Hidden Assassin

Chapter 57

Chapter 57 – Mediation Match (First part)
TL: Milaryn
Edit: IlkonEbi

“Do you know what happened to the two that you beat up yesterday?”

A stern, righteous face took a look around, then closed the door behind them and drew the curtains, before Yahan’s expression changed to a smirk.

"Broken ribs and a fractured finger, someone said it earlier. Did you call me over just to tell me that?"

Jiaming sat down on a chair in the office, then casually turned on the computer in passing and Yahan was put off by his actions. She looked at him, “I have to put up an appearance at least. Also, the other guy, his injures was even more…”

“He has two broken thumbs, lost at least seven to eight teeth, has a dislocated jaw that isn’t too big of issue though, and a nose that might be broken as well… does your computer have access to internet?”

“I don’t know how to use the internet… get lost, that’s my seat!” Yahan smiled, walked over, and then sat on the desk right in front of the computer monitor, “It’s a good thing I was there last night. I told them that you were part of the Huang family, so they would not dare to cause too much of a ruckus. However, I heard that you agreed to do a one-on-one duel with the people from the martial arts club?”

“Are you actually an exchange student?” Jiaming moved the computer screen over, “That duel is obviously not something I promised. There’s a Dongfan Wan in my class, I think she’s part of the Dongfang family? I was planning to let them take care of it in the afternoon.”

Yahan scoffed and then kicked the chair’s armrest with her high-heels, “In your dreams. Dongfang Wan’s brother, Dongfang Lu is the student council’s president. Since she and Huang Haobing spoke up for you and you didn’t reject it, even if you wanted to escape, I guarantee that you won’t be able to leave at all. Oi, speaking of which, if you want to hide your strength, you should be careful.”

“Why’s that?”

“Yesterday when you were fighting, I went to the airport to pick up two teachers and I heard from above that they are a big deal. One is a woman around my age; she’s here to be the school doctor. The other is reported to be a martial arts expert, but I just thought that it was his reputation. When he saw you fight yesterday though, he said that you had potential and he wanted to be your teacher. It gave me a scare, but it was a good thing you hid your skills well.”

“Martial arts expert? What’s his name?”

“Chen Guxia.”

“Ah?” Jiaming’s face changed slightly. It seemed that he had caused a butterfly effect. In his previous timeline that old guy was still undercover at Peroka at this time and would not be discovered until a few years later. It seemed that transferring seven billion dollars from Peroka at the end of June had really caused a large storm.

“What, you know him? Is he really strong?” Yahan hurriedly questioned as she saw Jiaming’s serious expression.

“Yeah, I heard from my teacher that he’s not bad.” Jiaming smiled, “Actually, I don’t really mind if other people find out about me — I’m just only slightly better at fighting. It’s just that when Lingjing and Shasha find out, they’ll definitely kill me. You know them… They’re both always using me to gain confidence…”

“You’re always saying that it’s because of your teacher… I’mma smack you. Is it actually because of your teacher though? Is this why you’re hiding your skills?”

“I have a clean background, student Yahan. What are you saying? Are you suggesting that I would join a triad just because I’m able to fight?”

Yahan stared blankly at him for a bit before continuing, “Hmm, you really do treat them well. ...Oi, what’s this about some system files, can you not mess around with it? If you want to play around, can you just do it on the desktop?”

“Get lost, you computer illiterate. I’m helping you optimize your computer, it’s only 32MB of memory, what a pain…”

“You’re just a kid, how would you know how to use a computer. Don’t be ridiculous! The computer has my school-related files as well as my save file for a game. If you destroy them I have to start all over, ah… help…”

The two of them squandered the time for quite a while. When the first class came to an end, Jiaming exited the office in an extremely deferential manner, “I am very sorry, Teacher Zhang. It is all my fault. I will not be so rash next time.”

“Hmph, if this happens again, you won’t be let off so easily! You can return to your class now.” Yahan was wearing the pair of ugly glasses, and her gaze was full of righteousness. The students passing by pointed and whispered, “Poor guy! Not sure what he did wrong, but last time, I got lectured by her for a full hour. She nagged me so much…” When Jiaming heard them he could hardly hold back his laughter and his facial muscles were twitching.

