Dimensional Sovereign

Chapter 14: Ability to Make Money (2)

There was a man in his 30s eating ramyun in the management office. Manager Kwon Myeong-cheol.

“Manager hyung, is Room 413 empty right now?”


Anyone would be upset if a stranger suddenly came in. Furthermore, the mention of Room 413.

He saw a ghost every time he went into that room. An eerie atmosphere whenever he needed to clean the room…he didn’t want to be reminded of it.

“Do you know me?”

“Kang-jun. Lee Kang-jun from Room 406.”

“Eh? Kang-jun? I see that it really is you. Did you replace your head? Wah! You look like a completely different person. Where did you buy the wig? How much?”

His face cramped with an expression of envy as he stared at Kang-jun.

This was already the second time. Just growing hair seemed to have made him into an entirely different person. But it didn’t matter. He wouldn’t be bothered. He had suffered over the past years due to the hair loss.

“Hey, how much is that wig?”

“The wig isn’t important. Is Room 413 empty right now?”

“B-but why?”

“I’d like to sign a contract.”

Myeong-cheol stiffened as he understood.

“Why? Is your current room uncomfortable? I can move you into a different room. Yes, that is possible.”

“I’d like to share that room, not move into it.”

“What? Two rooms? Do you have money left?”

Myeong-cheol stared at Kang-jun with an absurd expression on his face.

Even if he did have money, it would be better to move to another building rather than renting two rooms.

“I have just enough. I hear there is a ghost so give it to me for a cheaper price.”

“Where did you hear about the ghost?”

“So there really is a ghost?”

“Ah, n-no. What ghost? It isn’t like that.”

Myeong-cheol finally remembered that he was the manager of the goshiwon.

This goshiwon was old and wasn’t good compared to the other competition in the area. The aging facilities matched the price. Therefore, he didn’t understand why Kang-jun wanted to contract another room out of nowhere. But as the manager, it didn’t matter. There was no reason to refuse the money.

“Do you really want the room? Then it will be another 250,000 won a month.

“The room is haunted. It would just continue to be empty. Can’t you take off 100,000~150,000 won?”

Kang-jun was reluctantly signing a contract for another room due to the mission. It would be nice if he could save as much money as possible.

“150,000 won? Do you want me to be fired? I can’t give it to you for anything less than 200,000 won.”

“200,000 won, call!”

Kang-jun was hoping for that price. Striking off 150,000 won was absurd. In fact, a discount of 50,000 won was amazing.

It only happened when there was a serious flaw in the room. But the room was in very good condition. It was more spacious than Kang-jun’s current Room 406 and very well ventilated. Yet he was given a discount of 50,000 won for this room.

‘It must be haunted by a real ghost.’

Otherwise, that discount would absolutely never happen.

‘It is great. Thanks to that, I’ve signed a cheaper contract.’

Was it because he obtained the power of cleansing black magic from Hwanmong? Kang-jun wouldn’t be afraid even if a real ghost emerged.

“Eh? But isn’t your leg injured?”

“I’ve been steadily going to rehabilitation.”

“Really? That’s great. Congratulations!”

“Thank you.”

Kang-jun replied roughly. No matter how much he went to rehab, it would have been impossible for his leg to return to its original state.

However, other people wouldn’t know such details. No, they wouldn’t even care.

It was a miracle for Kang-jun but other people would just think it was due to rehab.

‘Anyway, shall I fill up my black magic energy?’

Kang-jun exited the goshiwon.


Black Magic Energy: 0/180


He currently had 0/180 black magic energy, but he intended to fill it up today.

It was currently 2 p.m. Evening was still some time away.

However, evening wasn’t the only time where he could absorb the strength of others. It was also possible during the day.

Bad people were more active at night, but there was still a relatively small number. They could be found in crowded places without any difficulty. People getting drunk or arguing with others.

Moreover, Kang-jun could now feel the aura of people to some extent. Was it because he reached level 3?

In other words, he could feel an aura of darkness around some people. A state where something was about to explode.

He didn’t know the reason why they were in that state. It could be due to stress or anger. But it was highly likely that they were going to cause an incident!

Kang-jun secretly absorbed that energy. Now they wouldn’t cause those incidents anymore. At least for today.

‘This is called prior incident prevention.’

He was proud of the thought that he somehow prevented a terrible event.


Black Magic Energy: 180/180


By the time it was twilight, he had successfully filled up his black magic energy.

Now he would examine the management skill. A skill gained from killing a monster in Hwanmong.


Draw In Customers (Inferior): Consumes 10 black magic energy.


If Kang-jun fought monsters and raised his level in Hwanmong then he would learn management skills to make money in reality.

As much as possible! So that it would be beneficial for the missions.

If he had no money then a mission he couldn’t complete might emerge.

‘Where should I test this skill? Yes. That place.’

Kang-jun looked around before walking towards a lady selling tteokbokki and odeng in the area.

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