Era of Disaster

Chapter 266

Chapter 266: Soul Law Treasure

Bai Yi wrapped his hand around Momo’s neck tightly and immediately sealed her movements. An immense killing instinct raged inside him, and Bai Yi exploded with unimaginable strength. The air twisted and warped beneath his hand and engulfed Momo. As Bai Yi brutally smashed Momo into the ground, their gazes met again, and for a moment, Bai Yi seemed to regain his clarity and knew what he was about to do.


Bai Yi screamed crazily inside his heart, but by then, the instinct of slaughter inside him was already unstoppable. Tears filled Bai Yi’s eyes. With a loud ‘BANG!’, Bai Yi smashed Momo into the ground and the surrounding air erupted.

Wind of Massacre!

Blood splattered into Bai Yi’s eyes, mixed with his tears, and made his eyes feel incomparably hot and painful as if the blood was boiling oil. Bai Yi’s expression turned completely blank as the Reverse Flower Eyes spun crazily, and time seemed to stop. The people who watched from the sidelines all felt something sweep past them. Everyone stopped on the spot at the feeling of an emptiness in their heart. This was especially true for Bai Yi’s team members who all knelt on the ground and couldn’t think of anything.


Right before death, there was great fear!

The instant Bai Yi smashed her down, Momo only had one notion in her mind: she was going to die. Her body still remembered the terror of the Wind of Massacre. Momo couldn’t think of anything and was overcome by an extreme tranquility as she felt the excruciating pain in her body. Raising her right hand to the sky, Momo’s heart seemed to be empty as well. However, in the next instant, Momo started to roar crazily in her heart.


It was a loud cry and the manifestation of law from the soul!

Time seemed to pause around them.

Just as if a law of the universe manifested, a mysterious ripple pulsed from Momo’s body and everyone stopped in their positions. Momo’s bloodstained hands closed into a fist tightly and smacked away the wind blades around her. Then, she then flew up into the sky and a black curtain of light rapidly expanded behind her as the sky gradually turned black. Everyone stared dumbly at Momo in the sky and couldn’t understand what was happening.

In the air, something seemed to be rapidly manifesting out of nothing: a small and exquisite tiara!

The tiara fell on Momo’s head and seemed to fit perfectly. The moment the tiara landed on Momo’s head, everyone felt an irresistible pressure sweeping out from Momo’s body. The pressure couldn’t be described by words. It was on a different level from the airs of somebody in power or any intimidating aura a person could have. Regardless if it was friend or foe, everybody was immediately pressured into kneeling onto the ground.

Momo was covered in blood and in an extremely miserable state, but an incomparable aura, unlike anything anybody had seen before exerted from her body.

It was an aura that only belonged to Momo, the White Underworld Princess!

“Paradise of the Dead – Dark Kingdom!”Momo said as the tiara on her head flashed.

The sky abruptly turned black, and the entire White Underworld instantly overlapped Tasmania. Everybody felt their scalp going numb as if they had completely entered the country of the dead. Momo raised her hand and the ones hiding in the dark suddenly felt their hearts squeeze violently as if they had been given a death sentence.

 It’s over! 

Nobody knew what had happened to cause such a big change to happen in Momo.

Just when everyone thought that they would all die, Momo’s body suddenly went limp and plummeted toward the ground.

The world that had just started to turn dark suddenly stopped.

Nobody knew what was going on, but it apparently had something to do with Momo. Due to the severity of Momo’s injuries, the attack ended up fizzling out without causing any real damage. In a secret area, the so-called ‘powerful’ people in the world all kneeled miserably on the ground, panted heavily, and thanked their lucky stars for surviving the calamity.

The moment Momo fell, Bai Yi immediately flew up and caught Momo. Everyone else suddenly woke up from their daze and saw Momo falling from the sky and Bai Yi at the center.

Bai Yi’s teammates ran the fastest with Bellamy and Nancy in the lead.

When the two of them arrived, they immediately started to neutralize the drug in Bai Yi and Momo’s body. Everybody ascertained that Bai Yi and Momo had both regained their consciousness, and there had been some special changes in them. Bai Yi and Momo both had very serious injuries, especially Momo. Her injuries were absolute frightening to look at, but fortunately, Momo managed to block Bai Yi’s Wind of Massacre at the last moment. Otherwise, she would have really died.

