Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 652

Chapter 652: You two have won

Cai’er looked at Long Haochen with deep emotion, “So what; with my heart being together with him, having him resurrect is already enough for me. I am willing to die for his sake. Don’t tell me you have another heart at disposal here aside from mine? All I am asking is for him to be resurrected.”

Elux became silent, his eyes showing struggles, but right now, Cai’er, whose attention was focused onto Long Haochen, just didn’t notice it.

“If only that girl I had met at those times was like you… maybe none of that would have happened. Perhaps I would have just followed her in death. Even if everything ends with death, at least that would be a happy ending.”

The words that Elux murmured woke Cai’er up with a start. Lifting up her head, she insisted, “Please use my heart…”

Elux suddenly interrupted her, “Child, don’t be hasty. How about it, let’s make a bet. If you win, I will help you to resurrect him, but if you lose, just give up on him, and concentrate all your thoughts and efforts in inheriting my power. Although I do not like the purifying attribute on you, I like your character.”

“I am not taking the bet.” Cai’er shook her head vigorously, “There’s no way I can take a bet with him as the stake, because I cannot afford to lose.”

Elux replied coldly, “Then it cannot be helped for you.” This instant, he really had the imposing manner of the Holy Necromancer Elux.

In a wave of his hand, Cai’er felt extremely tense all over her body, already out of control of her whole body, and even the Sickle of the God of Death in her hand was suppressed, returning back into her own body.

Pulled by the golden light, she was pulled to Elux’s side. Immediately, the surroundings twisted all around, and everything transformed miraculously, turning illusory, yet substantial.

Cai’er discovered with stupor that she was not only unable to move, but also unable to let out the slightest sound, and was unable to exert the slightest bit of spiritual energy. It seemed that her very soul was frozen.

Elux remained afloat on her side, dispersing layer upon layer of bright light. On Long Haochen’s side appeared another Cai’er, with a hole in her chest and having lost her heart.

Immediately, his right hand pointed its forefinger on Long Haochen’s body in a touch. Then the wounds on his body healed up at an astounding speed. In the midst of intense fluctuations of golden light, the Golden Foundation Armor on him was removed, and under Cai’er’s emotional watch, Long Haochen’s pale skin gradually regained color.

All of it was really too miraculous. Elux just needed a lift of his hand to bring Long Haochen back to life.

Elux’s voice resounded in Cai’er’s mind, “I have temporarily simulated the situation where he would be brought back to life. Now guess, what will his reaction be when he learns that your heart was used to resurrect him?”

Cai’er’s original feelings of excitement turned instantly. She struggled as much as possible against Elux’s binding, but how could it be so easy to resist in front of this man who was previously known as humankind’s disaster who narrowly caused humanity to go extinct? There was nothing she could do except for looking on helplessly at that instant of resurrection, at Long Haochen in the midst of trembling.

So cold! Long Haochen felt as if he was soaked in a pond of ice, shivering with extreme cold. The deathly stillness in his brain gradually rose and fell, and he felt chills in succession, and was roused by the cold.

A golden expanse came to his sight, as the intense light essence caused the chills felt by his body to decrease sharply.

Where is this? Hell?

Subconsciously, Long Haochen placed his hand onto his own chest, finding out astonishingly that the hole in his chest had disappeared, and that he felt an indistinct heartbeat, and had the sensation of blood flowing through his body. Only, his powerful cultivation was obliterated completely, and faint waves of weakness assaulted his brain again and again

“Are you awake?” An aged voice drew Long Haochen’s attention, who immediately noticed that huge coffin and the soul floating in the sky.

“You are? And what’s this place?” Long Haochen asked reflexively. Right now, he still felt dizzy, but the ice-cold sensation all over his body subsided gradually, and the thick light essence in the air helped him feel better. The spiritual energy in his body also seemed to slowly recover thanks to absorbing the light essence, and at long last it felt a lot warmer.

