Zhan Long

Chapter 625

Chapter 625 Hilbert

Before I had budged from my position, another group of people entered the nest. Q-Sword rode in on a warhorse while raising his sword with Sword Tears and Jian Tan following closely behind. Afterwards, Tang Qi and a bunch of others including Wang Ze Cheng and Ageless Beauty came into the cave with close to 200 players. Q-Sword had not brought all of his guild members into the cave since he knew not to “have all eggs in one basket”.

In the end, the members of [Hero’s Mound] and [House of Prestige] more or less came together. All of them had wide open eyes filled with bloodlust, as though they were looking to pick a fight.

Quick Thunder Swift Wind inclined his mouth, and laughed coldly, “He He, this show of force, [Hero’s Mound] truly is ranked second in the China Servers. Are you trying to force us, [House of Prestige], to surrender?”

Q-Sword leapt off the horse. He took a step towards a rock formation and indifferently glanced at Quick Thunder Swift Wind before replying, “Watch your lowly mouth, I heard that because of you, Quick Thunder Swift Wind, [House of Prestige] fought numerous fierce battles with Li Xiao Yao’s [Zhan Long]. I was just thinking, if your mouth was not so lowly, with Li Xiao Yao’s character he wouldn’t have made a move against [House of Prestige].

Quick Thunder Swift Wind shouted with fury, “Motherf*cker. What did you say? Don’t think that just because everyone is afraid of you that I, would also cower in front of you!”

Bai Li Ruo Feng berated, “Swift Wind, shut up!”

Q-Sword then lazily laughed, and glanced at Bai Li Ruo Feng, “Ruo Feng, is this the vice-guild master you’ve been looking for? If [House of Prestige] has such leaders, I can bet a hundred yuan that [House of Prestige] will fall out of the top 10 rankings. What do you think?”

Bai Li Ruo Feng laughed faintly, “Don’t say such unkind words Q-Sword, this brat Swift Wind just has a rather explosive temper. He’s young so please do try to understand his situation. That’s right, hasn’t [Hero’s Mound] fought with [Zhan Long] a couple of times. Why are you speaking for Li Xiao Yao and [Zhan Long]?”

Q-Sword raised his head, and looked at the roof of the nest before chuckling,“ I campaigned in Ba Huang City and fought against [Zhan Long] because I wanted to challenge a strong opponent. It was not purely due to my personal likes or dislikes.

Quick Thunder Swift Wind let out a cold laugh and suddenly looked at Wang Ze Cheng and Ageless Beauty before laughing again, “ Yo, wasn’t this girl previously Tyrant of Western Chu’s? [Hero’s Mound: First Division] truly isn’t picky, you don’t even care if she’s second hand goods.”

“What did you say?!” Wang Ze Cheng’s face  was full of rage. “You better watch your mouth!”

Even Tang Qi couldn’t tolerate any further comments. He raised his Iron-Boned Fan and shouted, “Quick Thunder Swift Wind, your mouth is truly despicable. How about you control your own mouth before you stick your nose in other people’s business?”

At that moment, the girl behind Quick Thunder Swift Wind stood out and said with a hint of anger, “Why would you say that to older brother Quick Thunder Swift Wind? He carried us from level 30 to level 100, he’s a good person! Seventh Tang, you’re…you’re not allowed to say such bad words!”

Tang Qi laughed so hard that he had to clutch the wall for support, tears almost falling out of his eyes. “I’ve finally understood why Li Xiao Yao that brat was so helpless at that time. It’s because --- there are people in this world who live in their world. So foolish and so naive that they would even defend scum.”

Q-Sword sighed, “Tang Qi, that’s enough. Don’t say too much otherwise we will really get into a fight.”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind coldly replied with a hint of laughter, “I don’t mind a fight!”

“But I mind.”

Q-Sword unenthusiastically said, “I brought [Hero’s Mound]’s main force here for the Magic Dragon and the Dragon Spit Grass. We’re here to seek treasure and experience, not to PK. Although, if [House of Prestige] continues to provoke us, [Hero’s Mound], and insult our members, I, Q Sword, do not mind shedding all pretense of cordiality and destroying all of you. Honestly, it won’t take long.”

Bai Li Ruo Feng trembled a little as he answered, “Q-Sword, please do not mind Swift Wind’s words. Since all of us have come seeking treasure, why not……. [House of Prestige] enter through the left and kill our way through while [Hero’s Mound] enters through the right. How does that sound? This way, there won’t be any conflicts. Whoever reaches the third level first, will get to kill the Magic Dragon first. If either of us fails in defeating the boss, the other party will get a try. All’s fair and equal.”

Q-Sword gladly smiled, “En, Ruo Feng’s promise is enough. Seems like [House of Prestige] still has some reasonable people. Let’s just do it this way and start killing those demons. Wish you a smooth journey!”

“Same to you! He He.”


[Hero’s Mound] and [House of Prestige] started to grind levels while I had finished gathering 50% of the Dragon Spit Grass on the 2nd level. As a person, we can’t ask for too much. In any case, it was best that I left a bit for the others. Off to the third floor! I should be able to gather these herbs in secret on the next floor. Besides, the BOSS is so close to the third floor, there should be a higher concentration of the Dragon Spit Grass!

Raising my head to take a look, I took advantage of the time when the two groups of players were solely focused on killing the vice boss monsters before leaving my original position in a single movement. My Dragon’s Hook latched onto a rock cliff of the third story and my whole body just flew upwards from the 2nd level to the third level like a ray of light. I nervously inhaled at the top of the cliff, not even daring to release a single sound.

I turned around to take a look. The Blue Dragon Hilbert was just 60 metres behind me sleeping soundly on a perch in the wall. It seems like it won’t wake up till a player disturbs it.

