Era of Disaster

Chapter 259

Chapter 259: Bai Yi’s Team

Betsy and Bellamy dodged and retreated into the crowd. Very quickly, they discovered that the normal evolved humans of Tasmania had fallen into a murderous frenzy.

Just what’s going on? Betsy, Bellamy, and Truman, who chased them, thought at the same time. Soon after, Betsy’s breathing became faster and a thought to duke it out with Truman rose in her mind.

Once this notion rose in Betsy’s head, it became unstoppable and a sick excitement rose in her eyes.

When Truman got near them again, Betsy and Bellamy suddenly ran up a tall building nearby. The two of them dodged the flaming rocks raining down on them. Bellamy flipped through the air and landed on the rooftop ready to continue running forward. However, Betsy suddenly flipped backward in the air from the rooftop and hung in the air upside down.

Air Step!

Betsy stepped on the air, and her body crashed down toward Truman with the force of her legs and gravity. Truman had been pursuing Betsy and Bellamy all along, so he didn’t expect Betsy to launch a counterattack. Betsy shot through the air at high-speed toward him, and in the next moment, their fists smashed together.


Violent flames erupted from the point of impact. Betsy’s body flipped backward, but accelerated in mid-air again and charged toward Truman who crashed into the streets.


Betsy’s claws ground against a flying rock and intense sparks flew from the point of contact. Against Truman’s defense, Betsy hadn't used her usual agility to dodge and search for a better opportunity. Instead, she increased the strength of her fingers.


The flying piece of rock broke into pieces, and Betsy clawed at Truman again excitedly. Truman didn’t understand what had happened to Betsy. Clearly, she had been running away, but all of a sudden, she became so ferocious. She was obviously trying to clash head-on with him and the abrupt turn of the situation caught Truman off guard.

Even Bellamy didn’t expect this and was stunned so much so that she only stood still on the rooftop. Neither of them could guess that Betsy only had a small notion of fighting back before she became more and more excited as she completely lost control. As for Bellamy, her purifying special energy automatically cleansed her body of all abnormal energy and substances, so the neurochemicals in the air didn’t affect her.

Claw Sweep!

Betsy raised her right claw and viciously slashed down toward Truman’s head. After that short period of astonishment, Truman finally retaliated with his fists and legs. Every collision created a burst of flames and made the battle incomparably dangerous. After a few exchanges, both of them reached for their opponent’s vital areas viciously. Betsy still battled with no regard for her life, while Truman looked like he had strength left to spare.

Flame Sweep!

Fire Rock Bier!

While Betsy fought without regard for her life, Truman controlled the surrounding pieces of rock and smashed them all on Betsy. Both of them were of the fire attribute, so the air around them had combusted and filled with smoke. The clothes on Betsy’s body waved around in the flames, and it appeared as if the clothes were made of real flames. In that moment, Betsy’s eyes were excited and full of chaos. She didn’t bother dodging at all and sped up her attack.

“Older Sister Betsy!” Bellamy shouted in horror.

The sudden change not only left Bellamy unable to react but the few people following Truman as well. The two of them who had initially been running away turned to counterattack. The tempo of the battle was so rapid that in such a short moment the battle had turned into a head-on clash.


Bellamy pushed off the rooftop and caught Betsy who had shot out from the collision. Betsy’s left arm was deformed, more than half of her hair was burned, her clothes were in rags, and more than half of her body was scorched black. Bellamy immediately became anxious. Betsy also used fire attribute energy and her body had a naturally high resistance to fire. If not, it would have been too much of a joke if she got burned to death by her own flames. Moreover, her clothes were specially made from the skin of a Fireball Rat, which prevented her clothes from being burned to ashes when she used her flames.

Bellamy immediately started to use her special energy to expel the fire energy that had invaded her body. In the end, the LV2 Betsy was inferior to the LV3 Truman. The temperature of her flames and fire resistance was a lot lower than his, so Betsy’s flames were essentially ineffective against Truman. The most she could do was physical damage. At this time, Truman walked out from the flames with his body still on fire. However, he didn’t suffer many injuries except for three shallow cuts on his face that bled.

What Bellamy helped Betsy expel wasn’t just Truman’s fire energy that had invaded her body but also the chemicals in the air. Unfortunately, Bellamy only managed to expel a tiny bit of the chemicals before Truman pounced again. Betsy reacted and threw Bellamy away as she jumped to meet Truman again. This time, Betsy seemed to get even more excited as she fought and had begun to show signs of going berserk.

