Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 229

Chapter 229        Underwear

Fernando Rethnor’s motivation for Guzman worked surprisingly well. It caused a huge problem for Zhou Qingfeng. Being attacked by three groups of people in the subway was definitely not the best feeling.

Zhou Qingfeng attempted to rush out of the subway but he was stopped by the grenades and bullets coming from the exit. If it was not for his extraordinary agility, he would have already been killed.

However, people at the exit stopped firing and throwing grenades all of a sudden. Zhou Qingfeng immediately sent DogMeat out and he followed closely. Zhou Qingfeng and DogMeat got out of the subway easily this time.

As they came out, Zhou Qingfeng realized that the armed mercenaries had all disappeared. There were only a few corpses and a man sitting there. He saw Fernando’s body first. The great leader had already stopped breathing and was lying beside the road.

A young survivor with his body covered in blood held an M14 rifle. He was sitting by Guzman’s body and staring blankly into space.

Zhou Qingfeng was surprised when he saw Nieto. He thought that Nieto was not threatening and asked, “Where are the mercenaries?”

After a few moments, Nieto slowly raised his head. He looked at Zhou Qingfeng and sighed, “Ah…., it’s Mr. Hugo. Are you going to kill me? Do it! Please end my life as I’ve already accomplished my mission.”

“You know me?”

“Of course, it’s not just you, your dog too.” Nieto pointed at the horrible scar on his face and said, “Your dog did this.”

“You’re pretty lucky.”

Zhou Qingfeng was not even familiar with Guzman, so definitely not Nieto. However, when Zhou Qingfeng saw Guzman’s corpse on the ground, he could predict that the young man in front of him was the key factor to the reason he got out of the subway successfully, “Follow me.”

“Why? I thought you were going to eliminate everyone from Zetas? I’m one of them.” said Nieto.

“You’re one of the leaders of Zetas?”

“No, I was just a cannon fodder.”

“Follow me then.” Zhou Qingfeng pulled Nieto up, “I don’t know what you have done a few minutes ago and I don’t know that you were from Zetas. I know that you’ve done me a huge favor and I don’t like owing people.”

Zhou Qingfeng dragged the depressed Nieto and headed north with Katrina and Rachel. After the reception returned to normal, Butcher came with a helicopter.

“Hahaha, Victor, you’re a freaking crazy kid. I’ll remember for the rest of my life that someone got himself involved in a nuclear attack and managed to survive.” Butcher walked towards Zhou Qingfeng, squeezed his shoulder, and gave him a bear hug.

“Thank you all for being so efficient. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be alive now. By the way, how’s it going with Polarlys?” Zhou Qingfeng was more concerned about that.

“Well, according to Ellie and Eileen, the people on Polarlys were paranoid after the explosion. The mercenaries were fighting to become the new leader. However, they remained off-shore and tried to contact Fernando Rethnor.”

“Bird-of-Paradise is on the way there. The Brotherhood of Steel found out with their drones too. They are sending people to get onto Polarlys.”

The situation explained by Butcher was not very positive.

“Their boats are fast, right?”

“Of course, they have speedboats and we’re using the huge cargo.”

“That means, even if we make our way there now, the Brotherhood of Steel would already have boarded.” Zhou Qingfeng got on the helicopter and headed to Bird-of-Paradise. The moment he landed, he saw from afar that there were two helicopters from the Brotherhood of Steel hovering around.

Lena Fox approached with a smile on her face, gave Zhou Qingfeng a warm hug, and said, “First of all, congratulations on completing such an unbelievable miracle. You have such amazing courage and ability. There’s no one who can stop us from getting Polarlys now.”

“Can’t you see those annoying flies?” Zhou Qingfeng pointed at the helicopters from the Brotherhood of Steel and said, “They are watching us from afar. Weren’t they trying to make trouble?”

