Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 699

Chapter 699: Domain Technique, Divine Light Waltz (I) 

In the Light God Domain, all light magic would instantly gather into Long Haochen’s possession. Even a forbidden spell would work that way. In the meantime, the exhaustion of his spiritual energy was minimized to the greatest extent.

After Light of Trial was utilized, the horn of the Divine Unicorn let out another glow of divine light, causing Long Haochen’s body to turn multi-colored. From the looks of it, their combination seemed like a divine tool.

Long Haochen’s right hand was pointed forward once again, dispersing a mystic white halo from the Light God Domain. A strange scene followed, the white ring of light emitted by the four-headed chimera Xingxuan unexpectedly melting like snow. After which, it did not keep spitting at all, stabilizing their own domain with full focus.

That’s? Elemental Obliterating Halo?

Chen Hongyu was in a state of shock. Never did he expect Elemental Obliterating Halo could possibly attain such a level, to even be able to weaken a domain.

This was definitely not merely a simple Elemental Obliterating Halo, but should be an  Elemental Obliterating Halo combined with a God’s Descent.

With the boost from the Light God Domain, Elemental Obliterating Halo already approached the forbidden spell level. Moreover, it had great restraining effects on elemental abilities, making it a perfect counter against Xingxuan’s domain.

Against Yang Haoyu whose cultivation far exceeded his own, Long Haochen’s Light God Domain could only withstand domain clashes, but in front of Chen Hongyu with whom the gap of cultivation was not so wide, he had the opportunities to show the various uses of this Light God Domain.

An Elemental Obliterating Domain approached the forbidden spell grade, yet consumed only ten thousand spiritual energy out of him. Just three beats of his Heart of Eternity were sufficient to replenish these ten thousand spiritual energy.

The Elemental Obliterating Halo’s effects were even greater than in his expectations. Long Haochen suddenly had a flash of understanding, this time, he extended his finger to the sky, as the Heart of Eternity in his chest pulsed rapidly. One could clearly see a golden halation spread out at an astonishing speed from Haochen’s body, clear proof of an extremely high spiritual energy output.

The Light God Domain pulsed abruptly, and its scope suddenly became a flat zone, encompassing a circular area, and looking the same as a spinning woman in long skirt, minus the sexy areas.

The round golden area became more and more substantial, and in a wave of Long Haochen’s right hand, the now spherical Light God Domain unexpectedly broke away from his body.

He was visibly quite a bit tired, faint traces of sweat visible dripping from his forehead. When the Light God Domain separated itself from his body, Long Haochen’s Heart of Eternity’s pulse reached an extremely high speed, to the extent that even the outward spectators could hear its beat.

Ring upon ring of multicolored light was also released from the Divine Unicorn, giving its all to boost Long Haochen.

Just what kind of ability could that be, for it to take up such a massive spiritual energy?

The most startled of all remained Chen Hongyu who had believed that Xingxuan’s four-element domain should be able to suppress Long Haochen’s Light God Domain.

But when the clash came for real, he realized that this judgement was mistaken. Indeed, the combination of the four natural elements should be superior to light, but that’s only it terms of overall efficiency. Long Haochen’s Light God Domain was just too pure, entailing light element of peak purity, which already put it on a different standard compared to the four-element domain’s elements. The release of Elemental Obliterating Halo then suppressed his domain at once, and this time, Long Haochen unexpectedly stretched his domain to a huge diameter of a hundred meters. Just what could he be planning?

The suppressive force from the Light God Domain disappeared at once, as it stopped conflicting with the four-element domain. Yet, in its place, Chen Hongyu had a feeling of increasing danger.

The four-element chimera Xingxuan snarled from all its heads, spitting four lightning bolts, all of which went off to bombard Long Haochen.

This was Chen Hongyu’s trump technique. It should not be underestimated because of its short time of preparation. This strike alone used up over a third of the spiritual energy of the fusion between Xingxuan and him. It already surpassed an ordinary forbidden spell in power, while also stretching over thirty meters 

The golden circle’s edge made contact with that four-element bolt.

A bizarre chirping sound suddenly rang out throughout the whole stadium, immediately followed with that four-elemental bolt getting severed and forming whirls around the circlic area. That bolt which should be of incomparable power suddenly broke down into four bolts of different colors in the shape they had before merging together. The next instant, it all went extinct in the midst of those chirping sounds.

In the meantime, that golden fog of light slowly advanced, making contact with the shrunken four-element domain.

