So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Escalated Situation

Hmph! If we were not in class, I would have destroyed you!” Yang Ming left a cold sigh as he released Chen Afu’s chubby throat.

Chen Afu had to swallow his bitterness on his own. Why did he do such a stupid thing!

Zhang Bing helped Yang Ming with his desk and picked up the things that dropped on the floor.

Was I acting too obedient after I stepped into senior high school? Yang Ming contemplated. If it was in the past, forget about flipping his desk, but even if people accidentally dropped his belonging to the ground, they would be so wary and want to compensate immediately. If Yang Ming was in a foul mood, it was unavoidable to be beaten up by him!

The issue could have passed by easily like this. However, Jin Gang popped out of nowhere and heard what happened! Jin Gang carefully observed Yang Ming secretly and got a great opportunity this time!

I thought you were an obedient kid. Hehe, you have finally exposed yourself! Jin Gang was overjoyed as he looked for his uncle, the discipline teacher of the school. 

“Jin Gang ah, come in. Do you need something from uncle?” Jin Gang’s uncle, Jin Xisen, was the discipline teacher of Song Jiang No. 4 High School.

“Dear uncle, there was a fight between two students during the Mathematics period in Grade 12 Class 7. Do you know about this?” Jin Gang asked.

“A fight during class? How could I know these little matters?” Jin Xisen said, “Look at how busy your uncle is. I need to deal with a lot of statistics so don’t bother me on small matters!”

“Uncle, do you think a student who got into a fight in class can be expelled?” Jin Gang asked.

“Why are you asking about this? A student wouldn’t be expelled just for some little issue here and there!” Jin Xisen said, “If it operated in such a way, most of the students would be expelled and our school would be blacklisted!”

“Uncle, just answer. Is there a chance to expel such a student?” Jin Gang asked persistently.

Aiya!” Jin Xisen helplessly shook his head. “It is possible. Our school has a say in this matter! High school isn’t part of the nine-year compulsory education system. It is normal to expel students!”

“Then... can you find a way to expel this student?” Jin Gang asked hesitantly.

“Which student? Why do you want to expel him?” Jin Xisen looked at Jin Gang in a puzzled way.

“It’s the students who got into fight today in class!” Jin Gang replied.

“Expel both of them? Why do you want to do this?” Jin Xisen asked. “It is Grade 12. An occasional fight is normal. There’s no need to expel them!”

“Not both of them - just one of the students called Yang Ming!” Jin Gang answered.

“Yang Ming? Why do you want to expel him? Do you hold a grudge against him?” Jin Xisen asked.

“Grudge? Your nephew had almost been fooled to death!” Jin Gang answered with hatred. “It is this brat that stops me from pursuing Zhao Ying successfully!”

“What happened? Let uncle know.” Jin Xisen looked at Jin Gang’s angry expression and swiftly asked. Jin Gang was the only male of this generation in the house of Jin. Hence, Jin Xisen also took care of his nephew a lot. He asked quickly when he heard that it was a private matter.

So, Jin Gang told Jin Xisen about his grievances with Yang Ming. Jin Xisen was furious when he heard that his nephew was cheated for fifty thousand yuan!

“Don't worry. Uncle will stand up for you! Isn't he merely a student? He dared to fool around with you. Your uncle is still the discipline teacher of the school. I definitely have a say in school! Let me think about setting up a charge on Yang Ming!” In general, Jin Xisen was someone with principles but, the matter involved his nephew which resulted in him acting irrationally.

“Thank you, uncle!” Jin Gang immediately voiced out his appreciation. He was happy deep down in his heart. Yang Ming, get your ass out of here. How dare you cheat on me! You don't need to go to university!


Before the second period, Yang Ming and Chen Afu were summoned to the discipline room. When Jin Xisen grasped the situation thoroughly, he wanted to punish Yang Ming. No matter how hard Yang Ming tried to explain that Chen Afu started the matter by flipping his desk, Jin Xisen was stubborn about him being the first to start the fight.

Chen Afu thought Wang Zhitao had already spoken to the school for him. He felt joy deep in his heart. He took the opportunity when Jin Xisen lowered his head and whispered, “Hmph, what are you capable of? You hitting me?”

