So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 103

Chapter 103:  A Moment of Impulsiveness

That evening, Yang Ming spoke to his parents about the idea of going to Yunnan with Zhang Bing. Both Father and Mother Yang agreed to it but had a concern. “Big Ming, you shouldn’t be living on others’ expenses. Tomorrow, I will go and get you some money. We still have a lot of cash from our lottery prize!” 

“Dad, I still have a bit of cash. I haven’t even finished spending the cash from the Good Samaritan reward!” Yang Ming’s bank account still had about twenty thousand yuan which he could invest in projects.

Oh yeah, speaking of the Good Samaritan reward. I would like to remind you to better think twice the next time before doing these kinds of things. When you are out there, you have to be extra careful and don’t get yourself up into any trouble. If there are any challenges, you should ask the adults to help you. Don’t you and Zhang Bing make the decision on your own!” Yang Dahai reminded him. 

“Yes, dad, I know. No worries. I definitely will not actively get myself into trouble!” Yang Ming nodded his head while assuring his dad. Even if his parents didn’t mention it, Yang Ming would also be careful! Yunnan is at the border connecting Myanmar and the Golden Triangle. Therefore, there were a lot of drug dealers there. All of them were international criminals who Yang Ming cannot offend. They were different from Yu Xiangde and those types of gangsters.

En, then I won’t say much. Don’t bring too much cash with you. Store it into your debit card and only take some out when you want to use it! Oh yeah, the son of your mom’s colleague, Big Mother Wang, is from XX bank. Ask him to apply for a gold card for you so that your offsite withdrawal fees are halved!” Yang Dahai said after thinking for a while. 

“Sure, that would be great!” Even though half of the ATM fee wasn’t a lot, but whatever he could save should be saved. Moreover, applying for a gold card wasn’t something that troublesome.

The results of National Higher Education Entrance Examination was scheduled for release around the 25th of June, therefore, going for a vacation would not affect anything. At 5 a.m. on the 11th of June, Zhang Jiefang’s Chrysler appeared punctually downstairs at Yang Ming’s home. 

The person driving today was Zhang Jiefang’s driver. Zhang Jiefang was sitting in the front seat while Zhang Bing was seated in the back. When Zhang Bing saw Yang Ming coming down, he quickly went to open the car door and carried Yang Ming’s luggage. “Why did you bring so many things? Didn’t I tell you that you don’t need to bring much other than yourself? Whatever we don’t have, we can buy!”

“I only brought a few attires to change and nothing much other than that!” In fact, Yang Ming’s bag contained many daily necessities that Mother Yang stuffed in - whatever soap, towel, toothbrush were all there. Yang Ming felt a bit irritated, but he didn’t want to reject his mother as well. Yang Ming knew that all these items would be complementary in a high-class hotel, and a boss like Zhang Jiefang would not stay in any motel by the street! 

“You didn’t even need to bring your shirt. Take a look at me; I’ve brought nothing! Just buy a few local shirts there once we have arrived!” Zhang Bing complained as he moved Yang Ming’s luggage into the car trunk. 

Maybe because the time was early and there wasn’t a lot of traffic on the road, it only took about half an hour to arrive at the airport. Zhang Jiefang’s driver only left after he had sent the three of them through customs safely.

“Sir, please open your luggage!” A staff member asked Yang Ming...

“Why?” Yang Ming asked puzzled. He didn’t think he brought any dangerous items.

“There’s a vegetable knife inside your bag. No sharp tools are allowed on the plane!” The staff member said. 

“No sharp tools?” Yang Ming was surprised. Of course, he wouldn’t know because he had never boarded a plane before. This vegetable knife was what Mother Yang put in his bag. She was concerned that Yang Ming wouldn’t have a tool to peel fruit when he needed it.

Yang Ming felt a bit strange. Is there such a thing? I’m so glad that I took another lane for the security check and didn’t go on the same lane with Zhang Jiefang and Zhang Bing or else it would have been very embarrassing! 

Without an option, Yang Ming took out the vegetable knife and handed it over to security. Yang Ming’s lane didn’t have many people, so he settled things quite quickly. However, Zhang Jiefang and Zhang Bing were still waiting in their queue.

Out of boredom, Yang Ming simply took a look at the luggage of other business travelers who passed by him. His curiosity made him want to see what others brought.

