So Pure So Flirtatious

Chapter 102

Chapter 102: Plans After the College Exam

“Have a seat. There’s no need to be polite. Yang Ming, what do you want to eat? There’s fruit on top of the tea table. Help yourself.” Zhang Bing opened the refrigerator and took out two drinks and passed one bottle to Yang Ming.

“Wang Lao Ji [1]? That’s great. I’ve been boiling up these past few days!” Yang Ming accepted the drink. Without reservation, he poured it straight away into his mouth.

“What can you possibly be boiling up for? You did well in your relationship and exam!” Zhang Bing sat next to Yang Ming.

“Relationship? Hehe...” Yang Ming laughed bitterly. I wonder how Chen Mengyan is right now...

‘What happened, Yang Ming? Did you argue with sister-in-law?” asked Zhang Bing.

“Probably. Let’s not talk about it!” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Yang Ming, let me tell you. You need to coax girls. You are a man. Be active a little more!” Zhang Bing said, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you. Chen Mengyan is an exceptional girl. There will be a lot of pursuers. You’d better not let the others take advantage of this!”

“Alright, alright, I understand. I know what I am doing!” Yang Ming was indeed conflicted. From the perspective of his affections, he couldn’t surely let go. However, looking from the perspective of the incident, he felt he shouldn’t take the initiative to reconcile with Chen Mengyan!  

When he noticed Wang Zhitao look for Chen Mengyan, he didn't think much about it. He knew that girlfriend wasn't meant to be under surveillance every day. Allowing for more trust to the partner was more important! Even though Wang Zhitao left with Chen Mengyan, Yang Ming didn't think that Chen Mengyan would wrong him. Hence, he gave Chen Mengyan his trust and her privacy! However, on the contrary, Chen Mengyan trusted Wang Zhitao’s words and suspected him. Yang Ming was bitterly disappointed!

“I won’t say anything further; let it be! Oh ya, I am going to my dad’s office later. He had imported a series of jadeite. You should go ahead and pick one for sister-in-law to coax her a little. It will be alright the next day!” Zhang Bing said.

“How can this be? You are too generous!” Yang Ming swiftly rejected it. Jewelry was expensive, and Yang Ming couldn't just accept it like that. 

Ai! Cheap jadeite isn't something that’s worth so much. It is merely around hundred yuan! Wait for me until I enroll into the university. My dad said he would prepare twenty to thirty of them and put them on me. I can give it to any girl to capture her heart totally and groom our relationship!” Zhang Bing smiled lewdly.

“Alright, we will talk about it at that time!” Yang Ming heard Zhang Bing. He knew this stuff didn't count for much for Zhang Bing’s family.

Yang Ming played Wii and Xbox 360 for a while at Zhang Bing’s house. Yang Ming couldn’t help but be surprised. There are games which are so fun to play! I will also buy one when I have enough money!

In the afternoon, Yang Ming and Zhang Bing went to a jewelry trading marketplace situated at Chang Jiang Road. Zhang Bing’s family owned a store here. Of course, there are a few more branches located at other shopping malls.

“Dad, this is my best friend, Yang Ming. He is number one in the class and will be enrolling into Song Jiang’s Industry University as well!” Zhang Bing introduced Yang Ming to a middle-aged man around forty years old.

Aiya, welcome, welcome!” Once Zhang Jiefang heard Yang Ming was the first place of his son’s class, he smiled from ear to ear. After he heard that Yang Ming would be enrolling into Song Jiang’s Industry University, he became even more enthusiastic. Who wouldn’t hope for their children to hang out with the best student? “Yang Ming, please take care of Zhang Bing at the university!”

“Rest assured, Uncle Zhang. Zhang Bing and I are good brothers!” Yang Ming smiled as he said this. It seems that Zhang Bing’s father is quite friendly. No wonder this little brat, Zhang Bing, had never worried when he got a bad grade!

“Dad, I brought Yang Ming to pick a few pieces of jewelry as a gift to sister-in-law... oh, that is Yang Ming’s girlfriend!” Zhang Bing said it straight away.

AhZhang Bing...” Yang Ming was embarrassed. He even said this to his parents! Zhang Bing was positively looking for trouble!

EnGirlfriend?” Zhang Jiefang was stunned, and he scolded him, “Zhang Bing, ah. Look at Yang Ming. He has good grades and even got a girlfriend before going to a university. When will you bring back a proper one? Stop indulging in those erotic videos! You should learn from Yang Ming!”

Heh?” Yang Ming was sweatingIs there honestly such a parent as this?

“Yes, yes. After I enroll into the university, I will bring one back!” Zhang Bing secretly curled his lips to Yang Ming as he replied to Zhang Jiefang.

En, that’s what you said!” Zhang Jiefang nodded his head and said to Yang Ming, “Yang Ming, can you help Zhang Bing with this? In a way, it will also help uncle!”

“Alright...” Yang Ming was sweating again.

“Dad, where is the newly ordered jadeite?” Zhang Bing asked.

