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Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343: Everyone Tempted

As Xiao Chen looked at the Bright Jade Fan, he became distracted, forgetting that Mo Chen was speaking beside him.

“Big Brother Xiao Chen! Big Brother Xiao Chen!”

Only after Mo Chen called out twice did Xiao Chen react. “Sorry, sorry, I was thinking about something else.”

Mo Chen smiled faintly and said, “Actually, I already guessed it. Why else would Yue Bingyun come over to Heavenly Star Island to beg me for no reason at all? She definitely has a relationship with Big Brother Xiao Chen.”

Xiao Chen sighed softly before saying calmly, “It is not really a relationship. We just shared a few moments of life and death and adventured together for a period. When I suddenly heard that she is going to marry, my emotions swayed.”

“So, Big Brother Xiao Chen likes her?” Mo Chen asked seriously as she blinked at him.

This question really stumped Xiao Chen. Did he like Yue Bingyun? The answer was clear. Yue Bingyun was the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter. She was extraordinarily pretty, elegant, and easy-mannered. Any man would have a favorable impression of such a girl.

Naturally, Xiao Chen was no exception. However, he did not know how strong this favorable impression was.

Furthermore, right now, he was like a blade of grass floating on the sea; he might sink at any moment. He did not dare to think about romance at all.

Xiao Chen only had one person whom he was sure he loved: Qingyun Peak’s Liu Ruyue. No matter how much time passed or what he experienced, this passion remained deep in his heart, never to be forgotten.

As for other people, he did not dwell on them.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen answered, “Regardless of whether I like her or not, since she asked you to pass the Bright Jade Fan to me, then she definitely does not want to marry others. It would have been fine if I did not know about this. However, since I do know, I will have to help her this time.”


Right after Xiao Chen said that, Ao Jiao snorted loudly in the Immortal Spirit Ring, appearing extremely dissatisfied.

Since Xiao Chen wanted to help, then he needed to go and draw the saber. As the Lunar Shadow Saber’s Item Spirit, Ao Jiao immediately became jealous.

When Little Three heard her, she kept laughing in a corner, rambling on about Ao Jiao’s shortcomings. Ao Jiao got angry and ignored her.

Xiao Chen did not explain anything to Ao Jiao for now, only leaving her be. He said to Mo Chen, “Make some preparations. When the time comes, you will come to Bright Moon City with me.”

“You want me to accompany you?”

Xiao Chen nodded. “Yes. This Lunar Palace is extremely important to me. With you by my side, you can give me reminders at the necessary moment to prevent me from doing anything foolish.”

When Mo Chen heard this, she smiled. “Sure. I would like to see how crazy the scene is when the time comes too.”


At the pavilion where Tian Youxi was, the people there were all greatly startled when they found out that Yue Bingyun would marry the person who drew the Cloud Moon Saber.

They had not expected such a commotion right before they departed.

“The thoughts of the Lunar Palace are truly unfathomable. What happens if the person who draws the saber is old and ugly? The Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter Yue Bingyun would be in a miserable situation.” Xing Jue shook his head in confusion.

Xie Zixuan smiled faintly and quipped, “This makes things simple. Just go and draw that Cloud Moon Saber, and it will be fine.”

“Hahahaha! I’ll definitely go and give it a try. It is rather tempting to be able to marry the Holy Daughter and take her as my wife,” Xing Jue replied.

Tian Youxi frowned slightly. “This change is rather sudden. I’m not sure whether this is a good or bad thing for us.”

Xia Houjue analyzed, “No matter who draws the Cloud Moon Saber, as long as it is not Xiao Chen, it will be a good thing for us!”

Feng Wuji added, “Don’t worry. Xiao Chen can’t even cross the gates of Bright Moon City. How is he to draw the saber?”

“The best scenario would be for one of us to be the one to draw the Cloud Moon Saber. That way, the Lunar Palace will definitely side with the Deity Dao Union. Xiao Chen would not stand any chance at all.”

Tian Youxi looked around, glancing at the people present. She felt that this outcome was really possible.

Xia Houjue and Feng Wuji were both outstanding talents who returned from experiential training in the Astral Battlefield. They were much stronger than the many outstanding talents of the Heavenly Starry Ocean.

As for Xing Jue and Xie Zixuan, even less needed to be said. They were descendants of Primes. Their current strength was unfathomable, and they could kill even regular Martial Emperors.