Bai Yi passed the unconscious Momo to Bellamy and Nancy and stood on top of the hill made up of crumbled buildings and corpses.

Truman and the others looked at Bai Yi silently.

“It hasn’t ended yet!”

“Somebody wants to turn this place into an underworld to obtain the drug to make the evolution process from LV0 to LV3 perfect: Fostsoul! The main ingredient of this drug is the Dead Soul Flower. I can’t say who our enemies are. I believe everybody has their own thoughts in their heads. But what I can say is that it hasn’t ended yet!” Bai Yi said viciously.

“Continue to live on! The time is already ripe. We have already returned to our true human appearances. Even if we walk on the streets in the normal human world, we won’t be exposed so easily because of our appearances. You guys haven’t forgotten about the hatred in your hearts, right? Regardless if it’s the enemies behind this incident or the masterminds behind the Devil Isles, find all of them and make them pay for their sins!” Bai Yi said madly.

Everybody trembled!

Did Bai Yi think of revenge because of this incident in Tasmania, or had he thought about it all along and had just never revealed them? Thinking of how Bai Yi was always somebody who thought before acting, practically everybody knew what Bai Yi really thought. Bai Yi had these plans inside all along. He just never told anybody else about his plans to take revenge!


“See, what did I say? How could the people who survived the Devil Isles not bear any grudges in their hearts? Don’t forget. There had already been 109 cases of assassinations in various countries. Although this group of people always appeared to be very peaceful, they still desired revenge in their hearts. Bai Yi had a girlfriend Hong Qi Hua, a few friends named Martin, Sara and others who all died in New Zealand. This grudge will not be so easily forgotten,” the leader said as the image on the screen paused on the moment where Bai Yi looked the most sinister and mad.

“I’m very curious. What exactly happened to that Momo just now?

“We’ll think about that later. For now, we can’t let any of these people leave. Any of them that escapes into the normal human world would cause great trouble,” the person who spoke stood up, tidied his clothes and walked out arrogantly.


Very quickly, everyone realized that many people appeared outside the city plaza. Apparently, the people had been arranged to be there and eradicate the remaining survivors in Bai Yi’s group. All of their hearts became heavy. If they were unable to break through this trial, they would lose every opportunity in the future.

“There aren’t a lot of them, huh? Just around a thousand people,” Truman said.

“If not for Bai Yi’s shouting, there probably would just be around a dozen of us left. Moreover, the people remaining would be extremely tired from various injuries after battling for such a long period of time. A thousand people are way more than enough to clean up the remnants. In any case, our chances of victory aren’t high with just a hundred plus of us,” Rose said.

“That’s exactly how things are! Furthermore, we must be careful of enemies being among us. If somebody among us turns out to be a traitor, not only will we die without knowing why but we would even suspect and distrust each other,” Lucretia added on as well. Everybody couldn’t help but look at the people around them when they heard her words, fearing that the people beside them would stab them from behind.

“Since you realized this point, then you must have noticed something, right?”

“En, it’s very simple!” Lucretia nodded.

“I informed Nancy and Bellamy long ago that there were people who took the antidote long ago but joined this group acting like they were affected by the drug. Coincidentally, you guys know as well that Bellamy’s energy attribute is purification. It is actually very simple to figure who is really affected by the drug and who is just acting,” Lucretia said as she stared at the group of people.

A moment of silence passed.

Suddenly, somebody jumped up from the group on the ground. The moment this person moved, seven other people immediately followed and escaped behind him.

“The first one is innocent. Kill the seven behind,” Lucretia said viciously.

Everybody was stunned but understood quickly that this was psychological warfare. She told them that she knew that there were undercover people in their group to make them nervous and arranged for somebody to escape. Due to the fear in their hearts, the people who were truly undercover would follow the man and try to escape.

After a short battle, the seven of them laid in a pool of their own blood after the rest of them ganged up on them.

The various teams under the United Nations watched the scene and were mildly surprised.

Hey, they actually lured the undercovers out so easily? 

However, it was still useless. If they were unable to kill a hundred people after ganging up on them with a force of more than a thousand, then they would really be useless. Unfortunately, if not for them obstructing each other, there wouldn’t have been that many people left in the first place.

At this time, Bai Yi raised his head. The blood that had splattered into his eyes seemed to stain them deeply and turned his Reverse Flower Eyes into a bright shade of red.

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