“This is the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity. And I believe that you must know who I am right?” Elux asked in a faint voice.

Long Haochen became greatly alarmed, and immediately sobered up, “What? This is the seventh floor of the Tower of Eternity? But then, just how, how… How did I get here?”

Elux pointed to his side, and replied calmly, “She’s the one who brought you here.”

Long Haochen followed his finger, and immediately became stagnant. His mouth agape, and eyes staring confusedly, he suddenly found himself unable to let out the slightest sound, as if his body was locked down, remaining motionless.

That… that was Cai’er. A Cai’er with a hole in her chest and whose blood was flowing all over the ground.

Having lost all vitality, Cai’er looked as pale as a piece of paper.

Cai’er! Cai’er! How could my Cai’er…?

Long Haochen stayed so stiff for several seconds, totally motionless.

Elux’s voice reverberated through his ears, “She has been carrying the Eternal Melody I have given you, and been shouldering your corpse, going through the challenges in the Tower of Eternity one after another. She said that you were my successor, and that she wanted to bring you back to life. You should clearly know how you died. Having lost your heart, even my magic cannot resurrect you without a live and fresh heart. So she offered her own heart to you.”

“NOO!!” Long Haochen looked up to the sky, and kneeled down to the ground, throwing himself at Cai’er and tightly gripping her tight figure, his tears falling beyond control.

Cai’er’s corpse was really cold. Long Haochen felt as if the blood flowing in his body froze down this instant.

“How could you be so stupid Just how could you be so stupid Cai’er, don’t tell me that you believe that I can keep on living by myself with you dead?”

Suddenly turning back, Long Haochen looked at Elux, “Elder, please give her heart back to her. You must have a way to do that right? Please bring her back to life!!”

Elux coldly responded, “Do you take this for a game? Do you think that heart transplants can be cycled over and over again? Moreover, even if I was able to do that, you would return to death without a heart.”

At this point, his voice suddenly warmed up, “She is already dead, having offered her heart to resurrect you, and wishing for your heart to be made one with you, this way you won’t ever be separated. Don’t tell me you don’t understand her pain? You are my chosen disciple, who came here to inherit my power. There are plenty more fishes in the sea. With your talent, you will surely be able to find an even better girl than her. And moreover, one can only take revenge by staying alive. If you did not die, she wouldn’t have died for the sake of bringing you back to life. You should go look for the culprit of your death, instead of mourning in sadness like a coward.”

“Stand up, and accept my, the Holy Necromancer Elux’s, inheritance. At the time you leave from here, you will be the greatest human powerhouse in the world. At that time, everything will come to your grasp. You will be able to get as many girls as you want, and even use the body of your target to pay homage to her.”

Long Haochen held Cai’er’s body, then turned back toward Elux with an indifferent look, as if convinced by Elux’s words his previous state of hysteria disappeared at once, entering a serene state of mind.

Holding Cai’er’s corpse, he slowly stood up, and muttered irresolutely, “If only one of us can live on, it’s a good thing that she died first.”

Elux’s eyes diluted in shock, turning back toward the real Cai’er standing at his side. Long Haochen was unable to see her, but Elux could. His ice-cold voice reverberated in Cai’er’s mind, “See, that’s the man you were willing to sacrifice your life for.”

But to Elux’s disappointment, Cai’er seem to only feel some grief alongside a deep feeling of love, as if she hadn’t heard Long Haochen’s heartless words at all.

“Don’t you understand?” Elux questioned Cai’er in a slight splurt of fury

Cai’er lightly shook her head as if she didn’t see him, “I understand very well. You are the one who doesn’t, because you don’t understand him at all.”

Elux let out a cold snort, “I don’t understand him?”

He turned back toward the apathetic Long Haochen, and declared, “You are right. She died for your success. Are you prepared to inherit my power?”

Long Haochen shook his head lightly, “Inherit your power? What use is there for me to? You are just a slaughterer, a man who clearly is a Scion of Light, and should have brought light to humanity, yet chose to cause dark slaughters. I don’t need to inherit your filthy power.”