Oh, are you talking about last week’s batch. Part of it got sorted for sales. There’s still some remaining in the warehouse!” Zhang Jiefang said, “These jade pieces aren’t of good quality. They are inferior goods. You should bring Yang Ming to pick something nice. I would be inconsiderate if I gave those as gifts!”

“Then, can I bring Yang Ming to handpick some gold and silver jewelry?” Zhang Bing asked.

Alrightyou can take charge if it is below one thousand yuan!” Zhang Jiefang said it in an exhilarated manner.

“Uncle Zhang, it doesn’t need to be expensive. I will pick a jade pendant. The intent of a gift matters the most, so it doesn’t need to be too great!” When Yang Ming heard it would be one thousand yuan, he quickly declined.

“That will be up to you guys. Zhang Bing, take care of Yang Ming. I have something else that I need to attend to!” Zhang Jiefang replied.

“Dad, go ahead!” Zhang Bing simply nodded his head.

Yang Ming didn’t know much about gemstones. He could only randomly pick one that seemed nice in his hands.

“Yang Ming, you should pick up a few more since it belongs to my father. That dude is rich, and we should treat it as if we are robbing the rich to help the poor!” Zhang Bing explained.

“Zhang Bing, if you father heard this, he will be mad! You also said that they belong to your father. If it was yours, I wouldn’t be so polite!” Yang Ming laughed.

“What you said was right. Wait until your brother inherits the business then you could completely take it!” Zhang Bing nodded his head.

“I would drive a truck over!” Yang Ming shook his head.

“Sure! You can even drive a tank here too!” Zhang Bing added.

In the evening, Zhang Jiefang finished his business and treated Zhang Bing and Ying Ming for dinner. Zhang Bing’s mom was in charge of the retail store and would be quite late, therefore, she would not be joining.

Zhang Jiefang had a Chrysler 300c. It was black and quite magnificent.

“Uncle Zhang, this car isn’t bad!” Yang Ming complemented.

“It was a business car and not expensive - merely, three hundred thousand!” Zhang Jiefang laughed. “I saw its masculine aura; it looks very manly!”

The Chrysler 300c portrayed an exceptional America style design. The excellent quality of German technology enhanced the interior. Most of the businessmen welcomed this luxurious car with its vintage style.

Yang Ming liked this car, but it was three hundred thousand. That was an astronomical figure for him!

Zhang Jiefang drove to a high-class seafood restaurant near Labor Park. As they left the car, Zhang Jiefang handed the key to the parking lot’s valet to park his car. Later, he brought Zhang Bing and Yang Ming into the tavern.

Yang Ming had past experiences in Tavern Heaven On Earth. It wasn’t unfamiliar for him to dine at a high-class restaurant. He had a calm demeanor as he followed the lead of the waiter to their table.

Zhang Jiefang wasn’t reserved as he ordered four to five dishes in one shot. He finally put down the menu when Yang Ming stopped him saying that they wouldn’t be able to finish the food.

“Zhang Bing, I am preparing to go to Yunnan in the next few days for a business trip. Would you want to come with me?” Zhang Jiefang said as he poured himself a glass of beer. 

“Go with you to Yunnan? If you go to handle your business and leave me alone, it will not have any meaning at all!” Zhang Bing shook his head.

“When did I say only you? Isn’t Yang Ming here as well? By that time, both of you can enjoy and play while I pay!” Zhang Jiefang continued, “Since the National Higher Education Entrance Examination just ended, it is a great opportunity to relax!”

“Awesome! I want to go!” As soon as Zhang Bing heard that Yang Ming could accompany him, he shouted happily. The reason was that he went with Zhang Jiefang on a trip before, but it wasn’t fun for a little kid like him to mingle with middle-aged men. It wasn’t fun at all!

“I go? I don’t think that is quite appropriate?” Yang Ming was appreciative. He never encountered such an opportunity since he was young because his family background couldn’t afford to do so. Naturally, Yang Ming was delighted! However, he was worried that it would be inconvenient to Zhang Jiefang.

“There’s nothing bad. Arguably, I am begging you to hang out with Zhang Bing!” Zhang Jiefang said, “If you don’t go, Zhang Bing wouldn’t want to go. Take it as uncle’s request!”

‘Uncle Zhang, please don’t say something like this. Fine, I will go!” Yang Ming heard Zhang Jiefang’s words, and he felt that he shouldn’t say much further. He immediately accepted this request, but it wasn’t a definite promise. “Uncle Zhang, I still need to consult my parents first!”

“That can be readily done! If they don’t agree, please call Uncle Zhang, and I will speak with them for you!’ Zhang Jiefang continued.

With just a meal, Zhang Jiefang spent one thousand yuan, but it didn’t matter much to him. It was as though it was just a normal situation! Yang Ming sighed as he couldn’t even reach the level of their well-being. How could he possibly match with Wang Zhitao’s family - that sort of multi-millionaire? It seemed that he needed to find a way to get rich quick with his exceptional abilities!

Chapter Notes:

[1] Wang Lao Ji herbal drink 

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