Yang Ming simply took a look inside one young woman’s suitcase. There were some makeup inside as well as some spicy undergarments. En, what’s that? Damn, it is truly a fake d***? Dil**???

It wasn’t noticeable. She looked like a decent person, yet her luggage actually contained such items! Yang Ming shook his head and started looking for his next target. Yang Ming suddenly felt that it was really fun looking into others’ luggage! 

Wait... What’s that? A big knife! D***. Yang Ming felt a bit angry. You wouldn’t let me bring my little vegetable knife, but you let the guy in the front with the black glasses go in with this big knife?

Yang Ming asked the security staff beside him, feeling dissatisfied. “Hey! You took away my vegetable knife, but that person at the front had a way longer knife than mine. Why don’t you take his?”

En?” The security guard was shocked. Then he asked Yang Ming as he maintained his composure, “How do you know that the person’s bag contained a knife?”

‘Don’t you mind how I know about it. Why? Guilty? You and he are part of the same gang, aren’t you?” Yang Ming just realized that the security staff could be partnering with the guy with black glasses. Was that why he let the guy in? 

It wasn’t that Yang Ming wanted to be a busybody, but he was just a bit bored while waiting for Zhang Bing and his dad. When he saw how his item got confiscated, but the person at the front safely went through it, he felt a bit of injustice! 

“Are you sure that there’s a knife inside his bag?” The security staff asked, “You have to know that lying at the airport is chargeable under the laws of the state!”

“I am sure.” Yang Ming nodded his head.

The security staff gave an eye signal to the person beside him. The person immediately walked up to the guy with black glasses and said, “Sorry, sir, please cooperate with us and let us do another spot check with you!” 

“Another time? Why? Haven’t you all checked it just now? What does this mean?” protested the guy with black glasses dissatisfied. 

“Taking care of the safety of passengers is our responsibility and obligation. Please comply with us, sir!” The staff said. 

“F***! Is there a mistake here?” The guy with black glasses unwillingly followed the staff back to the security check table.

Because Yang Ming reported it, the security staff checked the luggage of the guy with black glasses more carefully. Indeed, at the bottommost layer there was a lead-made umbrella, and a knife inside the umbrella.

Yang Ming shook his head. So this is how it happened! X-rays can’t go past any lead objects and the umbrella was at the bottom of the luggage. That’s how it got missed during the check. 

However, at this point, Yang Ming regretted his decision! Even though he did a great deed from a certain perspective, this guy who was taking a knife up to the airplane was thinking about doing something. If anyone with interest became aware of him and asked how he knew that this person had a knife in his bag, what would he do? Yang Ming didn’t want to expose his special power yet...

As he thought about this, Yang Ming took advantage of the current chaos and quickly walked in the direction of the waiting hall.

“Yang Ming, why are you walking so fast?” Zhang Bing had just finished his security check. He shouted at him when he saw how Yang Ming was walking quickly ahead.

Noticing how Zhang Bing had chased up to him, Yang Ming answered after hesitating for a while, “Just now at my security spot check site, they found a knife. I was scared that there could be some accident, so I left quicker!” 

Ah? I see!” Zhang Bing shook his head. “There are too many crazy people in this world!” 

Luckily, no one came to search for Yang Ming before the airplane took off. It was probably because the two security staff realized that the case was a bit more significant and didn’t bother about the person who reported it. The case was also what Yang Ming had expected it to be. These two staff members had almost lost their jobs because of a slight carelessness. How would they be thinking about Yang Ming?

“There!” Zhang Bing took out two gaming devices from his bag and passed one to Yang Ming. 

En? NDSL? Did you buy two? Yang Ming looked at the silver colored device in his hand and looked at the white colored device in Zhang Bing’s hand. “Did you purposely buy another one just for me?” asked Yang Ming.

“Yeah, that device in your hand is a limited edition - domestically licensed platinum version - that I just bought yesterday!” Zhang Bing continued, “I realized we could play Mario Kart with two devices. Therefore, I bought you one so we can play against one another! However, I’m still pretty used to the older device, so I will give you the new one!” 

Didn’t one of these things cost over a thousand yuan? Yang Ming was speechless. How rich! Yang Ming now learned what being rich meant. Moreover, someone like Zhang Bing wasn’t even considered the truly rich! 

Ai, he was glad that Chen Mengyan wasn’t a gold digger or else he would have lost to Wang Zhitao without any competition! 

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