Era of Disaster

Chapter 252

Chapter 252: Chaos Erupts

Ulisses endured the pain and tried to grab Bai Yi, but the moment he reached out his right hand he was immobilized by the air around him. From the start, Bai Yi didn’t have a trace of hesitation in his eyes. In the end, Ulisses looked at Bai Yi as his eyes began to close slowly. Really, he hadn’t expected Bai Yi to be so heartless and completely ignore their friendship. However, death wasn’t too bad. He just felt slightly unsatisfied. 

If only he could see them one more time.

“Farewell!” Bai Yi’s voice was light as if he was saying goodbye to a friend.

Ulisses wanted to say something, but nothing came out of his mouth. In reality, he didn’t hate Bai Yi. On the contrary, Ulisses himself felt a kind of relief. He didn’t understand at all. What happened to this world? The human heart and morals had already fallen by the wayside, while selfishness and apathy were seen as magnificent and elegant. Even a person as gentle as Bai Yi had turned ruthless in such an environment.

After killing Ulisses, Bai Yi sighed deeply and threw him into the distance so that he merely looked as though he was sitting on the street.

“Let’s go,” Bai Yi said to Alodia.

Bai Yi took Alodia and flew away and left Ulisses’ corpse sitting silently on the street. Bai Yi didn’t take Ulisses’ Soul Release Wood necklace. Obviously, Ulisses’ soul would be sucked inside. The fact that Bai Yi didn’t completely destroy Ulisses’ soul was due to the remaining mercy in Bai Yi’s heart. Even if he had ulterior motives, Ulisses had still been his teammate for the past eight years.


Bai Yi took out his phone and prepared to send a message to everybody to find a place to gather. The Tasmania of now was very strange; Ulisses belonged to the United States, while Romain belonged to Germany. Didn’t they work together for the United Nations before? Did that mean that from now on every country would start to fight for their own interests?

The messages weren’t sent confirming that all telecommunication signals had been cut off.

This was troublesome, and they didn’t know what the situation was now. Bai Yi kept his phone and flew toward the street where Momo had been strolling down earlier. The streets were chaotic with people’s fighting. They were all evolved humans around LV1 fighting and killing each other in a frenzy. Just like Bai Yi and the others in the beginning, they could only use their special energy passively. Melee battles had been the norm which caused fighting to be upfront and bloody. 

“What is happening?” Alodia asked.

“I don’t know, but it’s very abnormal!” Bai Yi shook his head and didn’t know why at all.

It really bothered him. What were the masterminds behind this planning? Forcing Bai Yi’s team into conflict with the upper echelons of Tasmania-- was it just to shake their authority? But why were the other people in the city slaughtering each other for no reason? What was the purpose of all this?

“The air doesn’t smell right,” Bai Yi and Alodia said at the same time. 

The two of them had just exited a battle so they hadn’t realized it, but now, they noticed the strange smell permeating the air. 

In another part of the city, Nancy smelled the strange smell and muttered to herself. “Nerve agitating compounds, confusion compounds, and... enticing compounds?” 

Nancy sniffed the air again and looked toward the center of the city. 

Bai Yi and Alodia weren’t as proficient in medicine as Nancy, but they could still tell that things were very wrong.

Bai Yi looked at the baby girl in Alodia’s arms and landed. Although Bai Yi didn’t know what the people behind all this were planning, he could guess that the battles afterward would become intense. He would never be able to focus fully on the battle if there was an infant around. Bai Yi randomly chose a normal house and walked inside.

“Make a ventilated protective dome,” Bai Yi said.

Alodia understood what Bai Yi wanted. She pressed her hand to the ground and filled it with her crystallization energy. The ceramic-tiled floor began to swell, crystallize, and form a dome-like structure. Bai Yi dripped another drop of Material Essence into the baby’s mouth and put her inside the dome. Alodia sealed the dome and left two small ventilation holes at the bottom. Since Bai Yi picked her up, the baby girl hadn’t cried at all. She only licked her lips when she tasted the Material Essence and kept her eyes closed.

“So quiet!” Alodia cooed and looked at the baby. Probably every woman had some motherly love in them.

“En, a very quiet child!” Bai Yi nodded.

“Let’s go,” Bai Yi said and led Alodia out of the house. 

When the two of them left, a powerful gust of wind blew and tore the building apart. The house collapsed with a ‘boom!’. The collapsed building pressed on the small crystallized dome, and through a small crack, they could see the baby sleeping peacefully.


At this time, Bai Yi’s original friends who had become the upper echelons of Tasmania were furious. They couldn’t understand why Bai Yi’s team was doing this. Was it just because they were conducting experiments on evolved humans that Bai Yi wanted to kill all of them? If that was the case,  Bai Yi would be going too far! However, many sources had already confirmed this as the truth, so their conflict with Bai Yi had already escalated to a stage where they couldn’t leave each other alive. 

“Where’s Bai Yi? Answer me!” Truman demanded furiously. Betsy and Bellamy stood in front of him.

“Bai Yi isn’t here. Also, we didn’t kill that group of people, though a battle did happen!” Betsy explained seriously.

