The Black Card

Chapter 327

Chapter 327 - Dean of Mental Illness Hospital

Translator: Lav

Editor: Red

Technically, Shi Lei should delay having sex with Sun Yiyi as long as possible, since he could still double all chances to draw the prize before fulfilling the contract.

It was a bug on operations, and Shi Lei made the Black Card accept the existence of the bug shamelessly. However, Shi Lei didn’t expect that the bug would last so long.

Rationally, Shi Lei should extend the time of this bug as long as possible, and get together with Sun Yiyi at the very last minute, as Shi Lei could gain more benefits if he delayed matters until then.

But humans were emotional animals, and their rationality disappears before deep feelings.

When Shi Lei began to kiss Sun Yiyi on the lips, he had thrown all of his rational thoughts to the back of his mind. He even forgot the existence of the contract as he acted on his instincts.

Shi Lei understood clearly that when he entered the beast zone and talked to the animals, his words were orders and all the animals would follow them, as it was a special feature of the Animal Language Card. Hence, he knew that he wouldn’t be in any danger. But it was different for Sun Yiyi; she plucked up all her courage and decided to stand firmly next to Shi Lei despite being unable to stand without shaking.

From that point alone, Shi Lei had more than enough reason to not think about anything rational and let his emotions take over.

He pressed his body against Sun Yiyi and took off her jacket.

His hand were also in a spot which was comfortable for him.


“South Hill South, North Sea North, there are piles of dried wheat at South Hill…”¹

The melodious tune quietly echoed in the small room, along with a soft buzzing. It completely interrupted the mood between Shi Lei and Sun Yiyi. Although Shi Lei wanted to ignore the ringtone and continue, Sun Yiyi was too shy.

“Brother Shitou, I’m scared that it’s from my Mum…”

It was Sun Yiyi’s phone. Shi Lei liked this song recently, and used it as her ringtone.

Without a choice, Shi Lei lifted himself up and let Sun Yiyi slip out.

Sun Yiyi took out her phone from her bag, but it was the strange girl Er’jie, not her mother.

“Hello, Er’jie.”

When Shi Lei heard the name, he wanted to take a knife and kill someone. That damned girl, was she the one who was destined to bring disasters and bad luck to him? She was so unsettled at a moment like this. It was after 10 PM when they  had come back, what did she want this late at night?

Shi Lei didn’t know what Zhang Liangliang said to Sun Yiyi, until Sun Yiyi looked at Shi Lei and repeated, “Huh? Is Brother Shitou not picking up?”

Shi Lei quickly took out his phone. He had quite a few missed calls from Zhang Liangliang. She had been calling Shi Lei ever since 8 PM. She must’ve called Sun Yiyi because he never picked up.

His phone was muted, so he hadn’t noticed it at all.

Now, Shi Lei could only regret it deeply. If he had picked up her call at 8 PM, this wouldn’t have happened!

Shi Lei gestured at Sun Yiyi, telling her to keep it a secret and say that she didn’t know why, either.

Sun Yiyi lied while blushing, “I don’t know, I haven’t contacted him today. Ok, I will try calling him. If my call goes through, I’ll tell him to call you back.”

After she hung up, Sun Yiyi looked at Shi Lei worriedly “Brother Shitou, what should we do?”

Shi Lei rolled his eyes, “What else? Call back after a few minutes and say that I’m not picking up your calls either. Tell her to WeChat me if she needs something.”

Sun Yiyi nodded obediently, “Ok.”

As Shi Lei told her, Sun Yiyi called Zhang Liangliang back. When Zhang Liangliang heard that Sun Yiyi couldn’t get in contact with Shi Lei either, she complained for a long time on the phone.

Sun Yiyi spent a long time before Zhang Liangliang hung up and she could explain to Shi Lei, “Er’jie said she finishes her exams tomorrow. She wants to ask when your exams finish, and wants you to take her out for food and Karaoke after exams!”

Shi Lei replied gloomily, “Can’t she just send me a message on WeChat? Why did she have to call? Nevermind, just ignore her, I’ll talk to her tomorrow. I have my exams tomorrow too, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This girl is annoying, she’s always calling at the most inappropriate times. Ignore her, let’s continue…”

Although he said this, but the atmosphere had changed. Even Shi Lei felt awkward, let alone Sun Yiyi.

Another call’s ringtone saved them, but this time, it was Shi Lei’s phone.

Shi Lei unmuted his phone after realizing it was on, and another call came through.

Shi Lei swiped to accept without looking at it and spoke unkindly, “Why are you calling at this time? Why aren’t you sleep? It’s so noisy, do you know that I’m already asleep?”

After a moment of silence, a woman’s strong laughter sounded back.

“Damn, Shi Lei, are you addicted to bullying me or something? The first thing you say is cursing. Last time I went all the way to Runzhou to help you solve your problem, let alone ‘thank you’, don’t you know that you should at least contact me after all this time? I’m telling you, I’m very angry right now, hurry up and come drinking with me.”

Song Miaomiao?!

Shi Lei moved the phone to eye level in disbelief. The caller ID was “water deliverer”.

Song Miaomiao was Song Liu Shui² to Shi Lei. So, wasn’t she a water deliverer with so many waters?

“Oh, Shui Ye, I thought you were… Hey, why are you in Wudong?”

“Don’t play dumb with me. I’m still on the way there. Just exited the highway and I’ll be in the city in twenty minutes. There’s a Japanese restaurant called Yu, if I don’t see you there by then, choice!” Song Miaomiao immediately hung up after finishing her sentence.

Shi Lei held the phone in his hand and complained silently, Do I owe you something? He then threw the phone down heavily on the couch. It bounced off and almost hit Sun Yiyi.

“Someone’s looking for you?” Sun Yiyi asked, despite knowing the answer.

“A crazy person. Oh, no, not even, she’s the owner of a mental illness hospital! She’s the most insane out of everyone in the hospital!”

Shi Lei sat down next to Sun Yiyi angrily. “I’m not fucking going. What the hell can she to do me?!” Shi Lei even picked up his phone and turned it off entirely.

Sun Yiyi persuaded him nicely, “Brother Shitou, you should go. I think I heard something about exiting the highway, she has to be a friend from another city. It’s a lot of effort to come over, you should go see her.”

“I’m not going! Nothing good happens when I see that crazy woman!”

Sun Yiyi held Shi Lei’s arms and spoke softly, “It’s fine. Brother Shitou, you should go. All of your friends are important. We don’t have to be in a hurry. I’ll be yours sooner or later...”

Her words completely melted Shi Lei’s heart.

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s Notes:

  1. The song is called Nan Shan Nan, here is the link to it if anyone’s interested. 

  2.  Song Liu Song: Song Miaomiao in Chinese is 宋淼淼, miao is made up of three 水, meaning water, hence Shi Lei calls her Song Liu Shui, meaning Song Six Waters!

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