heard him pull back the bow as he aimed a [Scatter Shot] right at me. Right beside him, [Wrath of the Heroes] number one Mage Heart of Fire then waved her staff, activating [Magma Abyss].


I accelerated forward, and my Cloud Stepping Boots crossed the magma. I leapt forward right onto a another rock. Sonata naturally changed his angle of attack, and predicted where I would land. “Shua!” The [Scatter Shot] flew straight at me. At the same time, the flames at the bottom suddenly rose and Heart of Fire’s [Magma Abyss] activated. Looks like these people are planning on trapping us on this island.

However, everything was within my calculations!


Once I stepped onto the magma, I kicked off of it and landed on another piece of rock. At the same time, I opened my hand and locked [Defeat the Dragon] right onto Sonata!


With the blink of an eye, Sonata appeared before me. He raised his bow, but my Dragon Reservoir Sword was even faster, and I pierced right through his chest!

“Pu Chi….”

I wasn’t able to immediately kill him, and Sonata activated [Crystallize]. I waved my left hand and pushed him straight into the pool of lava right beside me. “Pa tss”, the Crystallized Sonata immediately burnt to crisp and turned into a flash of light. There was no way he could defend against the lava.

Once my battle boots stepped a different rock, I activated a [Blade Rush] and rushed forward before finally reaching a place to regain my balance. I then spun my two blades. “Hua La” blood spurted from my enemies as I cleaved five people in half. I summoned my Flaming Tiger God. Behind me, Wan Er, Li Mu and Wang Jian all charged over and Thousand League Spring had been revived by Darling Duck. Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing all remained on the island to recover their health.


Wang Jian used a [Blade Rush] and cut right into the crowd of people. He had [Dou Qi Armor] to protect himself. He suddenly roared and activated [Halberd Whirlwind]. Flames burst from the blade of his halberd as he swept through the enemy lines. Li Mu followed his attack with a [Covering Sword Slash] and cleaned out a whole group of people. Right afterwards, Qing Qian used a [Grip of the Fire Fox] and ran straight at Wang Ze Cheng. Li Mu and Wang Jian took the chance to activate [Flying Sword].

“Block them!”

Wang Ze Cheng shouted and raised his shield. “Keng Keng” he parried the two [Flying Sword]s’ attacks. Before he could react, Wan Er, Qing Qian and Wolf all activated [Flying Dagger], cutting through all of the players in [Hero’s Mound: First Division]!

I then set up an [Azure Dragon Crossbow], and activated a [Seven Star Fragment Slash], slaughtering a dozen people. I then used a [Blade Spin], forcing Wang Ze Cheng to retreat with critical health. This proved that [Hero’s Mound: First Division]’s elite force had no way of defending against us, not even for a minute!

However, the enemy had too many people. Right as I took everyone to advance forward, Soaring Dragon had already brought [Flying Dragon]’s people charging towards the island. Everyone jumped across the lava. Their plans were clear, they wanted to steal our BOSS. Everything else was a lie, what was most important was the equipment that the BOSS dropped.


“Damn it, the [Flying Dragon] people are stealing our BOSS. What should we do!?” Wang Jian shouted as he charged forward.

My Dragon Reservoir cut down two shields, and I rammed into two Knights. The combo of my two swords hacked them down and I said, “Don’t worry about them. Chi Yu Han still has more than 70% health left. That’s more than enough for them to kill. We’ll clear out all of the people on the seventh floor first, then go after Chi Yu Han!”


“Be careful of the Death God Arrows!” Wan Er cautioned.

I nodded, “Ok, be careful! Also, I don’t see Drunken Spear. What’s up with that?”

Li Mu sternly said, “Based on some questionable information, it sounds like when Drunken Spear had killed himself in the lava, he dropped his weapon and so he started throwing a tantrum. No matter what, he wouldn’t come for a third time. Soaring Dragon couldn’t convince him otherwise…”

I was speechless.

Right at that moment, the people behind Wang Ze Cheng split up and ten Death God Arrow machines were pushed out. “Pu pu pu” I could hear the arrows being released, they were coming!

I saw through everything that was happening. Two of the Death God Arrows were aimed at me. With a shift of my feet, I kicked off and moved to the side 2 yards. All I heard was the two Death God Arrows missing me by a hair’s breadth. The poisonous vines even scratched my face. “Da da” blood dripped onto the floor.

Wan Er, Qing Qian and Wolf all dodged the arrows. Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng, those two Wind Elves flew out. This time, only Darling Duck was hit by the arrows, but she still didn’t die. Dong Cheng immediately used a [Magma Abyss] to burn away the poisonous vines. However, the Death God Arrows came in waves. “Shua Shua Shua”, one after another, the arrows activated. It became harder and harder for us to dodge them!

“Brother Xiao Yao, we can’t keep on doing this!” Qing Qian shouted

I nodded and raised my sword to charge over. However, [Magma Abyss]es burst under my feet. This feeling really was terrible.