“You guys didn’t kill them? Do you think I am blind?! At first, I wanted to get things clear with Bai Yi, but since you guys won’t tell me the truth, I won’t be nice anymore.” 

Truman stomped on the ground viciously. With a ‘boom!’, the ground below Truman’s foot cracked open, and countless burning balls of rock the size of soccer balls shot toward Betsy and Bellamy like meteors.

Betsy and Bellamy jumped back. The burning balls of rock crashed into the ground and exploded like countless bombs.

Truman’s attribute was high-heat energy, and his life field could control rock to a certain extent. Combining the two together, Truman’s combat ability wasn’t to be underestimated. If not for his flames not being hot enough, Betsy suspected that the things flying toward them wouldn’t just be burning rock but balls of magma or even meteors.

Betsy’s attribute was also that of the fire attribute. The temperature of her flames had been slightly higher than Truman’s when they had both been LV2. A person’s attribute inclination was fixed. The more specialized in a single area an individual was, the further they would metamorphose in that area. However, because Betsy and the others followed the natural process of evolution all along and didn’t enter LV3 straightaway, they were currently a lot weaker than Truman. In addition, Truman could control large amounts of rock, so Betsy and Bellamy had no choice but to run away.

Betsy and Bellamy dodged the countless burning balls of rock that continuously battered their surroundings. The burning balls of rock exploded violently whenever they crashed into the ground and sent heat and shockwaves through the streets. 


“Pupu, what’s happening now?” Sharpei found Pupu. Pupu looked toward the east.

“It’s very strange. A bloody darkness, the aura of death-- let’s go to the city center,” Pupu said. 

Although Pupu had entered LV3, Sharpei was still the boss. The gluttonous and lazy Pupu didn’t think about overthrowing Sharpei. Sharpei was also on the verge of Blossoming. Both Sharpei and Woolf wanted to metamorphose completely before undergoing perfect Blossoming. Bai Yi, Momo, Woolf, Sharpei, and Pupu had undergone perfect metamorphosis together previously, so the differences between them wouldn’t be very large. 

“Then, let’s go!” Sharpei immediately burst forward.

“Be careful, I saw your death sign!” Pupu said to Sharpei as he ran along.

Sharpei glanced at Pupu and seriously remembered Pupu’s warning. Pupu had displayed uncanny intuition even at the very beginning. After entering LV3, his attribute inclination had finally shown itself. Both his energy and life field didn’t have any special inclination, but Pupu seemed to be able to see pieces of the future as if he had a sixth sense or precognition. Many times, his visions were just snapshots and couldn’t be used to judge the end result, but nobody ever took his warnings lightly.

Since Pupu said that he saw Sharpei’s death sign, it definitely meant that the image of Sharpei’s death had appeared in Pupu’s mind. As for how it happened, or if Sharpei would really die, Pupu himself didn’t know either. Pupu doubted himself now. Not only had he seen Sharpei’s death sign, but the entire city seemed to be enveloped in dark aura such that everybody had the omen of death around them.

Sharpei and Pupu ran a short distance on the street before they encountered a bunch of people.

“These are Bai Yi’s pets. Capture them!” The leader of this group shouted, and the group of people swiftly surrounded Sharpei and Pupu.

“WUUUU~!” Sharpei growled.

The second head on his left side grew rapidly and stretched open its jaw full of sharp teeth. The outermost layer of Pupu’s skin hardened, and his dense body stomped heavily on the ground.


Melvin had been thinking of forging a higher quality weapon for a long time now. Momo’s black sword was already of the top quality. The materials used were already the best, and after obtaining the White Underworld, Momo usually kept the black sword inside her world. The black sword was imbued with the energy of the White Underworld and had already changed completely into a hell sword of death. However, Bai Yi’s Red Kiss failed to keep pace. The materials used to forge it originally had been of the best quality, but now they were subpar.

Due to their attribute inclination, the materials obtained from the LV2 and LV3 creatures on the Devil Isles contained special attributes. For example, some materials were made at high temperatures and could be used to produce flames. Other materials were made in extreme cold and could release freezing air. There were also materials that carried electricity and had a natural numbing ability. After the creatures changed, they each carried their own special attributes, and those attributes remained in their bodies even upon death.

While on the Devil Isles, Melvin had been thinking about forging a new weapon for Bai Yi. However, the question of how to bring out the attributes of the materials to the fullest was a very difficult one to answer. When it came to crafting, it was even more difficult than studying the system of evolution because Bai Yi and the rest couldn’t help him much. He had to figure everything out by himself.

Melvin held a silver feather in his hand. Small wounds continued to appear on his right hand, but Melvin didn’t mind it at all. It was because of the air control ability that the feather, which he obtained from a Great Silver Bird, contained. It could manipulate the air in such a way that it continuously sliced its surroundings and was apparently very suitable for Bai Yi’s air control. The only question was how exactly should he use this feather?

“Melvin!” A loud ‘bang!’ suddenly came from outside and Woolf barged in forcefully. His face was stained with blood.

“What happened?”

“Come with me. The city is turning chaotic!” Woolf said and turned around to punch someone brutally. 

A long sword swung against Woolf’s body, but not even a mark was left behind. Instead, it was the person and the broken sword that flew away.

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