Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Haoyue’s battle for evolution (I)

Seeing the Demon God of Clear Vision’s pillar losing all its light, the two sides’ momentum changed fiercely, and their powerhouses were all lifeless.

After a short time of dull looks, the Angel Demon God immediately found that inconceivable. He absolutely didn’t believe a Golden Foundation Knight to have actually killed Crocell, even if he had lost a great deal of force due to using Clear Vision’s Godly Pull. He had his own reserves and should have rather ended up without suffering much damage.

Golden Foundation Knights were ordinarily only at the eighth step, so what if that’s one at the ninth step? Crocell’s strength was very clear to his eyes. Relying on the Clear Vision ability, it was almost impossible for him to be defeated by an opponent of the same cultivation, unless the enemy had his own domain. But in the previous battle, he could tell that Long Haochen was certainly a knight of the eighth step.

On the other side, Qiu Yonghao also had a look of unbelief, but the difference from Paison was that his unbelief was mostly filled with nice surprise. After so many years fighting against demons, he obviously knew the meaning of a demon god pillar’s light going extinct. That meant the death of the bound demon god in combat. This was simply the best news they could get! For a moment, Qiu Yonghao couldn’t help but exclaim loudly, “The Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell has died in combat!”

Having received this notification, the whole Southeastern Fort immediately turned into a sea of pleasure. The cheering sounds rose and fell in succession, and although the warriors were extremely tired, their spirits were roused by the news. And for a moment, the powerhouses from the Warrior Temple were all filled with excitement.

Only Long Haochen’s comrades weren’t able to smile at the situation. The Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell was certainly killed by Haochen, but Haochen had yet to be transported back! If not for the fact that the connection to him through the Soul Binding Chains was still present, and that he didn’t show more traces of receiving wounds, they’d be even more anxious.

Now they could only keep waiting.

After a short time of total unbelief, Paimon gradually calmed down. One can well imagine what a blow a demon god pillar's extinction was for the demons. At this time, even to make reprisals, this wasn’t a good timing for attack. He could only give the order of retreat.

Only then did Qiu Yonghao give the order to sweep through the battlefield, as the battle was temporarily over. But the demons and humans’ enmity grew only deeper.

Qiu Yonghao rushed in flight to Wang Yuanyuan’s side, asking in low voice, “He’s not back yet?”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded, “Looking at the situation, Provisional Saint Knight Head should be alright. Only, he could return at anytime from now on, so we should wait here for his return.”

Their time of waiting lasted for a whole hour. Then the area where Long Haochen disappeared in flashing light lit up, and he appeared while carrying Crocell’s corpse. Only then did the rest of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad really cheer.

Conveniently handing Crocell’s corpse to Lin Xin, he respectfully greeted Qiu Yonghao, “Provisional Saint Knight Head, Twelfth Golden Knight greets Temple Head.”

Qiu Yonghao let out a laugh, “As one of us, why are you standing on such ceremony? Do you think I can’t recognize you because of this golden mask? I really didn’t expect you to grow so fast. I really regret having not forcefully kept you here at that time!” If he couldn’t recognize this Saint Knight Head’s identity after hearing Long Haochen’s voice, he’d have lived over a hundred years for nothing.

Long Haochen replied a bit awkwardly, “Temple Head, you are regarding me too highly.”

Qiu Yonghao looked at the frozen corpse in Lin Xin’s hands, “Did you really kill the Demon God of Clear Vision by yourself?”

Long Haochen showed a bitter smile, “It couldn’t be considered a duel. Only, that’s one of this junior’s secrets.”

Qiu Yonghao replied, “Okay let’s forget about these matters for now. Just have a good rest in our Warrior Temple for now, and then I’ll hold a welcoming reception for you guys.”

To say nothing about Long Haochen’s original favors from the Warrior Temple, and how Qiu Yonghao regarded him as important, the huge contribution he made on this day in his capacity as Provisional Saint Knight Head made Qiu Yonghao receive him personally.

Compared to the Mage Temple, the Warrior Temple welcomed Long Haochen’s group a lot more warmly, arranging an excellently furnished residence for them. Qiu Yong Hao even personally led the higher-ups from the Warrior Temple to hold a welcoming dinner a day after Long Haochen’s rest.

In practice, the mission mentioned in the letter from Long Tianying handed from Long Haochen to Qiu Yonghao was already complete. Killing a demon god of the ninth step such as Crocell brought him a million contribution points. And Qiu Yonghao wasn’t stingy: as Crocell’s death was regarded very important by the Warrior Temple, he specially rewarded him with 500,000 contribution points.