When he returned to the classroom, some students that had been lectured by Yahan before looked at him with sympathy. The language and literature textbooks had been distributed, and one was lying on Jiaming's desk. By his side, Tsukichi Kaoru was currently flipping through the textbook. Her eyes were looking at it coldly, and her forehead was slightly wrinkled — it seemed that she found  the chinese text somewhat difficult to read. She gently tipped her head at him when he sat down and quietly whispered, “Gu-kun, I'm sorry…”

Jiaming looked around, then said, “I have already said I did not want to be associated with you. Why are you here?”

“I'm sorry, but… I came here this time, because I'm hoping that Gu-kun could help me reach a higher understanding of Ikesakura Senmaboroshi…”

“Ikesakura Senmaboroshi is part of your family’s secret. How would I be able to enlighten you on that? If you want to be stronger, shouldn’t you go find Amau Masanori?”

“That was what Amau-kun suggested after the engagement announcement. Amau-kun doesn’t know the secret to Ikesakura Senmaboroshi. However, according to his speculation, since Gu-kun was able to execute it to such a degree, you must be very familiar with similar types of martial arts. He thought that if I were to learn these skills from you, I would be able to improve on my current Ikesakura Senmaboroshi as well. He also suggested that I go study in China because there were many different types and sects of martial arts, and the origin of Japanese martial arts had come from China. Unfortunately, when it comes to the people I know in China… it’s only you, Gu-kun…”

“I’m already contemplating on whether to kill you or not! If you want to study martial arts, go find a dojo, don’t come bother me!”

Jiaming turned his head away and ignored her. Shortly after, he heard a quiet, “I’m sorry.”

In the following two classes, new teachers entered to introduce themselves and to give out textbooks. The Dongfang Wan girl was very active in the class and helped with distributing them. When she got to Jiaming’s desk, she said, “Good luck in the afternoon.” Tsukichi Kaoru continued struggling with reading unfamiliar Chinese words, occasionally glancing at Jiaming, but did not dare to say anything else.

After the morning classes, Jiaming met up with Lingjing and Shasha at the school cafeteria for lunch. The two girls had also been harrassed by the members of the martial arts club, but no one had challenged them. When the competition in the afternoon was mentioned, the two girls were somewhat incensed.

“What bullies! Jiaming, did you actually agree?” Lingjing asked anxiously.

“I should do it instead; I’m not scared of them. Hey… Jiaming, I’m not saying you’re scared of it, it’s just…” Shasha said, worried that she had insulted Jiaming’s pride. After all, running away in front of people they knew was not an issue; however, once there were strangers involved, boys of Jiaming’s age were usually worried about their pride.

“Eh, I’ll go. Besides, I’ve already thought about what to do.” Jiaming smiled encouragingly, “I only need to keep running and dodging, tire him out, and make him super angry. Relax, if I really can’t win, I’ll admit defeat since it’s not that big of a deal.”

“Well, admitting defeat isn’t a bad thing. Men should not just be all about fighting.” Lingjing blushed slightly as she held Jiaming’s hand, “You’re really admirable.”

Shasha looked around, then placed her hand on top of theirs, “You can do it!”

Not much happened at school that day, apart from giving out textbooks. In the evening, when the bell rang signifying the end of school, Jiaming got surrounded and was escorted by a crowd of spectators to the gymnasium. In the center of the spacious basketball court, a boxing ring had been set up. Around a dozen members of the martial arts club were waiting inside, and a lot of the spectators had entered from the side door and taken their seats on the stands. As Jiaming took a look around, he saw Yahan wave at him. She was also sitting next to the sharp-eyed middle-aged man, Chen Guxia.

Lingjing and Shasha had also taken a seat in the spectator stands and were on Jiaming’s side. Shasha was holding her favorite baseball bat and looked like she was ready to use it if anything went wrong. Seeing Jiaming arrive, Han Gangcheng detached himself from the other martial arts club members and walked towards him, accompanied by a dashing male student who was wearing a sports uniform. When he got close to Jiaming, the male student smiled and extended his hand, “Hello student Gu Jiaming. I am Dongfang Lu, Dongfang Wan’s second brother. I will also be the referee of this friendly match. Nice to meet you.”


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