Rise of the Wasteland

Chapter 188

Chapter 188        Sisters in Demand

Eileen, the elder sister, was seventeen years old and she was only one point six meters. Unlike the other European and American girls, she seemed exceptionally petite, but fortunately, her female characteristics were well-developed.

Ellie, the younger sister, was the identical twin of Eileen. The only aspect that separated two of them was the color of their pupils. The elder sister had light blue pupils while the younger sister had dark green pupils.

When Zhou Qingfeng promised to recruit both the sisters, Eileen was already crying in joy. She had a smile on her face even though she had messy hair, a broken nose, and blood all over her head.

Butcher had completed the registration form too. He then walked towards Zhou Qingfeng and said, “It seems that you’ve already found two new members of our team.”

There were two forms for the recruitment of non-Caucasians into the Brotherhood of Steel. The first form would be to join them directly, where they will be responsible for all the daily necessities, weapons, and equipment. One will only need to pour his utmost effort into the Brotherhood of Steel. In other words, he was just cannon fodder.

The other form would be to join them as a squad leader, where a squad will consist of sixteen people. The Brotherhood of Steel will provide them with some food as well as a junior military officer to guide them. However, the squad leader will have to provide the squad members with weapons and equipment, in exchange for the extra bit of freedom. Furthermore, they have to share their spoils of war, but one will require a certain level of strength to become a squad leader.

Zhou Qingfeng chose to become a squad leader, while Butcher was appointed as the deputy squad leader. They will have to form a squad of sixteen people and accept commands from a junior military officer.

Zhou Qingfeng patted the roster of the soldiers, which only had three people registered, in his hand and said, “We only have one day to recruit members for the squad. Hence, we need to go and find Eileen’s sister as soon as possible. I hope that she’ll be as good as her elder sister.”

After she finished eating a can of military food given by Zhou Qingfeng, Eileen simply bandaged the wounds on her forehead and the wing of the nose up before leading them to find her sister.

The sisters’ parents had died during the chaos of the cataclysm. They hid every day like two rats in order to avoid danger and seek food. As they could no longer endure the harshness of their lives, Eileen, the elder sister, decided to come out to look for a chance of survival.

When they finally reached Ellie’s, the younger sister’s room, the little girl was already starving. She was panicking on a rotten sofa inside her broken house. The elder sister then rushed towards her and cheered in joy, “Ellie! Ellie! Look what I found. Someone’s finally willing to take care of us.”

The dispirited younger sister lifted her head. However, she instantly burst into tears after noticing all the wounds on her sister and the terrifying Zhou Qingfeng and Butcher who came with her, “Sister, did they bully you?”

“No, no, this is the strategy I used when I was trying to promote myself.”

Eileen, the elder sister then quickly pulled out a chocolate peanut bar from her pocket and handed a kettle of water to her sister. She rejoiced, “Our lives will be better from now on.”

After she finished eating and drinking, the two sisters finally restored some of their strength and spirit. Eileen, the elder sister, was already itching to serve Zhou Qingfeng, “Shall we set off now? I can’t wait to work for you… I’ll serve you with my life, in exchange for you taking care of my sister and I.”

“You have my word.”

Zhou Qingfeng would also like to recruit other men for his squad, but he only had one day for it. However, when four of them finally wanted to leave the house, they were blocked by a group of armed men once they stepped out from the room.

“Who are you? Without my permission, no one can take away my two nieces!” A Caucasian male stood up and said arrogantly to Zhou Qingfeng. “In the name of the Brotherhood of Steel, I now order the both of you to get the f*ck out of my way. Otherwise…”

“Otherwise…. what’s going to happen?” Zhou Qingfeng took a step forward.

“Squad leader, please take a closer look at my rank,” the man snarled immediately when he realized that he was only facing a mere, pathetic Asian. “Get the f*ck out of my way now. Otherwise…”

Everyone who joined the Brotherhood of Steel will be given a rank. Zhou Qingfeng was appointed squad leader, while Butcher was appointed deputy squad leader. They were now facing a junior assault unit leader, and the difference in their ranks was between night and day.

“Alright then, my lord. I’ll let you pass.”

Zhou Qingfeng only walked to the side, but he still shielded the two little girls behind him.

“Yellow m*nkey, do you understand what you’re doing?” the officer cursed angrily. “I’m here to recruit both my nieces to join the Brotherhood of Steel because they have excellent shooting skills. You better get the f*ck out of my way now!”

Zhou Qingfeng turned his head around and glanced at the sisters. The younger sister kept shaking her head, and Eileen, the elder sister, even shouted in anger, “You chose to watch our parents suffer from folded arms when we begged you for help. You obviously have enough food, yet you refused to help us. There’s no way we’ll be serving you now.”

The white officer then shouted, “The entire Staten Island is now under our military control. No one can refuse the call for the Brotherhood of Steel and no one has the privilege except for the Caucasians. If you refuse my call, I will impose coercive measures on you."

Zhou Qingfeng knew what the consequences would be for him by just looking at the armed personnel. However, he blocked the path of the officer once again and said, “Oh… well, everything's solved then. I’ve recruited the sisters, so it means that technically, they’re now serving the Brotherhood of Steel.”

“Yellow m*onkey, it seems that you do not understand what I mean. Do you know that you're now publicly confronting the Brotherhood of Steel?”

“Oh boy… Yes, I do know what you mean, white p*g. I guess you leave me with no choice then.”

Zhou Qingfeng refused to budge even an inch as he continued blocking the officer. He did not care even though the latter was already furious. The armed personnel behind the officer were all infuriated. However, all of a sudden, Butcher lifted his m240b and fired several shots into the sky.

Dhuk! Dhuk! Dhuk!

The Caucasian soldiers were all afraid. Some of them wanted to lift their guns and aim at Butcher, some of them immediately collapsed to the ground, while others were completely lost. Butcher said coldly, “Don’t move. Otherwise… I’ll kill every single one of you.”

However, Zhou Qingfeng, unlike the soldiers who were at a complete loss, remained unmoved. After a few minutes, the officer spat, “Just wait, I’ll make you pay the price!”

When the soldiers finally left, Eileen, the elder sister slowly stepped out from behind Zhou Qingfeng. She asked, horrified, “Are we going to be in trouble? Is Uncle Zagey going to bring more people to arrest us?”

“Trouble is always everywhere. Sometimes, we must bear with it, but there are always exceptions.”

Zhou Qingfeng was too lazy to comfort the sisters. He only hoped that they could be more aware of what was going on in the current world.

Butcher came up from behind and said in a deep voice, “Are we supposed to kill all of them?”

“The patrol team of the Brotherhood of Steel just so happens to be opposite this street. I would’ve pulled my trigger ages ago if it weren’t for them,” Zhou Qingfeng stared at the several armored vehicles that were parked opposite their street.

The soldiers from the patrol team had been staring at them since the beginning of the incident. However, when they saw the officer left, they left without intervening.

“But still, are we screwed up?” Ellie, the younger sister, was terrified as well.

Butcher, however, burst into laughter, “Don’t worry. Just stay close to your Brother Hugo. He’ll take good care of you guys.”

The twin sisters looked at each other. They then stared at Zhou Qingfeng weirdly. Only God knew what they were thinking at that instant.

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