Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 411

Chapter 411 - The Spirit of Teamwork!

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

“Get lost, Gao Tian Yao!”

“Remember this, Gao Tian Yao. This is our medical college’s territory. You come here, and we’ll beat you.” 

“Professor Qin Feng, say it. What should we do to these guys?”

There was strength in numbers, and it was true.

A massive crowd of students banding together was an impressive sight. The students were all wired up, and they glared at the helpless Gao Tian Yao and his four minions.

They had cast away their fear of Young Master Gao, the head of Provincial Capital University Four Young Masters. 

“What should we do, Young Master Gao?”

“Young Master Gao, a wise man does not fight when the odds are against him. I suggest we take our leave.”

Gao Tian Yao gnashed his teeth in rage and stared at Qin Feng and the group of students. Meanwhile, his four minions were planning to back out. They all tried to persuade their leader for a retreat.

Gao Tian Yao knew he could do nothing to turn the tide now. He waved his hand at his minions, “Let’s go!” and went away angrily.

“Let them go,” Qin Feng gestured with his hand and calmed the restless students.

After Gao Tian Yao and his four minions left, Qin Feng walked to Liu Jie’s side.

He said, “Mister Liu Jie, I lent you a hand this time but I will not next time.

“And you all, I won’t give you a hand if any of you are in trouble. You all will have to either submit to evil forces and walk with your tail between your legs the rest of your life; or, stand up, unite, and fight back!” 

Qin Feng’s speech remained in the students’ minds for a long time. They could not shake it off. 

The medical college had been a heap of loose sand before Qin Feng became their lecturer. Their state of disunity was so dire that most of them could not even recognize their own classmates; although, they’d been in the same class for three years.

For years, they had not cared about their classmates and wouldn’t offer a help if their friend was in trouble. In some circumstances, they laughed and took pleasure in their friend’s suffering. However, the current incident was a game changer. They finally realized the quintessence of teamwork and the great power brought to them by having worked together. 

Their unity had warded off the most fearsome person at Provincial Capital University. They were certain that as long as they were united, nothing could harm them.

Gao Tian Yao was a short interlude. Qin Feng cracked a few jokes and brought everything back to its original course. He continued to propagate the knowledge of Chinese medicine while the students fully concentrated on his teaching. 

Nobody talked about Gao Tian Yao. It seemed to them that the incident that happened not long ago was nothing worth mentioning and cast it to the winds.

“The art of acupuncture is the most amazing skill in China’s traditional medicine. One can cure hundreds of diseases with the use of silver needles. Girls might fawn over you, and eventually, become your wife if you use the silver needles well. You can even revive the dead and regrow flesh from bone by mastering the skill of acupuncture.” 

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ever since Qin Feng obtained the Decree of Five Element Acupuncture, his brain had been filled with a lot of profound knowledge about Traditional Chinese medicine. Using the approach of merging the abstruse and ancient knowledge of acupuncture with the current trends of language, he successfully caught the full attention of the students, and all of them laughed at his humor. 

This kind of teaching method was eye-opening and interesting. None of the students would want to go home if all the teachers in China taught the same way as Qin Feng.

“So, this is all about the theory and the study of acupuncture. Now, let’s move to the next step of learning the acupuncture skill. The very first step of mastering the acupuncture skill is to know about the acupoints and the flow of qi in the human body.

“Now, I need a volunteer to assist me in the next session.”

The students exploded as if they were on the tin roof after Qin Feng told them he wanted a volunteer to assist him. All of them raised their hands high.

“Ahem! Ahem! Please put down your hand, boys. I only need girls.”

Half of the students yelled disdainfully at Qin Feng’s favoritism for female students. However, they put down their hands eventually. Qin Feng surveyed in the group of female students, and finally, stopped his gaze at Hua Yan and Qiao Shi Shi.

