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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 574

Chapter 574: The Enticing Xiao Bai

Flabbergasted, Xiao Chen said, “Stop speaking nonsense. I know you well enough. What are your intentions?”

The fatty smiled and said, “This time, I am here for business. At the same time, I will get into the top ten for fun.”

He fanned himself gently with his gold folding fan. He said everything in a very casual manner; none of it sounded unnatural.

“Elder Brother Xiao Chen!”

As Xiao Chen and Jin Dabao chatted, a melodious voice rang out. A certain fragrance wafted over, relaxing and intoxicating.

Xiao Chen looked back and before he could react, a soft, exquisite body jumped into his embrace, hugging him tightly.

The two soft mounds on the young girl’s chest stuck closely to Xiao Chen’s chest. Right after, Jiang Zimo and Chu Mu came over with envious gazes.

Somewhat embarrassed, Xiao Chen set Xiao Bai on the ground. He felt pleasantly surprised as he asked, “Xiao Bai, why are you here?”

Xiao Chen was indeed pleasantly surprised. He had not expected to meet Xiao Bai here.

Actually, the dueling ring Xiao Bai was assigned to happened to be located in a blind spot of the spectator stand he sat in. There were also several dueling rings in between their respective dueling rings.

Without paying special attention, they would not discover the presence of the other. After all, twenty dueling rings were quite a lot.

Xiao Bai said seriously, “I am here to participate in this competition. I want to prove to Elder Brother Xiao Chen that Xiao Bai now can protect herself.”

Earlier, Xiao Chen had heard the nearby cultivators talking about a young female genius appearing from the Myriad Fiend Palace. She had won several matches consecutively. Unexpectedly, that person was Xiao Bai.

“Xiao Bai, this Fat Lord has not seen you for a long time as well. Come, give me a hug!” Jin Dabao smiled at Xiao Bai.

Xiao Bai shook her head and said, “Xiao Bai won’t give you a hug. Xiao Bai will only hug Elder Brother Xiao Chen.”

“Brother Xiao, it’s been a long time.”

At this moment, another voice rang out. Two good-looking cultivators with unique auras came over.

It was Ding Fengchou of the Great Chu Nation’s Heavenly Sword Gate and Zuo Mo of the Great Tang Nation’s Beast Taming Abode. They had made friends with one another in Desolate City. They finally reunited since parting that day.

Jiang Zimo smiled and said, “Brother Ding and Brother Zuo, congratulations on passing the first round of elimination.”

Zuo Mo laughed and said, “That is not worth mentioning. You guys passed as well. It’s been almost two years already since we parted at Desolate City. We have not met since then. Let’s go look for a place to have a drink tomorrow.”

Indeed, close to two years had gone by in the blink of an eye. The scene of Desolate City still remained fresh in their eyes.

When the group met at the Great Jin Nation’s Wind Cloud Arena, the bold, visionary words they said back then rang anew in their ears.

The fatty immediately said, “It is not good to drink wine. Let’s go for tea, instead. Come to the Ignorant About Tea Teahouse tomorrow afternoon. It will be my treat.

“He he! That is not an ordinary teahouse. The tea leaves there are all picked from Spirit Trees over a thousand years old. They are prepared using a secret method and have all sorts of therapeutic effects. Normally, one can’t even buy them with money.”

Ignorant About Tea, this teahouse was indeed mysterious. It was the largest teahouse in Dragon Sealing City and there was only one in the world.

Every three years, it would open for only a few days during the Five Nation Youth Competition. After that, it would close.

The craftsmen of the teahouse preserved all sorts of the ancient tea arts. From the tea set, to the tea leaves, the water, and the tea sommelier, they were the best of the best.

To someone who loved tea, this was their holy land.

Indeed, the moment the fatty made his suggestion, everyone’s eyes lit up. The tea in Ignorant About Tea were ridiculously expensive. Naturally, everyone was happy when they heard that the fatty was paying.

Xiao Chen smiled and said, “It is set, then. Let’s meet again tomorrow. I’ll take my leave first.”

After not meeting for such a long time, Xiao Chen also had thoughts of getting together with his old friends. After all, such opportunities were rare.

They could speak about their understandings of the martial path, their encounters, or the matches of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

The few of them said their goodbyes, but Xiao Bai said reluctantly, “Elder Brother Xiao Chen, don’t forget our deal from back then. Xiao Bai will definitely become strong.”

The fatty clicked his tongue and said, “After not meeting for two years, this girl has grown much prettier. It is unexpected that a martial fanatic like you has such a blessing.”

Xiao Chen smiled bitterly. Sometimes, when one was too blessed, they would not be able to manage it. He already had Liu Ruyue. As for Xiao Bai, she was like a sister to him. So, he felt a headache over how to deal with this matter.


Early the next morning, Xiao Chen left the courtyard on time. The cultivators that he passed on the streets of Dragon Sealing City were all discussing yesterday’s matches.

There were even several people selling information on the hot favorites. It roused Xiao Chen’s curiosity, so he bought one that many people were buying.

This was a list of the top ten newcomers. It made detailed introductions of ten newcomers who showed outstanding results in yesterday’s matches.

Xiao Chen continued reading with interest. The first ranked was Xuanyuan Zhantian. There was detailed information on his experiences in the Eastern Boundless Sea. Furthermore, it also gave some good comments about his performance in yesterday’s matches.

“Xuanyuan Zhantian, nicknamed the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King. He became famous at a young age, showing astounding talent at the age of ten. The Divine Dragon Palace’s Dragon King took him in as his disciple.

“At age thirteen, Xuanyuan Zhantian was officially proclaimed the next Dragon King of the Eastern Boundless Sea by the Dragon King. Since then, the name Little Dragon King has spread far and wide.

