Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Chapter 490

Chapter 490: Gold Essence Foundation Knight Trial (III)

Long Haochen’s shock was really reaching an intense level. He had just utilized the force of the Aria of the Goddess of Light, each of his strikes being perfectly fused with his light essence. By asking himself, he reached the conclusion that his sword intent should be not far from the level of the Holy Sword Wielder Ye Wushang from before. Only his cultivation was lacking in comparison. But as a god’s chosen one, his use of the light essence was not anything Ye Wushang could compare to.

But he still didn’t manage to break through the defense of this tall knight. And Long Haochen had the feeling that until now, this tall knight had yet to display his full strength.

Having made an all out effort on his past two attacks, Long Haochen was slightly gasping for breath. But he wasn’t discouraged because of that. Taking deep breaths, he lifted up his swords on the two sides, the glint in his eyes becoming a lot gentler.

A brilliance similar to sunlight shone from his back, flourishing with great intensity. Its splendor was so intense that anyone present in the training field could not dare to look straight at it.

This sun-like light bubbled up from Long Haochen’s body, as his imposing manner kept rising. It seemed to take only the time of a few breaths for the white flames surrounding Long Haochen’s body to thicken, they then attached to his body, and finally turned the whole Glorious Holy Armor white.

“This is… the God Descent Technique?”

The tall knight lost his voice, which this time seemed to carry a new hint of aged sound.

He clearly saw an illusory figure floating behind his back condense, as if a real girl was standing beside him, the same instant that the hexa-winged fairy disappeared a moment before.

In Long Haochen’s hands, the two heavy swords started to change color. Amidst slight buzzing sounds, the Aria of the Goddess of Light in his right hand was covered by a thin layer of golden light, sorrowfully shattering into small pieces, and bursting forth with a resplendent golden light. And in the midst of this resplendence, an eye-grabbing orange color shone.

And on the other side, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light glowed in a different light. As the original blue and gold all vanished, it burst forth with a greenish-blue color full of the breath of life.

It was indeed a greenish-blue color, glistening like a newly born bud. In an instant, it engulfed the whole heavy sword in an aura full of life. It formed a contrast with the proud and holy golden-orange light that started to appear beside it. As for Long Haochen himself, he shut both his eyes, as his golden hair unexpectedly became white, giving off a feeling of sanctity.

Even that powerful, tall knight had only heard about the God Descent Technique and no more.

In itself, the God Descent Technique was a forbidden spell of an incomparably strong kind, enabling one to borrow the force of a real god to amplify oneself.

The tall knight didn’t even understand whether it was released by Long Haochen’s light fairy or the person himself. But without a doubt, he was currently using an extremely mighty force.

A series of ear-piercing, sonorous vibrations sounded out, as one could see that the Glorious Holy Armor on Long Haochen started to be covered in large number of cracks. This piece of Glorious Equipment was already unable to bear the powerful spiritual energy released by Long Haochen, and actually started to fall apart.

At this moment, the strength displayed by Long Haochen was already approaching the edge of the ninth step. And more terrifyingly, the tall knight recognized, was that under the effect of the God Descent Technique, the two heavy swords in his opponent’s hands started to show the most fundamental kind of might.

The Aria of the Goddess of Light was emitting the glossy shine characteristic of the epic grade! It had an orange luster, exclusive to the Epic Tier.

And Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s green luster was also at the epic grade, but the combined attributes seemed to produce a variation of the original Epic Tier.

One could say that these two weapons were priceless treasures. Even a knight of the eighth step wouldn’t necessarily be able to use one of them with its full splendor. But at this instant, Long Haochen seemed already to be in full control of them.

A substantial, terrifying, sword intent covered the whole training ground, and this sword intent that seemed close to tearing the area to shreds seemed not to be emitted from the swords, but from Long Haochen’s body.

Without a doubt, left with no other choice, the current Long Haochen had entered his most powerful battle state.

After going through that series of probing attacks, Long Haochen had the absolute certainty that this knight’s strength surpassed his own by far, and that if the battle dragged on, even with Yating’s backup, the consumption speed of his own spiritual energy was bound to exceed his enemy’s by far. Moreover, this opponent of his had yet to show his full strength.

Therefore, Long Haochen only had one way left to win this battle, and that was to stake everything on one throw, using his greatest strength to struggle for victory.

He couldn’t lose. Losing would mean that his reunion with his comrades would be delayed even further, pushed back so far that it would seem like forever. No matter what, he had to try making an all-out effort.

It could be said that at the time the two heavy swords shone with the glint belonging to Epic Tier weapons, the extra strength he gained over the past year and a half came to full view at once.

The Epic Tier of the Aria of the Goddess of Light was known by Long Haochen. On this divine sword was a seal that would, once undone, unleash its real might. Yet even with Long Haochen’s current strength, letting it recover its entire splendor was still impossible.

But Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, gave Long Haochen an unexpected joy. He didn’t think that, after continuous nurture, once it received the boost from the God Descent Technique, this dual attribute sword would actually evolve to such a level and unexpectedly emit the glow exclusive to the Epic Tier.

An aura full of prestige, and an aura full of the breath of life. Having two different Epic Tier weapons was, to a Retribution Knight, a supreme heavy artillery.

As for God’s Descent, it was actually not Long Haochen nor Yating’s technique, but a fused technique that could perhaps be said to be born from the fusion between spiritual stoves.

After continuous evolution and fusion, Yating’s strength kept growing, and her physique kept undergoing many changes, as she was influenced by Long Haochen’s physique as a god’s chosen one. A year of deep meditation helped to harmonize these changes to the greatest extent, thus leading to the acquisition of their ability to use God Descent Technique. Of course, with their current level of strength, God Descent Technique would only last for one attack, but without doubt, this attack would reach the level of the ninth step!

The tall knight swung his right arm, throwing his tower shield to the side. A strong orange luster shone on his right hand. What replaced his tower shield was unexpectedly a shield merely one third of a meter long. Very clearly, he couldn’t continue to avoid using his assets in front of Long Haochen’s current state. The shield that appeared impressively in his hands was at the Epic Tier.

Bending, and gathering Haochen’s attention, the tall knight did a simple movement, but it was suddenly followed by a transformation of the color of the pure golden flames on his body. A mystical blue color burst forth from his body, and the golden-blue color seemed to blend with that orange-colored shield to let curtains of light appear in front of him.

The scope of the curtains of light wasn’t very large, only the tall knight was encompassed by their protection. After bringing out his shield, the tall knight almost seemed to become a sculpture’s, as all of his aura became one with the shield.

Long Haochen made his move. The power bestowed to him by the God Descent Technique was admittedly great, but the burden was also massive.

The milky white figure didn’t use another Lightspeed Flash, because he couldn’t bear it if he used another ability to reinforce himself more.

A pair of magnificent swords were intertwined in the air, filled with the simplest yet greatest might. The greenish-blue and the red-gold colors formed a cross in the air, directly mixing with each other in the shape of a light cover.

In that instant, Long Haochen was unable to keep suppressing his sword intent, which caused the whole hall to shudder violently in an intense light. One could see that the ceiling, the walls and the floor were all starting to form cracks, and the defensive barriers were crumbling one after another.

And this was merely from being affected by some aura!

Booo. A kind of bizarre sound reverberated upon contact with the light screen, as the spiritual energy spread in the clash between attack and defense congealed and came to a standstill right at that instant.

Long Haochen’s pupils shrank to the width of a needle. Within a split second of the clash between the two parties’ offense and defense, he determined that this knight was clearly not at the eighth step in strength, but at the ninth step. He could tell because this curtain of light was not just coming from the Epic Tier equipment but was primarily coming from an external Spiritual Highway.

So this Gold Essence Foundation Knight was actually at the ninth step!

Long Haochen finally understood that he had been overly confident. That’s right! Gold Essence Foundation Knight is not a title limited to a knight of the eighth step. Why couldn’t a Gold Essence Foundation Knight be a knight of the ninth step? After all, it’s not as if every knight of the ninth step gained the approval of a Divine Throne.

Lost, Long Haochen realized his own defeat. With the increase of his cultivation, he had sensed the gap between the eighth and the ninth step. If the enemy was a demon powerhouse of the ninth step, perhaps he had the chance to come to a stalemate against that opponent, but the one in front of him was a Guardian Knight of the ninth step with a shield at the Epic Tier. This level of defense was not something he could break through. And it was still true even while using two pieces of equipment at the Epic Tier.

Clang, clang… In the midst of heavy cracking sounds, two blasts blew against the walls surrounding the whole training field, causing large parts of the walls to crumble.

To the great shock of both Long Haochen and the tall knight, that gold-blue color and the orange color started to crumble along with the curtain of light carrying Spiritual Highland, as large cracks began appearing on it as well.

On the other side, the Cross Strike of red-gold and green colors was unexpectedly achieving a fusion. The whole Cross Strike was starting to rotate, the two radiances undergoing a strange fusion as it intersected in the center.

This was beyond Long Haochen’s control, as if these two types of energies were acting by themselves. What came out from that fusion was a black color, an extremely deep black color, which carried a thin blue light, like the appearance of dawn.

Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was already close to exhaustion, but even so, he unconsciously lifted up his two arms, his two swords having disappeared a moment ago due to the exhaustion of his spiritual energy. On his left arm, an orange glow abruptly appeared, the Divine Snail Shield of Sun and Moon appearing on his back for the sake of helping his defense.

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