A terrible scene emerged. The four-element domain was suddenly on the edge of getting cut apart, A huge unmanned expanse was filled with light and cut through, and from the elemental clashes, the four-element domain continuously let out fierce rumbles, each of which caused a four-colored fog to disperse from the four-headed chimera, which had to withdraw as a result.

Right now, those powerhouses of the ninth step all saw clearly the reason behind Long Haochen’s sphere of light, revolving at extremely fast speed, and shaking abundantly. Even more terrifyingly, it had effects similar to the forbidden-spell level Elemental Obliterating Halo. One could wonder how terrifying its cutting force’s level reached.

This was clearly a...

“Domain Technique!” Li Zhengzhi lost his voice.

After Long Haochen got suppressed by Yang Haoyu’s domain technique the day before, today he showed a pleasant surprise to everyone present here: a Domain Technique emerging from the Light God Domain.

If Long Haochen had told them that this Domain Technique had actually emerged just now, in a flash of inspiration, who knew if someone would believe in that. But that was just how that happened.

Moreover, Long Haochen clearly sensed that if he could compress this spherical area into a smaller area, this Domain Technique would reach an even more terrifying level of power.

The principles behind this Domain Technique were simple; it used Long Haochen’s self-created Light Ripples as well as Elemental Obliterating Halo manipulated through the Light God Domain.

This process was simple to describe, but achieving it was extremely difficult. If not for Long Haochen’s Light God physique and perfect manipulation of his Light God Domain, how could he make use of a technique emerging from his domain, thus creating his own domain technique?

At this point of the match, the victor was already determined.

Although Chen Hongyu and Xingxuan’s contracted fusion was a powerful thing, they were suppressed domain-wise, and moreover their spiritual energy recovery was no match against Long Haochen. Adding to that this domain technique of a higher notch of his, he had no other choice than to concede.

Rapid fluctuations kept fluctuating, as the terrible rotating light blade was nearing him. Chen Hongyu was actually really unwilling to concede in the competition. Still, the words “I concede” came out from Xing Xuan’s four large heads, giving Long Haochen quite a surprise. At this time Long Haochen finally understood that Chen Hongyu turned out to have used some mystic technique to fuse with his contracted beast. This way, even if Haoyue was called out, the blood suppression’s effects would not be as formidable.

Turning back, the chimera dejectedly made way into the gate of light, and the next instant, Chen Hongyu came out, an unsightly expression on his face. As someone regarding his own face with great importance, he really couldn’t accept being vanquished by a youngster such as Long Haochen. That was really hard to bear deep in his heart. But even so, what could he do about it? It’s not as if he was even able to beat the other party.

“What’s the name of your previous domain technique?” Chen Hongyu asked gloomily.

Long Haochen was startled, “Domain technique?” Oh, right! That previous flash of understanding, was nothing else than a domain technique, “I call it Divine Light Waltz!”

“Divine Light Waltz?” Chen Hongyu let out a snort, returning on the side of the Spiritual Temple without even turning his head back.

Sanshui Popo accompanied her husband back, and couldn’t help but laugh upon looking at his flushed look, “Let it be. Why get angry with youngsters? You’re not even the first one he has beaten. Even Yang Haoyu and Qiu Yonghao have lost. There’s no loss of face.”

Chen Hongyu snorted, “What else than a loss of face could that be? Do you know how old he is?”

Sanshui Popo had a glaring look, “What are you enthusiastic about? Do you really need me to tell you that having an old age should not be a premise for ambition? What’s even the use of living for a hundred empty years? You old thing, hurry back. Listen to me and don’t cause troubles for the children.”

Chen Hongyu felt a chill. Although Sanshui Popo’s words were unpleasant to him, it called attention to him. With no doubt, at this session of the Temples’ Great Gathering, Long Haochen and Bright Glimmer of Hope had all undoubtedly showed displays of strengths that would give them a decisive position in the new Alliance, especially this Long Haochen. And Chen Ying’er being his comrade, her husband was reminding himself that he shouldn’t be a cause for their unwaverable friendship to get swayed. Thinking back about how Long Haochen had not hesitated to confront the Dragon Rider Demon God Asmodeus for Chen Ying’er’s sake, Chen Hongyu’s complexion became gentler at once.

However, he was still unwilling to admit defeat in the verbal arguments, “Ying’er is really unlucky. If not for a little scoundrel called Long Haochen, our family’s Ying’er should be the leader in her generation.”

There was no mistake in what he said, except that this was not only the case for Long Haochen alone, but also Cai’er.

Chen Ying’er was also a prideful talent of innate internal spiritual energy exceeding ninety. But due to her disposition, her mastery differed to some extent from the likes of Long Haochen or Cai’er.

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