“Xuanyuan Zhantian displayed strong offensive power in the elimination matches. No one lasted more than one move. Many people suspect that only Sima Lingxuan is a match for him.”

The evaluation was rather interesting. Xiao Chen continued reading. The second rank was the genius bladesman, Lin Fei. His evaluation was relatively high as well.

“Having defeated an experienced expert bladesman, Ma Yuan, in seven moves using his strange and mysterious Saber Technique, and his opponent could not even touch the corner of his sleeves, Lin Fei is the second ranked newcomer without a doubt.”

The third ranked was Chu Chaoyun. His evaluation was rather strange: “Every match was won with great difficulty. However, he managed to obtain complete victory in group thirteen, where there were several expert veterans.”

The fourth ranked was Xiao Bai. It evaluated her as: “A young female genius looking no more than fifteen years old. However, she was able to defeat several expert veterans.

“Furthermore, she has a Sword Heart, something all swordsmen chase after. Her potential is unlimited.”

The fifth rank was Liu Xiaoyun’s junior brother, Han Yaotian. Xiao Chen was not familiar with him, so he skipped ahead.

Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen saw Jin Dabao’s name in the seventh rank. He could not help but laugh. It was hard to imagine that the fatty could rank as well.

Xiao Chen continued reading and he finally found his name in the ninth ranked. He was also evaluated as strong.

“This person is nicknamed the White Robed Bladesman. His strength is unfathomable. Because there were no experts in group six, he won all his matches in an overwhelming manner. As a result, he can only be ranked ninth.”

Xiao Chen put away the newcomer ranking list and smiled. “I wonder who made this list? Although it is not very comprehensive, it is not inconsistent.”

As for him ranking number nine, Xiao Chen did not feel anything about it. He only cared about how strong the opponent before him was.


Ignorant About Tea, this phrase meant not understanding tea. It was strange that a teahouse had such a name.

If one did not understand tea, then what were they doing opening a teahouse? If it was a regular teahouse, this name might confuse many people.

However, in Dragon Sealing City, when this world-famous teahouse had such a name, it could only be said that its owner was very humble.

The way of tea was the same as the martial way. The more one advanced, the more they realized how insufficient they were. Their respect for the craft would only become stronger.

Standing in front of the doors of Ignorant About Tea, where there was a high traffic flow, Xiao Chen looked at the three words “Ignorant About Tea” in calligraphic writing and entered deep thought. He gained some comprehension.

The teahouse standing at the peak of the continent only dared to call itself “Ignorant About Tea.” Now, Xiao Chen was not even at the starting line of cultivation, he had to be more humble and respectful.

“Old Brother Xiao Chen! Over here.”

Xiao Chen looked up and saw Jin Dabao smiling and waving at him through the railings of the third floor.

Pushing off the ground, Xiao Chen leaped into the air and landed beside Jin Dabao. A tea set was placed on a small exquisite table. There was also a newcomer ranking list in front of Jin Dabao.

“Ding! Ding! Dong! Dong!”

In the teahouse replete with an ancient atmosphere, there was a melodious sound of water flowing and bamboo instruments. When one stood there, they felt calm and at peace.

After Xiao Chen took a seat, a pretty maid in white immediately came over. Using an ancient method of brewing tea, she prepared a cup of tea for Xiao Chen.

Steam wafted up from the teacup and a faint fragrance spread out, instantly refreshing one’s spirit.

Jin Dabao smiled and said, “This is the thousand-year-old Menger Tea. It is brewed using a secret method, and many Spirit Herbs effective for cultivators were added. Give it a try. There might be some unexpected effects.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently. Jin Dabao’s words made him curious. So he picked up the tea cup and took a sip.

He swished the tea around in his mouth before allowing it to slowly slide down his throat. However, before it could flow down, the tea had already turned into energy and infused his internal organs, skin, blood, and bones.

Xiao Chen felt a tingling sensation. The energy of the Menger Tea cleared out all of the hidden injuries that had accumulated from the Deep Sea Battlefield.

He immediately rejoiced. He quickly closed his eyes and slowly circulated his energy, helping to distribute the medicinal energy of the tea.

After a long time, Xiao Chen opened his eyes and spat out some turbid gas. He felt his body lighten significantly, becoming easier to handle.

He picked up the tea cup and took another sip. However, the effect from earlier did not recur. Only the fragrance of the tea spread in his mouth.

Jin Dabao chuckled and said, “It will only work the first time. The cost of this tea is ten thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones. Furthermore, it is normally out of stock. They only sell twenty cups every day.”

Xiao Chen was secretly astonished. This cup of tea was not something ordinary people could drink. He now had a whole new level of respect for the fatty. Unexpectedly, he had become so generous.

Jin Dabao waved it off, saying, “We are friends. Don’t look at me like that. It is just a cup of tea. This Fat Lord can still afford it.”

The two of them chatted casually for a while. After some time, Jiang Zimo, Xiao Bai, Ding Fengchou, and the others arrived one after another. Without exception, all of them were holding a copy of the newcomer ranking list.

After they sat down, the first thing they discussed was this newcomer ranking list.

Zuo Mo smiled and said, “The newcomer ranking list normally appears on the second day of every Five Nation Youth Competition. It is officially published by the City Lord’s Residence, so it is rather authorative. I believe every cultivator in the entire city has a copy of it already.”

Nodding, Jin Dabao added, “This is the result of the efforts of the City Lord’s Residence to spread the influence of the Five Nation Youth Competition. When the competition is over, they will also publish a complete ranking list.

“He he! You can easily imagine it. There are more than two million cultivators in Dragon Sealing City from all over the continent. After they buy a copy and return, it would be hard for the cultivators ranked on the list to not become famous after the news is spread.”

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