“Living on is even more painful than death. If Cai’er and I could age together, I would definitely strive the hardest to follow after her in death. This way, she could have me accompany her in death, and have me by her side in death. But the event of me dying before her, could only make the rest of her life lonely and nothing else.”

“What about strength, what about revenge? None of it matters in my eyes. Perhaps I have a lot more responsibilities, but how can I let Cai’er keep waiting for me?”

At this point, his eyes shifted back to his left arm, “Sorry that I have disappointed you, Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon. I couldn’t bring light to humanity in the end, even if I am the Scion of Light, and even if I have made the resolve to never let myself get stained by impurity. Even so, I have a weakness that I can never correct. Please let me be unruly once, let me be selfish once. Cai’er, I am a bit late, but let me join you.”

Drawing Cai’er toward him with his left hand, he lowered his head, and offered a deep kiss to her lips while raising his right hand, and condensing the bit of spiritual energy he had just recovered onto his palm, abruptly aimed it at the top of his head.

“You are not allowed to die!” Elux shouted in unreconciliation. His soul materialization instantly appeared in front of Long Haochen and grabbed his hand.

Long Haochen raised his head and looked at him coldly, “Are you qualified to stop me?”

For who knows which reason, Elux’s powerful soul force only felt chilly upon Long Haochen’s cold gaze, unexpectedly causing him to not even be able to retort back.

“Go away!” Long Haochen shouted in fury, struggling fiercely.

Elux grabbed his arms energetically, “Don’t tell me that there is nothing else you are reluctant to leave behind in this world? Is it really worth it to die just out of a romantic love?”

Long Haochen smiled in contempt, “From what you are saying, you don’t understand what love is at all. Love is the most basic thing there is, yet the most intense. Without her, it is like my heart is dead. The other things I am reluctant to leave are just meaningless at that point. This world is already colorless in my eyes, don’t stop me in my search for Cai’er. Do you think that you holding my hand would stop me from causing myself to die? ”

Saying that, Long Haochen’s eyes suddenly lit, and one could vaguely see a golden flame instantly flaring up.

“Bastard, you are crazy!” Utterly discomfited, Elux shouted loudly, pointing his finger to the space between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

Struck by this finger, Long Haochen struck the seventh floor heavily of the Tower of Eternity.

If Elux’s reaction was just a bit late, Long Haochen would have been ignited, and at that time, let alone a necromancer, even a god would be unable to bring him back to life. 

Bouncing back onto the wall, Long Haochen was still hugging Cai’er tightly, his right arm whirling once again, and aiming at blowing off his own head with no hesitation.

Crazy! Elux saw in Long Haochen’s eyes an apathetic look like never before. The worst sorrow is not as bad as an uncaring heart, perhaps this was the true meaning behind his look.

“She is still alive.”

These simple words were more effective than any attempt to stop him. Long Haochen’s right hand stopped on top of his head, lowered to look at Cai’er, but he still didn’t see an ounce of life in her. 

But right at this time, a sorrowful call came to his ears, “Haochen.”

In Haochen’s arms, Cai’er disappeared into several dots of light, and beside Elux, Cai’er appeared alive and well, rushing into his embrace, crying loudly.

Cai’er’s body was warm, her tears instantly seeping rapidly into Long Haochen’s lapel. Her arms were really vigorously, tightly hugging him.

“Cai’er! Cai’er! Cai’er! Cai’er! Cai’er!…” Long Haochen called out her name without pause. He wanted to cry, to let out every tear in his body. Having just regained the most precious thing in his life, he was returning to a state of joy as his soul finally saw a light from a state of deathly stillness. Tightly hugging her, his chin shook and his calls became more and more choking.

Seeing the embracing pair, the Holy Necromancer, Slumbering Calamity Elux declared with difficulty, “You two have won.”

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