“Miss Qiao Shi Shi, would you do me the favor of being my teaching assistant?” Qin Feng picked Qiao Shi Shi since he stayed with Hua Yan and had the time to tease her. I should give little Qiao Shi Shi feeling these divine hands of mine.

Qin Feng was always a fair and equitable man.

Rising to her feet, Qiao Shi Shi walked briskly to the podium.

She always exhibited a calm as water expression. She almost merged with the air just by standing quietly and gave people the impression of being a beauty that was supposed to not to exist on earth but in the celestial realm. 

“Please come over here, Miss Qiao Shi Shi!” Qin Feng offered a small smile and gestured at Qiao Shi Shi.

Qiao Shi Shi stopped in front of Qin Feng.

“Dear students, I’ll now show you all the acupoints of the human body using Miss Qiao Shi Shi’s body. I wish to have your full attention.”


Qin Feng dropped a bomb and caused the students to exploded.

Lecturing the class with the Goddess Qiao Shi Shi’s body?!

“Professor Qin Feng, should we… take off Miss Qiao Shi Shi’s shirt?”

“That’s right, that’s right! Since we’re talking about the major acupoints of the human body, Professor Qin Feng must show them to us through the clearest way possible; otherwise, if we memorize the wrong acupoints, we might accidentally kill our patients in the future!” 

Qin Feng stared at the restless students. He thought mentally, “They really are my student. How can they voice my deepest desire?! Qin Feng loved these students very much.

However, as a lecturer, Qin Feng felt he had to do justice to his title. He cleared his throat and talked in a stern voice, “Silent! What kind of filthy, dirty thoughts are going on in your brains? How could you suggest this kind of thing?”

Qin Feng was angry. The students instantly fell silent.

Nodding his head in satisfaction, Qin Feng turned and looked at Qiao Shi Shi with a smile, “Shi Shi, I’ve thought about it. To be honest, their suggestion is not bad. Why don’t we…”

“Professor Qin Feng, I’m going back to my seat,” Qiao Shi Shi calmly cut him off.

Stunned, Qin Feng quickly grabbed Qiao Shi Shi’s arm. “I’m just joking with you. Don’t worry, you don’t have to take off your shirt.”

Qiao Shi Shi’s eyes gleamed brightly. Then, she looked at Qin Feng and said indifferently, “Then, Professor, please let go of my arm.”

Qin Feng released her arm. He realized Qiao Shi Shi was like a pool of stagnant water, forever calm without a ripple.

Qin Feng decided not to forced Qiao Shi Shi anymore. He put on a solemn expression and started the next session of his lecture. 

Qiao Shi Shi stood silently on the podium. Qin Feng pointed a few acupoints on her body with a pointer and there were times he felt a charge of heat rushing directly toward his groin when he pointed a few acupoints near her breasts and inner thigh. However, unlike Qin Feng, Qiao Shi Shi was rather unaffected and maintained a poker-face giving people an impression that she was a mannequin rather than real human. 

Qin Feng had been explaining the human anatomy, acupoints at human’s body and the flow of qi over the course of two lecture class. The students were studious in jotting down notes, and they felt they had learned more knowledge in the two classes than in the books they had been reading for the past semesters.

After the class dismissed, Qin Feng exited the lecture hall. 

“Please wait, Professor Qin Feng.”

Suddenly, a student called him from the back. It was Liu Jie who was slapped twice by Gao Tian Yao.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Liu Jie? This professor helped you out of my morality and integrity. Please don’t lower yourself by shoving a red envelope or bank card at me.”

Liu Jie only wanted to express his gratitude by saying thank you to Qin Feng. He was kind of embarrassed after listening to Qin Feng’s meaningful words.

Scratching his head, he said honestly, “I won’t give you a red envelope or a bank card, Professor Qin Feng.”

The feeling of lack of money weighed on Qin Feng’s mind. He was upset. He, as a hedonist young master who spent money like water, was reduced to a poor, poverty-ridden loser. It was tough for him to explain his tribulation to people, and none of them could fathom his depression. 

