So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 193

Chapter 193: Drama in the Election

Zhao Ying frowned, thoughtfully staring at the words from her online friend, “There's No True Love in this World”.

“Sister Ying, what are you doing?” A sound came from behind Zhao Ying.

“Yanyan ah, why are you back?” Zhao Ying quickly closed off the QQ chat window.

“I was concerned that you would be afraid to be alone at home.” Wang Xiaoyan said as she removed her jacket.

“You are still young. Why do you always wear black? It’s unconventional among girls your age,” said Zhao Ying as she glanced at Wang Xiaoying.

“I don’t really like that. Don’t you know it already? What about Sister Ying? You always wear white colored shirts. People who don’t know better would think that we are Black and White [1] advertisement advocates!” Wang Xiaoyan smiled, “You closed something when I just arrived. Open it and let me see!”

“There’s nothing much. Just chatting with an online friend from a game.” Zhao Ying said while blushing slightly.

“Nothing much? Really nothing much? Yi? Sister Ying, why are you blushing?” Wang Xiaoyan wanted to snatch the computer mouse from Zhao Ying’s hand as she said it.

“Little brat, there’s nothing to see. Go and sleep. It’s about 12 a.m. now, don’t you have to go to school tomorrow?” Of course, Zhao Ying didn’t dare hand her the mouse.

“What little brat? Isn’t the guy you like about the same age as me?” Wang Xiaoyan teased.

“I… there’s nothing between me and Yang Ming!” Zhao Ying quickly denied it. However, there was a sense of 300 silver taels not hidden here [2].

Ha, who said it was Yang Ming?” Wang Xiaoyan smiled widely ”I didn’t say anything oh! … Yang Ming? His name is Yang Ming?”

“Why? Is there something wrong with it?” Zhao Ying looked at Wang Xiaoyan’s strange expression and felt confused.

”Nothing much…” Wang Xiaoyan shook her head as if she had made a decision. Sister Ying is so nice to her. She can’t say something that makes her feel sad!

“Oh yeah, you are in the same school as he. Have you met him yet?” After Wang Xiaoyan had seen through Zhao Ying, she decided not to hide anymore. There were no secrets between two ladies in their boudoir.

“Nothing much… we don’t stay in the same school compound. Maybe after the new school compound has been built, we can think about moving over there.” Wang Xiaoyan smiled as she shook her head.

En, yup.” Zhao Ying nodded her head, and she said indistinctly, “Maybe the both of us will be students later on!”

Ah? What do you mean?” Wang Xiaoyan didn’t quite understand what Zhao Ying said.

Hehe, nothing. You will know later on.” Zhao Ying said as she used the mouse to click on the shutdown button.

Ai ya! Sister Ying, you are cheating! I haven’t even looked at it, and you shut it down!” Wang Xiaoyan pointed at the computer screen.


The university’s class committee is different than the high school’s class committee. In high school, a class committee was just a nice title. It was just someone to run errands for the class teacher and had no power.

But it was different in a university. In the university, an tutor had to take care of several classes so he or she may not have the energy to manage all of them well. Therefore, a huge part of their responsibility is handed to each class’ class committee.

Therefore, a university’s class committee gets a taste of leadership in a work unit. Hence, the university’s class committee member is a position where one can be trained, and many individuals competed for these positions.

Other than being able to go through the joy of being a manager and training oneself, there are many other benefits that come from being a class committee member. For example, if they could blend in with certain government groups before graduation, then they would have a tremendous headstart if they work in the public sector later on.

Even if they didn’t manage to join a party, if they were to enter a private sector or big company, having a class committee position on their CV would be a good bargaining chip.

Therefore, all in all, being in a university’s class committee was highly regarded especially in the student union committee. However, Yang Ming, being a phony person, wasn’t interested.

He naturally didn’t have the attributes to be in a class committee. Being a punk, he was used to solving things through violence. Therefore, it was a better choice for him not to be one.

Even though Yang Ming wasn’t interested, this didn’t mean others didn’t want to be one. There were many enthusiastic candidates. Yang Ming looked at all the speeches from these candidates as if they were a joke.

There were a lot of people trembling on the stage. Some wanted to compete for sports coordinator; some didn’t know what they said yet they want to be group council leader; some people lisped when they spoke, stating that they wanted to be a literature and art committee member.

The funniest one was a person who came to compete to be a class monitor. He wanted to display how bada** he was by not using a script. But halfway through, he couldn’t remember the remaining script. After being stunned for ten minutes, he scolded himself, “F*** my life, I forgot my script!”