Under the second floor, I killed 7 Armored Dragonmen, before walking forward another 100 metres. Immediately, I saw Dragon Spit Grass growing densely together on the cliff. They looked just like Boston Ivy, covering the entire cliff. The sight of it made my eyes shine brighter as I hurriedly used my Dragon Hook to pull me closer. I contentedly picked a whole bunch.

Afterwards, I went to train my [Medicine Refining] skill. After close to 2 hours, I had reached 48720/50000 experience with a 97.4% proficiency in my level 12 [Medicine Refining]

However, there wasn’t anymore Dragon Spit Grass left. Even after I checked the floor, there were no more resources left.

Hiding in a bush of red grass, I watched from afar. Sword Tears’ sister raised her sword, blocking a move from one of the vice-BOSSes while killing monsters. Q-Sword, on the other hand, pierced his sword into the cliff, slowly making his way up. On the way, he gathered one clump of Dragon Spit Grass and 4 stacks of Demon God Grass. Without an item like Dragon’s Hook, this action was truly dangerous. However, even if Q-Sword were to fall, he would’ve been fine. These type of high-skilled players were all very bold. Without such drive, he wouldn’t have been able to lead [Hero’s Mound] to attain China’s rank NO. 2 position.


Rationally speaking, it was a good time for me to return back to the city. Yet, I didn’t feel satisfied either. F*ck, this Magic Dragon’s Nest should have been enough for me to reach Level 12 for [Medicine Refining]. This isn’t right!

Thus, I continued to kill the demons. Thankfully, the heavens seemed to have noticed my unhappiness. Upon killing my number Nth Blade Dragonman, there was a “hua la” sound and a blood red map appeared. I picked it up and took a look. So it was a reward---

[Magic Dragon Bounty]: This bounty offer is from King Rob of Tian Ling City. Any adventurers able to kill the Magic Dragon Hilbert and bring its head back to Tian Ling City will earn bountiful rewards. Some of the rewards include : Demon Harvest Rank Equipment x 1 , Holy Rank Skill Book x 1, Dragon Spit Grass x 1000, Demon God Grass x 30000, Charm x 25.


Instantly, a “hum” sound appeared in my head. Sh*t! This is a wonderful opportunity to make money! Besides the incredible Demon Harvest Equipment, there was also a Holy Ghost Rank Skill book and 1000 Dragon Spit Grass. This was truly a dream come true!

Yet at that moment, I heard a girl laugh on the second floor. “Brother, come take a look at this. There’s a bounty quest!”

Q-Sword smiled, “What is it?”

Sword Tears explained excitedly, “Killing the Magic Dragon gives huge rewards. Here, you can take the bounty. After you kill the BOSS, you can return to Tian Ling City and obtain those rewards. A Demon Harvest Rank Equipment, it is the first in the world ah!”

Q-Sword chuckled, “Ok!”

My heart thumped as I looked at the bounty paper in my hands. Turns out that I would not be the only one receiving the quest. Anyone who kills the BOSS and removes its head afterwards to bring to Tian Ling City with the bounty paper will be able to receive the rewards. What the hell? What can I do by myself?


Looking around, I suddenly found a huge passage on the right side of the rock wall and there was a rather horrid smell coming from it. I walked forward to take a look and surprisingly, it was a large pile of dragon dung. Hilbert may be a high ranked monster but he still needs to use the toilet and this was exactly the place in the Nest where he does his business. Urging my horse to go forward, I couldn’t help but hesitate and look closer. It was then that I realised that this cave was definitely not created by man but instead naturally formed. The deeper I went, the smaller the cave became and in the end, there was only space for one person. Eh, was this an opportunity for me?

Making use of the terrain and my damage then maybe I could just get ahead of Q-Sword, Bai Li Ruo Feng and the others to kill this Demon Harvest Rank BOSS!

Deciding on my strategy, I flicked my wrist and 50 God Army Cards revolved in my hand. I immediately summoned [Azure Dragon Crossbow] at the deepest part of the cave and waited for the cooldown of the skill to end before I summoned another one. Afterwhich, I turned around to face the behind of Blue Dragon Hilbert. In one swift motion, I used [Great Realm of Desolation] and struck at the butt of the BOSS with my Dragon Reservoir Sword!




Perfect, it was enough break his defense! The 100% [Kill for Blood] stack I got from [The Knights Templar] was so useful!

After receiving such a blow abruptly, the Blue Dragon’s tail shook. It lifted its head and roared angrily. Next, it turned its huge body little by little while staring at me with its dark blue eyes.

I took a few steps and spurred my horse to dash into the hole.

At that moment, an earthshaking dragon roar could be heard coming from the bottom of the Magic Dragon Nest. Q-Sword trembled as he heard it on the round loop on the 2nd floor and shockingly asked, “What’s the matter? What happened to the Magic Dragon?”

Sword Tear answered, “I don’t know. Could it some mysterious demon that started a fight with it? Or perhaps something has angered the Blue Dragon?”

“Could it be someone who is trying to steal the BOSS?” Q Sword asked softly.

Sword Tears shook her head in response. “That can’t be brother. This is a Demon Harvest Ranked BOSS. Who would be so blind to anger such a BOSS. This isn’t something a player can kill alone!”

“En, that’s right. Let’s hurry though, I am still worried!”



As I retreated, I raised my long sword and sent a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] with a [Razor Rotation] flying towards the boss. To kill the boss alone, I could only rely on these long-ranged skills to whittle down his health.

However, the Blue Dragon angrily waved his claw towards me. “Bang! Bang! Bang!” and the cave opening was destroyed into several pieces. It glared at me with its beastly eyes before turning towards me and opening its toothy mouth. It was a [Breath of the Ice Dragon]!