Seeing that Liu Jie did not get his meaning, Qin Feng’s expression sank, “This is what you should learn of me as my student. I, Qin Feng, am a human free from corruption and bribery; I am principled and law-abiding. I won’t accept any kind of bribe… Oh yeah, you may as well treat me to a meal whenever.”

Liu Jie’s mouth jerked vigorously. He regretted coming to say thank you to Qin Feng.

“Professor Qin Feng, I came from a mediocre family; I don’t have much money. What if I treat Professor Qin Feng to a meal tonight at a restaurant off-campus?”

Qin Feng suddenly hugged Liu Jie and laughed, “Aiya! Thank you for your treat! Then, I’ll wait for you at the entrance gate after your class finished.” 

Liu Jie rolled his eyes, nodded and said, “Okay! See you later.”

Qin Feng returned to his office after he bade his goodbye to Liu Jie. He had stolen two spiritual plants from Hua Yan’s garden the night before, and he still had not finished converting the spiritual essence into his own inner qi. As such, Qin Feng remained in his office to convert and refine the spiritual essence into his own.

Time flew by like a breeze of wind, and classes seemed to be over in the blink of an eye. He had finished converting and refining the spiritual essence into his own inner qi, and the inner qi in his dantian was getting denser. 

As Qin Feng walked out of his office, he shook his head and sighed, “I’m one step away from breaking through. Seems like I have to visit the garden once more tonight.”


“Professor Qin Feng, I’m here!”

As Qin Feng reached the entrance gate, he saw Liu Jie was waiting for him.

“You really kept your word, Mr. Liu Jie,” Qin Feng walked forward and grabbed Liu Jie’s shoulders. 

“Professor Qin Feng has been a great help, and I should treat Professor to a meal,” Liu Jie replied. Then, he and Qin Feng walked down the street. 

Both of them arrived at a restaurant outside the campus.

“Professor Qin Feng, even though this isn’t a well-named restaurant, it’s quite lavishly decorated, and the chef makes good food. A lot of Provincial Capital University’s students love to have their meals here. So, what do you think, Professor Qin Feng? Do you want to give it a try?” Liu Jie asked for Qin Feng’s permission.

“You have the final say. I’m not a hypocrite.” 

Liu Jie decided that they would eat at this restaurant after Qin Feng agreed. They went into a private room. Liu Jie ordered a table of lavish dishes and a dozen of beers. He estimated the cost of the evening, and his heart began to bleed. This meal had reaped him of his one month of living expenses! 

“To you, Professor Qin Feng! Thank you for saving my face this morning!” Liu Jie opened two bottles of beers and filled Qin Feng’s cup.  He filled his own cup as well.

Qin Feng raised his cup and drained it in one cup. Then, with a sly grin, he asked, “Liu Jie, you’re a martial artist, right?” 

Liu Jie choked on a mouthful of beer. He coughed. 

“Professor Qin Feng, what do you mean?” A whirlwind of mixed emotions twisted his soul as a veil of caution fell across his face.

“I guessed you to be a Stage 4 inner qi expert, and your strength should match almost equally with that of Gao Tian Yao. I don’t understand. Why didn’t you let loose your anger and fight with Gao Tian Yao?” asked Qin Feng while offering a wicked grin to Liu Jie, “He shouldn’t be a difficult opponent for you.”

Liu Jie was slapped twice this morning, and he was extremely angry. At that time, Qin Feng was very close to him, so he could sense the surge of great inner qi that erupted in Liu Jie’s body. Qin Feng deduced that Liu Jie was at least a Stage 4 inner qi expert.

Qin Feng was stunned after he found yet another strong inner qi expert. He exclaimed inwardly, There are really lots of hidden gems in the provincial capital. I’ve only taught at the university for two days and discovered two Stage 4 inner qi experts!

“Professor Qin Feng, can you sense my strength? So you’re a martial artist as well!” exclaimed Liu Jie.

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