Hahahaha!” Yang Ming laughed after hearing it. Why didn’t the others laugh? Yang Ming skimmed through the other students who were speechless. His laughter was especially ear-piercing!

By Yang Ming didn’t care. He’s used to being on his own. Whatever I like I do it! The person on the stage glared at Yang Ming. Yang Ming didn’t back down, he exchanged a glare that poked fun at him.

Finally, it was the voting time. Even though everyone had only interacted in the military training, there was already a clear division of groups. Once, this “F*** my life, I forgot my script!” came over to rally for his vote.

The voting results surprised Yang Ming. That “F*** my life, I forgot my script!” guy actually became the class monitor with the highest number of votes! Yang Ming and the tutor shook their heads at the same time. But the decision had been made, and it couldn’t be changed.

Yang Ming thought, This guy must have won over a lot of people before that. The tutor felt rather helpless, but he did mention it was a majority vote. So, now he couldn’t deny this result. But what was nice was that the class committee positions were shifted every semester.

Quickly, the results of the voting came out. The Class Monitor was Sun Zhiwei, the guy who swore. The Assistant Class Monitor is a female, Song Yu. Study Commissary, Zhang Feichao, General Affairs Commissary, Li Dayu, and Sports Commissary, Yu Tiance.

Sun Zhiwei and Yu Tiance belonged to the same gang, therefore the two of them sat together. He couldn’t find anything about the others. These weren’t what Yang Ming was concerned about. Yang Ming only paid attention to Sun Zhiwei because of what he said while he was speaking.

That afternoon after class, a lot of students took turns to congratulate Sun Zhiwei. They obviously had received some benefit from him earlier. However, Sun Zhiwei was generous. He stood on the stage and said, “This afternoon, I will buy a meal for everyone in the class at the Heavenly Dragon Restaurant. I have already made reservations. Let’s celebrate that I have become a class monitor, as well as thanking everyone’s support!”

Oh!” The audience cheered, “that’s great!”

Sun Zhiwei showed a satisfied smile.

Those individuals who supported other parties in the class had gradually shifted their support to Sun Zhiwei. Since the decision had been made and he was already a class monitor, there was no benefit in going against him. Since Sun Zhiwei stated he would be paying, they might as well tag along to build connections.

Those who hesitated whether or not to go had also decided to join along after being persuaded by their friends. It was a free lunch!

But Yang Ming looked down on Sun Zhiwei and didn’t want to have too many connections with him. He didn’t plan to develop himself much in university anyway, so the class committee couldn’t do much to him.

Therefore he turned around to walk toward the classroom’s door. He didn’t mind missing this extra meal. Moreover, he had already gotten a date with Mengyan.

Ai? This student, our class monitor is buying a meal. Didn’t you hear it?” The newly elected sports commissary, Yu Tiance, noticed how Yang Ming was leaving and called him to stay.

“I am not joining. I’ve got things to do.” Yang Ming said plainly.

“Don’t be like that. Someone is paying for your meal, and you are not joining?” Yu Tiance held onto Yang Ming tightly.

“‘I’ve got a date with my girlfriend, so I am not joining.” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Then ask your girlfriend to come along. It’s just another pair of chopsticks with another person!” Yu Tiance said.

“I have received your kind intention. But I am really not going.” Since Yu Tiance was pretty polite, Yang Ming also said this apologetically.

“What? Not giving me any face?” Sun Zhiwei walked over and looked at Yang Ming. But his phrasing wasn’t polite.

“I already had an appointment. You are buying everyone a meal. There’s no reason to force others to join.” Yang Ming’s tone of voice shifted to be harsher.

“F***. I gave you face by inviting you! Did you think I didn’t see you laugh before?” Sun Zhiwei’s mouth started to be dirty. “One phrase. Go, or not go?”

“So what if I don’t go?” Yang Ming said coldly.

“Don’t go? Sure. You wait for it!” Sun Zhiwei said as he clenched his teeth.

“Zhiwei, let it go! Don’t be like that!” Yu Tiance pulled Sun Zhiwei and shook his head.

“Tiance, don’t you stop me. I just became a monitor, and someone wanted to challenge my capability!” Sun Zhiwei was enraged.

Ha!” Yang Ming was entertained by his words. “You are just a class monitor. Did you think you were really a leader? It is inappropriate for a village chief to be an officer [3]. But it’s too bad you are just a class monitor, a big gap from the village chief!”

Chapter Notes:

[1] A traditional Chinese medicine to reduce heat and fever. link

[2] Chinese idiom: Reveal what one intends to hide link 

[3] Novel written by Li Rui that speaks about his leadership experience in his life. In this case, Yang Ming used it to illustrate that leading and having a title are two separate things.

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