These two were far stronger than the outstanding talents of the Heavenly Starry Ocean. If Xiao Chen did not show up, no one would be able to suppress them.

“Good. It is decided, then. I will send people to figure out the exact situation with the Cloud Moon Saber. The few of you make your preparations. I will heavily reward the one who draws the Cloud Moon Saber,” Tian Youxi said.

Xing Jue and the others glanced at each other. They did not reject the proposal. The expression in their eyes said they were raring to go. Who would not be tempted by a woman like the Holy Daughter?


As Xiao Chen, Tian Youxi, and others made their preparations, all the outstanding young talents of the entire Heavenly Starry Ocean entered into a frenzy.

News traveled rapidly. Within the shortest time possible, the many cultivators in the Black Sea, the Storm Sea, and the Ice Sea also received word.

The news that the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter was going to marry someone immediately spread throughout the entire oceanic world, turning into the most commonly discussed topic.

The number of people heading for Bright Moon City increased to several times more than usual. There was a sea of people, all wanting to test themselves during the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony.

Up in the palace that floated in the sky like a bright moon, Yue Bingyun showed worry on her face as she stared out of the window in a daze.

As the Lunar Palace’s Holy Daughter, she had never thought about seeking a true relationship. For so many years, her heart remained still and unchanging, always unwavering.

However, when she met that person, some changes slowly appeared in her heart.

There had never been anyone who could give her such an intense feeling, causing her to be moved and to worry.

However, Yue Bingyun still possessed her rationality. She never expected anything to come of this, only burying that trace of a feeling in the deepest depths of her heart.

She would not think about it or long for it.

However, the situation now was really unacceptable to her. Even if she did not marry for life, that would be many times better than marrying someone she did not like.

Will he dare to come?

Will he be able to guess the reason why I gave him the Bright Jade Fan?

Yue Bingyun’s heart was in turmoil. No matter what she did, she could not calm down. Her thoughts were all disorderly; she could not tidy them up.

“Bingyun, what are you thinking about?”

The Lunar Palace’s Palace Master silently walked into the elegant room.

This question startled Yue Bingyun, causing her to turn around quickly and bow. “Master, Bingyun is fine.”

The Lunar Palace’s Palace Master shook her head and said, “The matters in your heart are written all over your face. How can you be fine? Please don’t blame Master. Now, great chaos approaches. The Demonic Calamity will soon arrive as well. For the Lunar Palace to remain safe under the pressure of the Deity Dao Union, we need this sword-and-saber set.

“After that, there is still the even more horrifying Demonic Calamity. We will need the Wind Shadow Sword and the Cloud Moon Saber all the more. The Lunar Palace has been passed down for tens of thousands of years. We absolutely cannot let it fall here.”

Yue Bingyun said softly, “I know. Bingyun will do whatever Master arranges.”

The Lunar Palace’s Palace Master smiled gently. “You don’t have to overthink this. The person who can draw the Cloud Sword Saber is definitely a match for you. Given the Cloud Moon Saber’s pride, it will not choose a regular and ugly person. If that person dares to bully you, Master will definitely not let him off.”

Yue Bingyun smiled bitterly in her heart. If there was no love in her heart, no matter how excellent the person, what was the point?

However, she did not show this on her face. She merely nodded to indicate her understanding.

The Lunar Palace’s Palace Master gave Yue Bingyun a deep look. She did not feel good about this, either. Yue Bingyun was like a daughter to her.

The Lunar Palace’s Palace Master had watched her grow up, investing her time and effort into her. However, this time, she had no other choice.

No one had managed to draw the Cloud Moon Saber in the vast Lunar Palace. This situation was unexpected.

For the sake of forging this saber and sword, the amount of resources the Lunar Palace used was far more than what the others imagined. If this saber and sword ended up being just decorations, then the Lunar Palace would suffer damage at its core, unable to recover for many centuries.

The most important thing was that the Deity Dao Union was already putting a lot of pressure on the Lunar Palace. However, the Lunar Palace did not wish to support any faction.

The Lunar Palace needed its own trump card so that the Deity Dao Union would not dare to use force against the Lunar Palace.

However, the matters of the world were hard to predict. The commotion caused by the Divine Weapon unveiling ceremony far surpassed the expectations of the Lunar Palace’s Palace Master.

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