At the current time, even Long Haochen had lost the count of the contribution points stored inside his tile. But he could be certain that this was an astronomic number. Already three demon gods died one after another from his hands, and the Blazing Lion Demon Andromalius’ death was closely related with him.

This could be called a matter of luck; but also a matter of strength. The death of one of the seventy-two demon gods in battle and without retrieval of his Demon God Crown would be a loss that can’t be regained for ten years. This was really a direct blow for the demons.

After killing the Demon God of Clear Vision, Long Haochen asked himself if the contribution he had made for the Southeastern Fort was sufficient, and concluded that they could immediately leave from the Southeastern Fort to keep gathering the others. But Long Haochen was not hasty at all, because he had another important matter to handle before that, and this matter would require focusing his time on recuperating first.

Maybe it was because Crocell’s death inflicted high damage on the demons, but they seemed to have ceased and didn’t keep launching attacks. In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed.

In these seven days, Long Haochen came to experience the terror of the technical ability called Sacrifice. This ability gave him the strength to defeat Crocell, but similarly, he was weakened enormously and took seven days to regain his vigor.

Experience in fighting demon gods being extremely important, Long Haochen meticulously narrated to his team the whole process, including Zhang Fangfang in the group.

Wang Yuanyuan informed him of how much Zhang Fangfang sacrificed for her. This captain having lost his Demon Hunt Squad could be said to have gained the complete trust of Long Haochen’s group. Zhang Fangfang’s circumstances were not the same as Li Xin as he was now all alone in this world. Being a knight, he could call himself carefree, so after discussion, Long Haochen decided to temporarily let him into the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Although it exceeded the Demon Hunt Squads’ limitation, this was a choice Zhang Fangfang made on his own. Long Haochen just had to not report to the Demon Hunt Squads’ Mission Tower about this special aspect of their team. He had no worries on the side of the Knight Temple either, as he was now a Provisional Saint Knight Head who could transfer a Temple Knight to follow him without needing to report to anyone.

“Is everyone ready?” Long Haochen looked at the others standing beside him.

At this time everyone was fully clad in martial attire. Having gone through a week of rest, Wang Yuanyuan and Zhang Fangfang were already fully recovered. At this time, she was in great spirits and her cold murderous spirit vanished. Compared to two years ago, her cultivation, determination and body had all matured.

Zhang Fangfang was rather introverted. His calm disposition was something Long Haochen himself concluded that he didn’t have. After all, due to the difference in age, Zhang Fangfang had even more solid foundations.

In response to Long Haochen’s question, everyone nodded. At this time, they formed a circle around Long Haochen, prepared to be thrown into battle at anytime.

Long Haochen declared, “Haoyue is about to undergo another evolution, very possibly giving birth to a sixth head. Although the previous evolutions went very smoothly, we still cannot lower our guard. Let’s start.”

Confirming the others’ acceptance, Long Haochen’s eyes flickered in golden light, activating the Eternal Melody, and leading everyone inside the Tower of Eternity. Then he transported himself through his blood pact with Haoyue.

That day when he battled the Demon God of Clear Vision Crocell, Long Haochen found out that Haoyue was already on the verge of evolving. With the progress he made thanks to Crocell’s Demon God Crown, he surely would have no trouble evolving. But at that time, he could sense from Haoyue’s feelings that this time’s evolution won’t be as smooth as the time his fifth head came out. That’s why Long Haochen temporarily stopped at the Southeastern Mountain Pass, so that his strength recuperated totally. The first concern was to help Haoyue complete his evolution before planning their next move.

Without need for an explanation from Long Haochen, his comrades understood the importance of Haoyue’s evolution. To say nothing of the close relationship between Haoyue and Haochen, his ability to destroy demon god pillars alone was like a killing weapon in the hands of the 64th commander grade Demon Hunt Squad.

In a flash of purple light, Long Haochen reappeared in that world of darkness and flames. Haoyue was, like before, inside a cave, and Long Haochen’s arrival made him extremely excited. His five large heads immediately expressed their affection, and the pair of huge wings on his back spread out.

As his body became larger, Haoyue became visibly bolder and more powerful. Although his cultivation was merely at the peak of the seventh step, Long Haochen had the feeling that Haoyue’s true force was far from something so simple.

“Haoyue, have you finished making your preparations?” Long Haochen rubbed Haoyue’s heads as he asked.

The five heads led by Little Light nodded, full of excitement, but seemingly quite nervous.

“Be at ease, I will do my utmost to protect you well!” Long Haochen comforted him.

Haoyue transmitted a thought to Long Haochen, asking to be brought outside the cave to undergo his evolution.

Although this was strange, Long Haochen didn’t ask much. Haoyue must have his own reasons to do that.

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