Wan Er’s beautiful eyes glanced into the distance, “Do you still remember that cave? There’s at least 200+ Garrison Angels that we didn’t kill. You should understand the use of those Garrison Angels!”
Allenwa note: ok who didn’t see this one coming

My heart leapt up, and I didn’t hesitate for a second. I gripped my sword and activated [Blade Rush]. I suddenly turned around and entered into the cave. I then charged right towards the Garrison Angels, and they chased right after me. “Ka ka ka” the attacks smacked against my [Wall of Dou Qi]. As I gulped down a potion, I lured the 200 Garrison Angels and immediately retreated. I did my best to dodge the attacks, and activated [Haste]. “Shua!” I charged forward and my health had dropped to rock bottom. So dangerous!

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai came out! Kill him!” Yan Suo shouted. This Li Hua University beauty treated me pretty well in the first place, but after experiencing everything that happened between us, she hated me to the bone. Especially after that day in the forest, when I saw her and Wang Ze Cheng in that embarrassing situation. Without a doubt, Yan Suo wants me to die.

As I faced all of the players from [Hero’s Mound: First Division] and [Wrath of the Heroes] players, I smiled and immediately dashed to retreat. Behind me, the Garrison Angel’s all charged forward. At that moment, Heart of Fire shouted, “Not good!”

Liu Ying raised his long sword and shouted, “Ignore the monsters! Do all you can to kill Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Once he dies, this Sword Saint Abyss will come under the command of our three guilds!”

Heart of Fire raised her staff and activated [Indigo Sea Arrow]+[Icicle Spell]. F*ck, this bitch really was strong!

Everything was within my calculations. Right as the [Indigo Sea Arrow] flew at me, I raised my hand. I aimed the Dragon’s Hook at a rocks on the seventh floor and let it fly. “Shua!” The Dragon’s Hook flew out and “Keng!” It buried itself right into the cliff. The Dragon’s Hook then shrunk, bringing me along with it!

I charged forward around a hundred meters, and left the range of the long distance players. I gripped the Dragon’s Hook and looked back at the ground. All I noticed was that everyone had been thrown into chaos. The aggro of nearly 200 Garrison Angels had been lost in the crowd, and since the nearest targets were [Hero’s Mound] and [Wrath of the Heroes]’s players, naturally the Garrison Angels’ switched targets to them.

“Oh no….”

Little Piggy put away his musket, and turned around to leave. He shouted, “Leave, [Wrath of the Heroes] retreat! I knew we shouldn’t have stepped into this mud!”

Liu Ying raised his long sword and said, “Wait, victory and defeat hasn’t been set in stone!”

Little Piggy’s face twisted with rage, “I told you before that we couldn’t ally ourselves with [Hero’s Mound]. Boss, did you forget what you said earlier? Don’t forget, Yan Suo used to be yours. She cheated on you with Wang Ze Cheng right in front of you. Are you going to just forget about that? Is it all just because you have a few beauties in your arms right now?”

Liu Ying grunted, “I got over it. One woman cannot become the stumbling stone of my career….:


While I hung in the air, I couldn’t help but smile when I heard that. “If you don’t leave now, then we won’t ever get the chance again. Little Piggy, I suggest you go back the city now. These Garrison Angels are probably more terrifying than we can ever imagine!”

Little Piggy didn’t make another sound and crushed a City Return Scroll. He could already see that these Garrison Angels’ attack was extremely high. They had practically killed all of [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Wrath of the Heroes] heavy armor players. One can imagine just from the fact that Li Mu and Wang Jian’s 4000 defense wasn’t enough to defend against them, that an average heavy armor’s defense would never be able stand against a single [Grip of the Angel].

On the ground, Wang Jian, Li Mu, Dancing Forest, Wolf, and Thousand League Spring all lay in a pool of blood. The Death God Arrows and all of the players had killed them all. Wan Er, on the other hand, flew up and took Darling Duck and Qing Qian with her to escape. Dong Cheng waved her staff and stood on one of the rocks with an annoyed look on her face. No one dared to get close. Her magic could kill enormous amounts of people easily, and so normal people wouldn’t even dare to get close.

It was almost time….

I activated—— [Dragon Transformation]!

I had temporarily received the ability to fly. I immediately left my hiding place, and let my Cold Iron Sword fly out. I cut apart the iron chain, and then flew over the lava, killing all of the people who were chasing after Dong Cheng Yue. I reached out and hugged onto Dong Cheng Yue and flew towards Wan Er.

On the island in the center of the abyss, Soaring Dragon’s screams of pain rang out. He had died under Chi Yu Han’s sword. Of the hundreds of [Flying Dragon] players that he had brought with him, only a few were left. Chi Yu Han only had 12% health left. Too bad for them, [Flying Dragon]’s players weren’t going to live to see the day this BOSS died.

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