Yang Ming wasn't someone who could take sarcasm lightly. He was infuriated already and Chen Afu’s provocation aggravated it. No matter what place this is, I will still be punished anyway. Alright, I am not afraid to get a few more punishments! Yang Ming launched a kick straight away at Chen Afu’s belly, causing him to move backward a few steps and land on the floor!

“You... you kicked me!” Chen Afu frowned a little.

As Jin Xisen saw Yang Ming assault a student in the discipline room, he was delighted! It was tough to expel a student just for a fight in class. The principal would hardly agree. However, assaulting a student in the discipline room would carry another meaning! Being arrogant in front of the school teacher would show disrespect to the school and its staff.

It would be shameful to the school if he didn't expel this student.

“Yang Ming, what happened to you? You can't behave properly even when you are here!” Jin Xisen said with a stern voice. “You don't want to study here anymore, right?”

“He forced me to do it!” Yang Ming retorted.

“He forced you? How did he force you? Did he threatened you with a knife to kick him?” Jin Xisen glared. “Why didn’t he force me to do it? Why must it be you?”

“He was provoking me with his words!” Yang Ming scolded Jin Xisen eighteen times in his heart! Don't you have anything else to do, discipline teacher? Why are you interfering on such a small matter like this little fight?

“Provocation? If he provoked you to kill him, would you kill him?” Jin Xisen asked in reply. “I’ve made my decision. You are the rotten apple of the school. I need to expel you from school! In a moment, I will report this to the principal! I will not be the discipline teacher anymore if I don't expel you from the school!”

Expel? Yang Ming was stunned. He thought the discipline teacher was just here to scare him. But now, this fellow seemed to be serious! It was strange after all; there were many fights that broke out in class every day. Why didn’t I see the discipline teacher expelling them?

Wait, discipline teacher Jin... Thinking back to the first time he visited Zhao Ying’s office, she mentioned, “This is hard to say, don't ask any further.”

Of course, he realized it at the moment. There was a discipline teacher with the surname of Jin. Jin Gang... I thought you decided to stop; it never occurred to me that you would use such a sly method!

“Jin Gang asked you to do this?” Yang Ming asked coldly as he made sense out of the situation.

“Jin Gang? What are you saying! Don't change the topic!” Jin Xisen was stunned. He never expected this student to figure out his intention! But, it was already a concrete fact that Yang Ming assaulted someone in the discipline room. He didn’t need to be afraid of not being able to expel him.

“Aren’t you a relative of Jin Gang? Did he ask you to find trouble for me?” Yang Ming smiled coldly. “Nevermind, if you wish to expel me just do so. I am just afraid that the principal would not allow it!”

After Yang Ming finished speaking, he couldn't care less about Jin Xisen. He pushed open the door of discipline room and left! What remained were the stunned Jin Xisen and Chen Afu!

“Yang Ming, just you wait! I will look for the principal now. If I, Jin Xisen can't expel a student like you, my surname is not Jin anymore!” Jin Xisen broke out in a rage.

“Discipline Teacher Jin... I...” Chen Afu saw that Yang Ming left and didn't know what to do.

“Return to your class! If the principal comes looking for you, be the eyewitness!” Jin Xisen ordered while suppressing his anger.

“Alright, got it, Discipline Teacher Jin! Then, I will leave!” Chen Afu left the discipline room. He secretly deemed Yang Ming as courageous. But, would he seek revenge on me if he was expelled? 

Chen Afu was a person who did things without thinking, but he would be scared after it was done. On his journey back to the classroom, Chen Afu calmed down a little bit. I am merely a follower of Wang Zhitao. If Yang Ming wanted to seek revenge on me, it was easily done!

In addition, if he was expelled, the revenge he was seeking would be boundless! Chen Afu already heard that Yang Ming knew some gangsters. He might not be able to handle it by then!

With this thought in mind, Chen Afu wanted to slap himself. He was too impulsive and offended Yang Ming!

On the other side, Yang Ming hummed on his way back! Expel me? Hehe, it may be possible one month ago. Right now, how could the principal decide to expel me?

Jin Xisen was furiously rushing into the headmaster’s room. “Principal Li, ...!”

“Old Jin, what happened? If there's anything, let's sit down and talk about it!” Headmaster Li nodded and said. As a headmaster, there would always be some conflicts among the co-workers and they would complain to him. Headmaster Li thought Jin Xisen had some conflict with another teacher. 

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