Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 226

Chapter 226        Demolishment

One minute before the nuclear shell hit…..

In the meantime, Fernando Rethnor laughed and gathered himself in front of the facility room. He looked at the M134 six-barrel Gatling dumped by Zhou Qingfeng and shouted, “B*stard ran out of bullets and he’s trying to hide? Where can you hit? It’s a facility room - it’s a freaking room. There’s no way out!”

Fernando Rethnor was really surprised and terrified by Zhou Qingfeng. His little heart received great impact. Under the M134 bullet storm, he was not sure if he could survive. In fact, he nearly could not stand it and was going to run away because there were only around ten guards who survived. There were fifty at the start.

With such great sacrifice, Zhou Qingfeng finally ran out of bullets. Fernando Rethnor confirmed that Zhou Qingfeng stopped firing and when he went into the dead facility room, he was so happy he could cry out loud in front of the statue of Virgin Mary.

The mercenaries around Fernando were terrified yet excited. Zhou Qingfeng was indeed scary while he was raging with the machine gun; the pressure he gave to the mercenaries was incredibly huge. They were lucky enough to survive; those who were not had gone to hell.

When the mercenaries thought about hanging on the line and saw that Zhou Qingfeng was stuck in a room, they were excited. The feeling of being chased by someone with a six-barrel Gatling felt like a nightmare where they were running non-stop, till a point where they were all tired and there was no place to hide. They hoped that it was just a dream but it was not; they could only wait to die.

Right now, Zhou Qingfeng was stuck and it was time for Fernando Rethnor to do something. He waved his hand and shouted, “Open this door.”

A few men with rifles started to fire at the iron door. Then, they realized the rifles could do nothing to the door. They knocked on the door and found that the door was made of a steel plate more than 5mm thick.

“F*uck, why is such a tough door here? Get me the rocket launcher, I don’t believe that it can’t be destroyed,” Fernando commanded.

M72 light rocket launcher - a little weapon that can be brought around. Very soon, someone launched the rocket towards the door. The outer surface of the door was broken and another layer of lead plate appeared. The lead plate was very thick and cracked. Behind the lead plate, there was another layer of steel.

After the ash spread, Fernando Rethnor came to the tough steel door and wondered, Something’s wrong! This steel door was obviously prepared beforehand. Is this a trick?

That was one minute ago. While Fernando was still thinking about the door, the W79 nuclear shell that was worth thousands of tons of TNT landed and hit right smack in the middle of the seventh terminal building.

When the nuclear set-off, the entire sky brightened up. The intensity of the light radiation seemed like the intensity of ten thousand suns. Anyone who saw the light would be blinded immediately.

After a few seconds, the light intensity went down and a cloud in the shape of a mushroom rose. Following that was an extremely strong shock wave. In the midst of the explosion, the huge building was blown up. The people were gone, vehicles were overturned, and even the roots of trees came off. It was like a strong gale from hell with an area of effect of more than ten kilometers.

The W79 nuclear shell caused great destruction to the Kennedy Airport. The one described was the situation a few hundred meters away from the center of the terminal. A gigantic hole with a diameter of two hundred meters appeared. The scorching hot temperature turned the glass into the sand and melted the metal.

The seventh terminal building was completely demolished by the shock wave. Thousands of people at the wedding were all gone; none of them survived. Thousands of people within the range of the shock wave were injured and most of them were dying from the pain.

“God, please forgive me,” the cannon crew member, who was in charge of the cannon, was wearing a pair of goggles while staring at the mushroom cloud from twenty kilometers away. Everyone was praying and wishing for forgiveness.

The earth was shaking; the air was burning.

David Lawrence stared at the mushroom cloud and remained silent. After a few moments, he got out of the cannon and gave Butcher a pat on his shoulder, “Fernando’s mercenaries are gone. I’m heading back to Staten Island. The Brotherhood of Steel needs to fight back.”

Butcher, who liked to tease, did not say much. It was the first time he saw a nuclear explosion even though he was experienced. In fact, he was involved in this one.

As David Lawrence walked past Butcher, he could hear Butcher say, “Only Victor would think of this. It was a nuclear bomb! He was asking us to hit him with a nuclear bomb.”

“He’s not gonna die. It was only a thousand tons of nuclear power. He’s in the subway at least twenty to thirty meters away from the ground and he’s well prepared,” David Lawrence said. “But indeed, he has a lot of guts. If I were him, I wouldn’t take the risk.”

Inside the subway, people could not stand still because of the violent shock. Following that, the shock wave went through the subway and struck anything and everything like a stormy wave.

Tons of people were blown up. Most of them were hit by the wave, crashed into the wall and were instantly killed. Only a few lucky men laid prone on the ground. Fernando Rethnor was one of them. When he sensed that the shock was coming, he quickly found a sturdy place to hide even though he had no idea what was going to happen.

The shock before the wave provided a few seconds to Fernando Rethnor. He left his men and quickly ran towards the train tracks. He curled his body while protecting his head with both hands to minimize the area of body part exposed.

As soon as Fernando Rethnor hid within the track, the strong shock wave arrived at the subway station. The people gathered in front of the facility room were like rubbish struck by the wave - scattered and torn apart. They did not even have time to react and were instantly killed.

Violent vibration accompanied the shock wave for a few minutes. All the objects in the subway were blown up and even the tiles on the wall were not spared.

The few minutes felt like a few years. The weak humans simply could not do anything facing such a devastating blow. When Fernando Rethnor put his head out, he felt the pain from his back and arms. His skin was bleeding, no….., the skin on his back and arms were stripped away by the wave.


Fernando emitted a weird scream that did not sound human. He was in pain, he was dumbfounded, he was desperate, he could not speak, could not think, and could not stand it. He could only imagine how his mercenaries were being killed under such a catastrophe. The devastating wave had blown up everything and left him with nothing.

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