The Trembling World

Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Appropriate Cannon Fodder

“Do you know that the high pitch screaming just now will attract even more zombies? Haven’t I already told you not to make any sound no matter what happens? Do you take what I say as a joke?” Liu Gan turned his head and chided the group. Especially glaring at LuLu when he said that.

“I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” LuLu replied, in fear, to Liu Gan. After Liu Gan had glared at her, she had fear sprouting from her heart, and her face was deathly pale.

Liu Gan had a very defined muscular body, and had skills to match his talent. With his domineering and scary aura, the group really thought he would kill the red-haired player on the spot. This was especially worrying for LuLu because, as a female player, when she meets with male players who aren’t tender with ladies, and instead were aggressive, she has to worry about situations like these a lot more than other players.

“I am doing this for everyone’s sake. If you want to continue surviving, you guys better listen to me. If it wasn’t for me, then when he had attracted the zombies over the ones dead wouldn’t be just him.” Liu Gan pointed at the red-haired player and announced to the group.

“Thank you, Boss! If it wasn’t for your bravery, we would already be dead on the floor… Boss, let’s take the opportunity to leave this place before the zombie comes.” The plump Pan Hua suggested to Liu Gan, trying to break the awkward atmosphere.

“If you guys want to continue breathing, then following my instructions is a must. If not, you guys can try to survive in this zombie world by yourself. I don’t want to be dragged down by you.” Liu Gan didn’t answer Pan Hua. Instead, he scolded them a bit more.

Even though Liu Gan had said all that to them in the case of a real emergency, he was not at all worried that they would drag him down.

If the same situation occurred again, where the red-haired player attracted three zombies, Liu Gan could get rid of them easily. However, if it turned out to be a large mob, he would definitely not stay behind and babysit them. He would climb up the wall and escape – leaving them behind to be cannon fodder, which would buy him time to increase his chances of escaping.

However, for them to become cannon fodder, they would need training. Training to become qualified cannon fodder. Therefore, it was necessary right now to showcase Liu Gan’s prowess, as they absolutely needed to follow his instructions. Cannon fodder that don’t follow instructions, are unqualified cannon fodder.

“From now on, we will definitely listen to Boss!” Pan Hua hurriedly replied. After the two previous battles, it was obvious that Liu Gan was definitely an expert in fighting the zombies. If he wanted to continue living, and wait for rescue to come, then relying on Liu Gan was his best option.

Even though the rest didn’t utter a single word, deep down in their heart they had already acknowledged Liu Gan to be the leader. In this type of zombie apocalyptic world, it was an undisputable fact that whoever was the strongest would definitely be the boss. Furthermore, Liu Gan had already demonstrated his strong martial power. With his protection, it would be a lot safer.

Earlier this afternoon, the zombies from the nearby alleys and streets had already been attracted by the two explosions. In addition, when Liu Gan was traveling over, he had already killed a decent number of zombies. Therefore, previously when the red-haired player had shouted and LuLu’s had screamed in a high-pitched manner, no zombies were attracted to the group. It seemed that the nearby streets were much safer because of the earlier events.

After scouting the nearby vicinity, Liu Gan did not lead them away immediately. Instead he brought the group back to the street opposite of the minimart. Currently, foraging for food and water was of the utmost importance.

“The minimart may have zombies inside. When Boss goes in, you have to be careful.” Pan Hua hurriedly cautioned Liu Gan when he lead them to the entrance of the minimart.

“Boss, you should go into the minimart to scout and kill any zombies that are inside first. After that is done, call us into the building.” Said Wang Changshun, who was standing furthest at the back.

Liu Gan merely glanced at Wang Changshun without saying anything. Instead, he turned around and grabbed the red-haired player’s collar and tossed him towards the entrance of the minimart. The red-haired youth was almost as tall as Liu Gan. However when Liu Gan grabbed and tossed him, he wasn’t able to put up any resistance at all.

“You shall go in and scout for zombies. Consider it as compensation for everything you’ve done.” Liu Gan told the red-haired player.

“But… What if there are zombies inside? They’ll eat me!” The red-haired player looked at the swarthy mini mart. He was terrified to the point that he was shivering. Both his hand were tightly holding onto the glass door. Refusing to go in even if he had to die.

After witnessing the death of his two companions, the red-haired boy had already been frightened to death. Before the incident, people like him had been a snobbish and arrogant person, who frequently looked down on others. However, the moment that they were scared, their bravery vanished into thin air, and they couldn’t even function as a normal person.

“You aren’t going in? Then, what other use do I have for trash like you?” Liu Gan roared at him. Liu Gan opened the glass door and shove him into the mini mart.

The difference in strength, by comparison, was like a mouse and an elephant, and the red-haired youth wasn’t able to resist the enormous force of Liu Gan’s shove. He was directly pushed into the depth of the minimart. He tripped and stumbled onto the floor, and gave a shriek out of fear of the unknown and danger in the minimart.

However his shriek did not attract a zombie attack. It looked like the mini mart didn’t have any zombies.

Liu Gan rushed inside pressing on the red-haired player’s neck and shouted at him to stop screaming. Once inside the minimart, he scavenged nearby for items.

Liu Gan noticed that his vision had definitely improved a lot. The inside of the minimart didn’t have any lighting, but he was able to make out the blurry images of the surrounding. Soon, he was able to pick up a few lighters that had fallen off of the shelves. After he lit the lighter, he could see his surroundings.

This minimart had definitely been looted before, but it wasn’t thoroughly looted. It was most probably the case of limited manpower, where they were not able to take away everything. Hence there were still some leftover biscuits, bottled mineral water, instant noodles, batteries, flashlight, etc.

Not much food was left behind – the leftover instant noodles and biscuit were quite limited. However, there were quite a few boxes of bottled mineral water. However, the majority of them were stashed away under the overturned shelves. This was most probably to hide them from other scavengers, and to return and collect them another day.

Thankfully Liu Gan had inhuman strength in his arms, and was able to lift the overturned shelves easily. After obtaining a big backpack from the mini mart, Liu Gan placed all the food and drinks into the haversack. At the corner of the metals section, Liu Gan found a good and sturdy axe with a really good grip when he was holding it.

After which Liu Gan sat on the floor and opened a bottle of mineral water. After drinking half of it, he ate the biscuits that he was not able to fit into the overstuffed backpack. Very quickly he gobbled down a whole pack of biscuit. His hunger level thus went down significantly.

“The feeling of a full stomach is definitely the best!”

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