“Yeah, the rocket launcher couldn’t reach them and they’re not leaving. Also, Ellie and Eileen reported that the mercenaries on Polarlys have submitted to the Brotherhood of Steel and Commander Johnson has boarded the ship. He announced that Polarlys officially belongs to him now.”

Lena was reporting the latest situation to Zhou Qingfeng, she led him to the captain’s cabin of Bird-of-Paradise. Above the operating platform, a wide screen was showing Johnson’s laughing face.

“Aha…, our hero is back. Victor Hugo, I’m proud of what you’ve contributed to the Brotherhood of Steel. As your leader, I’m really honored. To show appreciation and recognition of your great job, you’re now the Junior Assault Unit Leader. It’s an exception and a big deal for you as you’re Chinese, are you happy?”

Johnson was laughing while staring at Zhou Qingfeng; he was expecting a humble reply from Zhou Qingfeng. However, Zhou Qingfeng said coldly, “Mr. Johnson, I strongly encourage you to leave me the ship right now. According to our agreement, Polarlys belongs to me.”

“Oh, was there an agreement? Why do I not remember?” Johnson gestured and laughed, “Ah, right, there was a verbal agreement. But, I don’t remember anything from it.”

Johnson thought his joke was funny. He even pulled the guards and chief mate beside him over and they were pointing while laughing at Zhou Qingfeng sarcastically. Zhou Qingfeng slightly shrugged his shoulders and said, “Mr. Johnson, you’re really happy, aren’t you? Are you aware that you’re actually giving up the one last chance to live?”

“Me? Are you saying that you’re going to kill me? What are you going to do?” Johnson was going to burst into laughter but something stopped him. The chief mate beside him pointed a pistol at his head and the guards he picked in person were not taking any action.

“Hey, what the hell is going on?” Johnson’s smile instantly faded and he shouted, “I’m your commander and all of you are going to betray me? Are you happy with a yellow monkey commanding you?”

The chief mate said coldly, “Sir Johnson, the Brotherhood of Steel has been failing under your leadership. We believe that you don’t have the capability to lead the growth. So, we decided to change our commander.”

“Who will be the commander? That yellow monkey?” Johnson was confounded.

“It’s me,” a big, tall man walked into the captain’s cabin of Polarlys and said with a deep, low voice, “Everyone elected me to replace your position.”

“David Lawrence!” Johnson was shocked, “You’re the one betraying me!”

“I’m sorry, Commander Johnson. I didn’t want to do it but my wife and daughter are in his hands.” David Lawrence shrugged his shoulders, “I…, I have no choice, so you have to die.”

After the sound of a gunshot, the Brotherhood of Steel abandoned its old commander and welcomed a new regional commander.

David Lawrence walked towards the screen and looked at the proud Zhou Qingfeng and said with a cold, hard voice, “Alright, Victor, I admit that you did a great job and Lena has been doing a lot for you behind the scenes. Now give me back my wife and daughter, you can go anywhere you want with your ship.”

After a few hours, the Brotherhood of Steel withdrew from Polarlys. Rachel and Angie were sent to Staten Island by a helicopter. The Lawrence family finally got the chance to gather and hug each other.

After a few moments, Angie spoke to her father in a serious tone, “Dad, Victor asked me to tell you that we better leave New York within a month and head south. Also, don’t go to the big cities, he suggested for us to go to the central states as far as possible.”


“He didn’t tell me why, but he did mention that he hoped we can see each other soon and that we’ll be able to live on.”

“‘Hope that we’ll be able to live on’? B*stard, he thinks that I can’t control New York? Without that troublemaker, no one can stop me.”

After David spoke to Angie, he hugged Rachel and they were having quality time; they hugged each other silently. All of a sudden, Rachel shouted like she was struck by lightning, “Oh shit! I forgot something. You can’t just let him go, get him back!”

“Honey, what happened?” David Lawrence was confused.

Rachel was so mad and she shouted, “That brat, he…. He forgot to get the underwear off me!”

“What?!” David and Angie were both stunned.

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