So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 80

Chapter 80: The Mysterious Fang Tian

“Yes, we caught the person who set you up!” Chen Fei said, “I can't explain much over the phone. Wait for me downstairs in half an hour!”

Yang Ming was completely awake after he heard that. “Is it Wang Zhitao?”

“I’ll tell you later!” Chen Fei hung up the phone after he finished.

In half an hour, Yang Ming saw Chen Fei’s car at the apartment building's door. Chen Fei asked after he got into the car, “Have you eaten your breakfast?”

“Not yet. I just woke up!” Yang Ming smiled embarrassingly.

“Let’s go! We’ll find a place to eat. I didn't eat anything as well!” Chen Fei stopped the car at a nearby old bun shop.

Chen Fei and Yang Ming each ordered four buns and porridge [1]. They found seats and ate after they settled down.

The old bun shop was a chain shop for snacks, so the business was really hot. Customers even had to fight for seats during breakfast.

“Uncle Chen, the topic that you mentioned...” Yang Ming was impatient because it was related to him.

“There are lots of people here. I’ll tell you after we’re done!” Chen Fei looked around, then he changed the topic, “Oh yeah, aren't the results of the joint examination out already? I heard that your results aren’t that bad?”

“It’s okay. Uncle Chen, how did you know about this?” Yang Ming nodded and started to finish off the buns.

“Uncle Chen has an informant!” Chen Fei smiled.

“Informant?” Yang Ming shook his head, “I’m not a gangster boss. It’s such a waste to put an informant on me!”

“I’m just kidding. I have a cousin who was studying at No. 4 high school too, so I took a look at the list by academic year.” Chen Fei said, “You're quite bada**! Scored a ninth place on the list!”

“Of course, don't you know who I am?” Yang Ming ate his porridge then he took a tissue to wipe his mouth.

“You can keep on boasting!” Chen Fei patted Yang Ming's shoulder. “Let’s go after you finish!”

Chen Fei talked about their business after they got into the car. “Yang Ming, we have caught the person who drugged you. He surrendered himself!”

Yang Ming asked, “Surrendered? Uncle Chen, are you saying that Wang Zhitao surrendered himself?” 

“Not Wang Zhitao. It's a waiter from Tavern Heaven on Earth!” Chen Fei said, “He took all the charges and he described every detail of the case!”

“But it really was Wang Zhitao!” Yang Ming was stunned. “Uncle Chen, would you even believe that a waiter would frame me? I have no enmity against him. Why would he frame me?”

“Yang Ming, this isn’t an issue about belief! Everything needs evidence! For this case, this guy provided all the evidence that proved he did it. Besides, he had his motives!” Chen Fei said, “Based on his testimony, he is your classmate from junior high. He had a grudge against you because you had beaten him up! On that day when you went to Tavern Heaven on Earth, he coincidentally saw you and thought of all his resentment. He had a sudden idea to put the aphrodisiac in your drink. He then kidnapped a girl to frame you by letting you play a rape game with her.

Ah?” Yang Ming was astonished after he heard Chen Fei. What the f***! This is impossible!

“Yang Ming, Wang Zhitao is smart. This time he made the better move. Thus, the case is closed. It won't be related to him in the future! Although I don't trust the waiter, the CEO of Tavern Heaven on Earth has pressured me to close the case quickly!” Chen Fei shook his head.

“Nevermind, these results are fine.” Yang Ming shook his head indifferently. As for Wang Zhitao, Yang Ming would take back what Wang Zhitao owed him!

“Yang Ming. You are right to have such mindset!” Chen Fei said happily, “I thought you would be lingering on it!”

“Uncle Chen, I'm not a kid anymore.” Yang Ming smiled. “Oh yeah, how about Fang Tian’s case?”

“He has been acquitted. Chief Wang reported to his superior and compensated for Fang Tian’s financial loses!” Chen Fei sighed.

“Can you take me to visit him?” Yang Ming nodded. He knew the case was in the past. The case wasn't related to Chief Wang and Chen Fei, and the culprit was sentenced already!

“Alright!” Chen Fei started the car and arrived at an old-fashioned residential area after many turns. It was probably located in the city’s last shanty town. Chen Fei stopped the car by the roadside. Then he said, “Let's get out and walk. There’s only a small alley here and the car can't get through!”

