Blue Phoenix

Chapter 131: Next, Please

The reason Hui Yue managed to defeat the giant man so quickly was exactly because of his size. Hui Yue was small and nimble. From the tender age of five he had practiced Velocity Flow and it was a martial art which increased his speed by immense amounts. After having evolved the copy into a true clone with an equal amount of damage as him, Hui Yue could truly use his strength and his speed to beat a much larger and slower opponent.

The man was lying down still alive on the ground. Hui Yue did nothing else but hit him with the back of Black Blood and as soon as the giant collapsed, Hui Yue sheathed his dagger placing it within his memory stone once more.

The opposing team was filled with rage and hate, their eyes promising Hui Yue a world of pain as they carried their friend off the stage, but none of them dared to make a move to attack.

Hui Yue looked at them with annoyance, however, he became slightly alert as his next opponent stepped up.

This man was much smaller than his previous opponent, but he was still taller than Hui Yue. He was so slim that it seemed as if a small breeze would blow him away, but despite this Hui Yue felt as though there was something about the man he could not put his finger on.

Narrowing his eyes, Hui Yue observed the man in front of him, yet no matter what he saw everything seemed incredibly weak and not dangerous in the slightest. Looking at him, Hui Yue was more and more certain that he was hiding his strength much like he was, but this man was doing so without a cloak causing the white-haired boy to be extra careful. To mask one’s cultivation base one had to be very strong.

Looking at both men, the host could feel the sharp rise in tension and a smile appeared on his face. Although he enjoyed watching the sheer power of someone overpowering another, he still preferred watching fights where two equal opponents were clashing against each other.

Although the man opposing Hui Yue was not as strong as the latter, it was obvious that Hui Yue could not easily defeat him as he had done before. This meant that Hui Yue would have to reveal some of his true strength.

“Let the fight begin!” The host said with a big smile on his face as he quickly retreated, allowing for Hui Yue and his opponent to start the battle.

Hui Yue decided to test out this new person by releasing Black Blood from its sheath and activating Velocity Flow, rushed towards his target, only to feel how the dagger was deflected by a hand as hard as steel.

Furrowing his brows, Hui Yue instantly retreated and less than a second after retreating, Hui Yue noticed a steel hand slicing through his afterimage, cutting it in half.

Surprise was evident within the eyes of his opponent. He had clearly not expected Hui Yue to be so quick, but he was not the only one surprised. Hui Yue was shocked because his attack was deflected, and he finally started to get completely serious observing every move done by the long slim opponent.

The size of the man was the exact opposite of his previous opponent and this man specialized in speed, his ability in this aspect was even faster than Hui Yue. Even though he was faster than Hui Yue, the white-haired boy did not despair, as he knew that speed was not the only thing he specialized in.

The man knew his speciality was speed and without waiting for Hui Yue to attack, he instantly dashed towards him wielding his hand like a weapon, a metal coloured hue shone from it making Hui Yue understand that it was currently merged with the Metal element.

Knowing that, Hui Yue finally released some of his spiritual energy and with but a thought an earthen shield appeared around Hui Yue.

Seeing the shield, the rushing man sneered and with a heavy slam of his palm, the shield collapsed right in front of Hui Yue. A smile of excitement appeared on his lips as he saw how he was able to deal with Hui Yue only to see that the young man was no longer behind the shield.

Shock filled his eyes. The shield was round and the only way to leave was to either dig into the stage or to fly into the sky above.

Flying was something everyone wished to achieve, but none had unless e they were gods or creators of very rare art which taught them flight.

Glancing at the stage nothing had disturbed it leading the man to think that Hui Yue had not escaped into the ground and with astonished eyes he look into the air where Hui Yue was floating on a Qi Fan.

The entire arena was dead silent. Hui Yue was still only releasing the strength of his lower dantian, yet here he was floating in the air on a small fan created from pearly white lustrous Qi.

To see him flying was shocking enough on its own, but to rely on Qi, something which most cultivators would never use once they advanced to the middle dantian as they prefered spiritual energy, was truly something which most could not understand.

Could it be that this young man had no spiritual arts? Or was he simply flying around for the sake of showing off? The audience could not tell, but a few started booing as they wished for the fight to continue while others were cheering, awestruck by the sight of seeing someone actually floating.

The masked men did neither, but the leader’s eyes narrowed, his attention never once leaving Hui Yue during the fight.

Hui Yue slowly returned back to the stage, and as soon as his feet landed on the ground a metal hand arrived where Hui Yue’s chest was just moments before. The white-haired boy did not have enough time to avoid it completely, and it grazed his chest ripping a long tear in the black cloak and his clothes underneath , leaving behind a small cut on his pale skin.