When a normal person got agitated, his attacks would become very straightforward and without any technique. However, after Betsy had begun to go berserk, her attacks became even smoother and harder to follow.

“HAHAHAHA!” The brash and reckless laughter of a woman rang across the battlefield.


Although Sharpei hadn’t entered the LV3 Life Field Stage, he was on the edge of evolution. His combat strength was slightly stronger than those people who forcefully Blossomed to get into LV3. On the other hand, Pupu was a real LV3. Although the two pets were surrounded and attacked, they were not at a disadvantage. Instead, they became more and more fierce as they fought.

Facing the joint attack of two people, Sharpei didn’t retreat but instead advanced and let their attacks land on his body. The bone-white armor, tough skin, and muscles on his body trembled from the impact. Sharpei’s two gigantic jaws clamped down and flashed past the two opponents without them realizing. Although the two of them seemingly dodged, they never expected that Sharpei would clash head-on with them.


One of Sharpei’s jaws clamped down hard on one of them. While the other one dodged in time, the bite from Sharpei’s other jaw still tore open a wound on that guy's chest.

Corrode: Death Attribute!

The guy who thought that he had dodged in time staggered the moment he landed. The wound caused him to start losing feeling as the numbness spread all over his body.

The other person who was clamped between Sharpei’s jaws struggled vigorously for his life, but Sharpei closed his jaws brutally. The immense force tore the tough body apart into multiple pieces. After killing him, his blood-stained heads howled madly into the sky, and black smoke rose from his body. The powerful and damaging sound waves continuously shook their eardrums, and the people attacking them subconsciously took two steps backward.

Pupu stepped aside nimbly and dodged an attack as if he knew it was coming and brutally stomped an opponent to the ground at the same time.


The ground shook from the weight of Pupu’s heavy body. Pupu stomped on the corpse of his opponent beneath his feet, and his feet were covered in splatters of blood. Coupled with his body covered in scale-like armor, he no longer had the appearance of a fat, dumb pig but an utterly savage monster.

Sharpei and Pupu took a step forward at the same time, and the remaining seven people subconsciously swallowed a gulp of saliva.

So strong!

This is a freaking LV2? Did these two pets grow up eating steroids?!

Sharpei shook his head and swallowed the half of the corpse remaining between his jaws before stomping on the ground. The durable ground cracked and caved in to form four roughly circular breaks, and he suddenly disappeared from the spot. 

Sharpei was also being affected and gradually began to lose control of himself.


Woolf led Melvin who still had the spare capacity to ask, “Who are these people?”

“Heaven knows who these people are!” Woolf yelled loudly.

The two of them headed toward Bai Yi’s residence. They didn’t know what was going on, but they couldn't go wrong looking for Bai Yi. Unfortunately, the entirety of Tasmania had fallen into chaos, and Bai Yi was also looking for them.

Woolf led Melvin and continued their search. Along with the original enemies in front of them, other normal evolved humans also charged toward them as if they had lost their minds. At the start, Woolf had the mind to avoid fighting and wasting time with them, but quickly Woolf couldn’t tolerate it anymore. Anybody who attacked them was killed and torn into pieces.

The attribute of Solid: Steel Defense allowed Woolf to ignore attacks and clash head-on with anybody. He could rip apart anybody he caught in his hands.

However, when the two of them came to Bai Yi’s residence, they were suddenly met by two opponents.


The sound came from the air and the two of them subconsciously raised their guards. After a few ‘clangs!’, Woolf and Melvin both retreated a certain distance and finally stopped near the streets.

“Hey, they are from Bai Yi’s team. Isn’t it good to let them kill each other? What are you attacking for?” One of the men asked as he ate his ice cream.

The girl stood up straight on the ground and she wore metallic dark green clothing. There were 108 palm-sized metal plates spinning around the two of them which were all dark green and had the dense feeling of bronze.

“I’m curious about the strength of Bai Yi’s team,” the petite girl said emotionlessly.

Woolf and Martin looked at the two of them. The tall guy appeared alluring and gentle, but the little girl, on the other hand, appeared cold and mature.


“Woah, woah, woah, battles are breaking out in so many places! So nervous!” The guy eating his chips said excitedly in the control room.

The heck are you nervous for? It’s not like you are the one fighting! The other people rolled their eyes, but nobody dared to say it out loud and bring misfortune upon themselves. This incident in Tasmania was a hard to come by opportunity. The combat power of evolved humans came on full display for the first time. Regardless if it was the battle style or method of energy use, neither could be missed.

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