Yang Ming nodded and got out of the car with Chen Fei. “Wasn't Fang Tian previously a big boss? Why is he staying at such an old place?”

Chen Fei explained, “This was his old house before he prospered. He moved out after that but his property was forcibly occupied by his second wife. The only thing left is this old house.” 

Chen Fei was making it simple but Yang Ming could imagine the bloody fighting from those years.

Chen Fei knocked on the door when they stopped at a small bungalow. After a while, the door opened with a “Chekak” sound and Fang Tian stood inside.

“Uncle Fang, I brought someone to visit!” Chen Fei said.

Fang Tian nodded but didn't say anything. When he was turning his back, Yang Ming shouted suddenly, “Uncle Fang, you don't recognize me anymore?”

Fang Tian thought Chen Fei brought his colleague to ask about his situation so he didn't have much passion and he didn't even look at the colleague. Fang Tian turned his head when he heard Yang Ming. His eyes showed happiness when he realized that the person was Yang Ming. “Oh, it's really you! Come in quickly and have a seat!”

Chen Fei told Fang Tian that he was released because of help from Yang Ming who had stayed in the same cell. Therefore, he was really grateful to Yang Ming.

Chen Fei smiled bitterly. This is the distance between me and him! Every time Chen Fei came here, Fang Tian showed an indifferent expression! But it was reasonable because he came here to ask about details from the past. How could Fang Tian not be irritated by him?

The house decor was simple. Besides the table, chairs, and bed, there was only a black and white TV. Because Chen Fei was there too, Yang Ming didn't talk much about other topics. His objective was to find out where Fang Tian stayed. Yang Ming felt sorry for Fang Tian, so he would spend some time to visit in the future.

When they were leaving, Fang Tian asked Yang Ming to come visit when he was free.

Fang Tian showed a hint of laughter at the corner of his mouth after Chen Fei and Yang Ming were far away. He slightly turned the ring on his hand and nodded. It seemed like he had made some decision.

If Yang Ming had paid attention, he should have discovered that Fang Tian wasn't wearing the ring when he was in the detention center!

“Come to my place now and bring along the thing you kept!” At this moment, Fang Tian lost his lifeless expression; instead, it was replaced by an experienced face.

After ten minutes, another man appeared at Fang Tian’s old bungalow. If Yang Ming was there, he would realize that the person was the thief, Dong Jun, who he met at the detention center!


On Monday, Yang Ming went to school as usual.

“Yang Ming, you bought a new computer?” Zhang Bing asked immediately when he saw Yang Ming.

“Yeah, I bought it two days ago!” 

Zhang Bing asked, “How about tonight we have a match on Hao Fang Lan CS?”

“Nevermind, there is one month left before the National Higher Education Entrance Examination. I don’t really want my mom to scold me!” Yang Ming shook his head. It wouldn’t affect Yang Ming’s results even if he played games but his father would be disappointed if he used the new computer to play games.


“Hypocrite! You’re number one in the class, number nine in Grade 12. What are you worrying about?” Zhang Bing looked down on Yang Ming. “Right, why don’t I introduce you to a few little tarts? Their figures are magnificent. You can even play it in video!”

“Really?” The little tarts in Yang Ming’s QQ weren’t a small number, but none of them were great. They were either crooked or ugly. When he was in an internet cafe last time, Yang Ming was video calling a chick named “pretty girl” and it nearly scared the life out of him! Yang Ming sent a message to that “pretty girl” at that time, “F*** off, I despise shemales!”

After that, he learned that “pretty girl” wasn’t a shemale. It was just that she was too masculine! 

“Really! I hooked up with a chick in the same city through the internet last night. She is studying at a vocational high school, but she only stripped up to her undergarments and didn’t continue to take off her clothes. I will put more effort tonight!” Zhang Bing said lewdly.

“Give me the QQ number...” Yang Ming only spoke half, then he heard a cough from behind!

Eh hem! Yang Ming, what are you guys talking about?”

Yang Ming turned his head and noticed that Chen Mengyan was staring at him with a gloomy face.

Uh… I’m asking for Zhang Bing’s QQ number!” Yang Ming didn’t know how much Chen Mengyan heard, so he answered vaguely.

Chapter Notes:

[1] steamed buns and porridge

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