A Mercenary's War

Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Morgan’s Got Clout

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee


When the truck full of people finished laughing, the black man gestured to the group and pointed at Grolev, saying, “Soma, for the sake of him bringing in the good news, come and see if the guy’s salvageable.”


A black man squatted beside Grolev. He pried open Grolev’s clothes with a lift. He used his hands to press a few times around the injury. He asked Gao Yang, “What gun was he shot by?”


Gao Yang didn’t think that there’d be a medic on the truck that was willing to help. Gao Yang was overjoyed and quickly replied, “He was hit by M4 at close range at around two in the morning.”


That black man nodded and said, “His situation isn’t too good, but ain’t too bad either. At least his abdomen wasn’t wrecked into a mess by the bullet. He can hence last a while longer. Don’t let him drink any more water. If you can find a hospital to operate on him within the next twelve hours, he should be able to live. The pretext is that the hospital’s operating surgeon is good. I don’t have any emergency drugs, so I can’t help you much.”


Gao Yang’s heart loosened a little after hearing that Grolev still had a chance. He sincerely thanked the black people. “Thank you, really! Thank you so much!”


That black man waved his hand and said, “Everyone’s a freelance merc here and anybody could face this fate too. We thus should be helping each other out, man. Name’s Abdullah Herman Ahmed Ali, just call me Ali. Most of the people here came from Somalia. Although we’re not a merc corp, we teamed up and found work to do. What about you guys? I see that both of you are snipers? If you’re up for it, we can find work together and everybody can look after each other’s backs.”


Introducing Grolev and Tribo to Ali, Gao Yang shook hands with Ali before saying, “I am very grateful for everything you guys have done, I think we surely have opportunities to co-op.”


Gao Yang was just being nice and didn’t want to reject them outright. However, Ali nodded and said, “That’s right, there’s a chance. We don’t have a sniper so if you guys are willing to join, that’d be great.”


“Where are you guys planning to go?”


“We wanna go Tripoli, Benghazi’s a total goner. Most of the government troops have gone to the Resistance’s side and we received orders this morning that all mercs are to go to Tripoli. It seems like they’re setting up a huge merc corp, but we’re not sure about the price. Do you guys know anything?”


Gao Yang shook his head and said, “We don’t know either.”


Ali pursed his lips to the side and said, “Gaddafi’s having bad days. I thought he would be paying lots, so we followed the retreating team of cars. If not, we’d have stayed in Benghazi and accepted the Resistance’s hire.”


Hearing Ali’s words, Gao Yang felt completely relaxed and exhaled softly. Mistakes would be made more with too many a word was what Gao Yang thought. He didn’t dare to speak too much since he was afraid that he’d reveal himself somewhat that he wasn’t on the government’s side. But after hearing what Ali said, it was no wonder why he didn’t ask around. They didn’t care. Zero f*cks given.


Gao Yang grinned and replied, “Yeah, I think the government’s price would surely be higher than the Resistance’s. It’s correct to go to Tripoli.”


After saying all that, Gao Yang felt very weird. He first fought the government troops for the mercs, then he went and fought the Resistance. Now it seemed like he was going to join the government’s side. This war was one real mess.


Seeing that Grolev was unconscious again, even though he was told that Grolev could last longer, Gao Yang’s heart tightened again.


Tribo took off his jacket and covered Grolev. He then asked Gao Yang worriedly, “Bro Yang, what did they say about that old Ruski? And where are they going?”


Gao Yang realized that he hadn’t told Tribo about the situation. He repeated Ali’s words to Tribo. Tribo nodded and said, “Good. Seems like our luck’s not bad, and Ruski’s not destined to die. Except for Benghazi, only Tripoli has larger hospitals. However Libyan hospital standards don’t seem that great. Are the doctors here ok?”


Gao Yang turned and asked Ali, “You’re familiar with Tripoli. Do you know which hospital has good doctors?”


Ali shook his head and said, “I don’t know. I ain’t familiar with Libya, I don’t even know where Tripoli is. I got word that we’d reach Tripoli by nightfall. When we get off this car I can help you ask. Hmm, you interested in our suggestion? If you intend to continue battling, we can request to be teamed together.”


Gao Yang had an apologetic look on his face. He replied, “I’m really sorry, we gotta take care of him. Short term isn’t possible, but if we’re gonna fight, we’d be sure to join you guys.”


Ali smiled brilliantly and showed a mouth full of white teeth [1]. He replied, “That’s great, we really wish for a sniper to join us. If you agree to be with us that’d be really good!”


Gao Yang didn’t have the mood to talk to Ali. It’s because they would only arrive at night. Grolev didn’t seem like he’d be able to last until then.


Hesitating, Gao Yang took the satellite phone from his D3 (backpack) and dialed the number Morgan had left him. When the call got through, there was a stranger’s voice.


“Hello, who’s this?”


“Hi, I’m Yang, Mr. Morgan asked me to call this number.”


There was a moment of silence and the voice sank. “Mr. Morgan told me before to help you in the best of my abilities. Tell me what you need from me, but I’m at Tripoli right now. Highly possible that I can’t make it to Benghazi.”


“Great, I’m on my way to Tripoli. You see, one of our guys was shot in the abdomen, a heavy casualty.”


“Got it, I will arrange for it. Where are you guys, and how long until your arrival?”


“We’ve just left Benghazi for some distance, not a lot. We’re in a truck, estimated to arrive roughly around nightfall. Do you have a way to speed us up? I’m afraid my friend can’t last much longer.”


After a momentary silence, the person’s voice came up again, “Get off at Ajdabiya, there’ll be a car waiting there for you. The car will be there after one hour max. You guys board it and they will bring you guys to the airport to fly to Tripoli. I’ll fetch you at the airport. I’ll call you back in ten minutes to give you the meeting place.”


Gao Yang logily hanged up. He smiled at Tribo and said, “You’re really right you stupid jinx m*therf*cker, it’s really a near miss this time. Mr. Morgan’s gelivable[2], man! Old Ruski’s got hope!”

Chapter Notes:

Translator’s note(s):

  1. Mouth’s full of white teeth… superficial change tastes the best! https://mothership.sg/2016/12/how-darkie-became-darlie-and-why-it-still-keeps-its-chinese-name-which-basically-means-darkie/ 
  2. Gelivable!Slang used by Chinese Netizens to show that something’s really powerful or/and awesome (or Sg slang: POWER ah)  http://www.yourdictionary.com/gelivable, or this (pardon her split tooth haha, it’s cute): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGADX3xH9Ic 

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