Hui Yue did not underestimated his opponent, but he finally understood what that dangerous feeling from before was about. Not only was speed his specialty, he also was skilled when it came to attacking. As mentioned earlier, the opponent had a long thin body, his limbs were longer than the average person’s. The extra length of the limbs made Hui Yue more alert as he needed to be reminded of the long range the opponent had for his attacks.

Jumping backwards, Hui Yue glanced at the wound and mixed feelings welled up within. Although the wound was not deep it still bled and his black cloak was now torn , allowing his cultivation base to start seeping out.

Knowing that would have to unmask himself eventually to gain the attention of the Dragon Corps and be allowed into the next tunnel, a deep sigh escaped his lips as he kept jumping backwards, away from his opponent and while doing so he put the black cloak into his storage stone.

The whole audience leaned forward, all of them excited to see which kind of person this cloaked man was, even the masked group leaned forward slightly, and all were astonished to see a white haired boy with the blue eyes and fair skin.

He looked like an angel which descended to their world from the heavens above. Shock filled everyone as all within the underground world had black, or at the very least brown hair. To see someone this different shock was evident within everyone’s eyes.

Hui Yue saw how even his opponent was stunned by his different features, and without waiting a second Hui Yue activated Transforming Weapons, Staff Style, and with the Qi staff in his hand he swept it beneath the tall man hitting him on the back of his knees. This brief moment of inattention allowed Hui Yue to literally sweep his opponent off his feet, making him fall to the ground.

As soon as he fell on the floor, Hui Yue merged with the earth causing the stage the stage and him to become one and very gently, Hui Yue moved stage itself, moving the opponent from the stage to the ground below.

Seeing this the judge was flabbergasted, completely unsure of who to judge this. The rules said that when a contestant left the stage he was disqualified, but here the stage, itself, was moving.

“Winner is the no longer cloaked member from the Cloaked Mercenaries!” The judge finally called out with a sigh but no one paid him any attention.

As soon as Hui Yue caused Earth to move on his behalf, everyone started talking as much of the audience was mercenaries or citizens, all of them using the middle dantian themselves, and they were perfectly aware of what it meant to be merged with an element. To make an element move without incantations or enchantments.

As soon as Wang Ju Long heard the judge say next person, she rushed to the stage where she was about to heal Hui Yue’s wound, only to see the white-haired boy shake his head and smile at her gently, patting her head affectionately.

“They injured me let them have that advantage,” Hui Yue said with a gentle voice, a voice which sounded low, but it still rung through the entire arena and every person was able to hear exactly what he said. magnanimity

While some thought this was his pride and ethics of fighting, others thought it was c*cky and overestimating his own strength. After all, now that the cloak was gone it was obvious to everyone that he was nothing more than a Master ranked specialist.

The only ones who saw this differently were the masked group of cultivators who didn’t look at Hui Yue but rather Wang Ju Long. Their eyes filled with killing intent. Unfortunately another killing intent suddenly subdued theirs, dissipating it as though it were a small puppy next to a full grown wolf.

The leader wristed his eyes from Wang Ju Long and saw that Hui Yue was glaring at them, killing intent roiling and burning, focused completely on him and his group, ready to rip them to shreds. Although fear flared up from the deepest core of his soul, excitement exploded forth, making him smile beneath his mask and nod in apology to Hui Yue.

Seeing the nod, and how they no longer looked at Wang Ju Long, Hui Yue released some of the tranquil cloud, quickly suppressing the killing intent and locking it up in his dantian cave.

With a quick look at his chest, Hui Yue urged some of his Qi into his meridians and cir circulated it through his body allowing for his Qi to stop the bleeding and to work at closing the wound. Looking at the injury the green pearl showed no interest in assisting Hui Yue with healing it, so with a deep sigh, the young man once more looked at the opponent in front of him.

“Next, please” He said, his voice polite and friendly, however, the words sounded mocking to everyone who heard it and anger billowing in their eyes their hearts bleeding with hate.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself,” Another voice sounded from the back of the group in front of him, “You are nothing but a Master ranked cultivator and you think you can be this c*cky in front of us?” He asked as he stepped forward.

Hui Yue looked at the man. He was neither big nor small, not fat or thin. He was older than anyone else Hui Yue had seen today, but he was still only middle aged.

Looking at the way the others treated him, it was obvious that this person was the leader of the group and a smile finally appeared on Hui Yue’s face as he looked at the Grandmaster who appeared before him.

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