Zhan Long

Chapter 581

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Chapter 581 Flying Scythe War Horse

I was slightly stunned, “Fly, are you talking about me?”

Wan Er was around 20 yards away from me and smiled. “You better be careful….”

Tang Xiong suddenly charged over. The battle horse quickly accelerated and reached my side within seconds. He leapt up and dealt a [Fading Slash], followed by three slashes from his [Chilling Intent]. The damage numbers leapt up ——








That last attack was practically enough to instantly kill me. However, I immediately activated [Reflect]. “Bang!” the attack reflected and I barely managed to avoid being killed. Behind me, Darling Duck and Thousand League quickly healed me and my health jumped up. At the same time, I activated my [Halberd Flame] and burned the BOSS. I needed to do everything I could to deal damage, that way the BOSS would actually drop equipment.


The blade flew at me extremely fast. I saw the blade coming and raised my Zhen Yue Sword to my shoulder. I then walked in a “Z” formation. “Keng!” I blocked the attack and spun to the side, dodging another attack. Energy began to gather under my feet and 98.1% of [Strength of a Thousand Men] fell upon the BOSS. I then followed the attack with a [Fierce Ice Blade], slowing down Tang Xiong’s movement speed.

“Have a taste of [Battle Rage], youngster!”

Tang Xiong became infuriated and activated his [Battle Rage]. Rivers of power exploded against my [Wall of Dou Qi]. My shield was starting to crack under the enormous pressure. Right at that moment, Wan Er appeared behind the BOSS and activated [Gouge], stunning the BOSS with a “Peng!”. She then activated [Blade of the Death God]+[Twin Blade Harmony]. From a distance, Dong Cheng activated [Lightning Finger] while Dancing Forest let loose a [Meteor Shot].

But that did not last long. Under the continuous damage from [Battle Rage], Wan Er, Li Mu and I couldn’t hold against it and immediately retreated.

“Take your judgement!”

Tang Xiong raised his blade and threw several cuts. My health had already dropped to the bottom. The worst part was that my [Wall of Dou Qi] had shattered. If I took a hit without any shield then it would be a critical hit!

“Wan Er!” I roared.

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes glanced at me and she immediately understood what I meant. She waved her hand and the Wintry Clothes began to glow. In the next moment, a beautiful woman appeared in the sky above Wan Er and quickly turned bigger. It was Bu Lian Shi, a woman from the Three Kingdoms period. She softly strummed her instrument, activating [Heaven’s Ode]!


The [Heaven’ Ode] sent shockwaves that moved 100 yards. Tang Xiong and his group of Nightmare Cavalrymen were all within the range and took the hit. It gave a 100% stun that lasted for 7 seconds. Furthermore, it increased Wan Er’s attack damage.


Tang Xiong stood in his original place while Li Mu and I charged at him, continuously attacking him for five seconds straight. We then quickly retreated. Luo Lin and Angela also raised their weapons and attacked for several seconds. Within that short 7 seconds, we managed to decrease Tang Xiong’s health by 30%. The Despair that Luo Lin held didn’t just look impressive, it was also incredibly sharp!


Su Ke roared and lead the Dragon City Knights charging towards the BOSS. Everyone fought with all their strength. If we didn’t kill Tang Xiong this time, then this wave of attacks would never end.

I immediately retreated and took a deep breath when I saw that I was at critical health. I had already understood that this level of battle wasn’t something that a player could take control of. Even if players had reached their fifth advancement like me, fighting against a high tier BOSS like Tang Xiong was basically looking for their death!

After recovering all of my health, I charged again, this time setting up [Azure Dragon Crossbow], [Black Tortoise Realm] and [Seven Star Transportation] before going out. I did not hold anything back with the sole goal of draining the BOSS’ health. Luo Lin was the primary attacker. As he was attacking however, he took a lot of damage. Blood dripped down both of his arms. Despair continuously recovered his wounds using the souls that it sucked away. Luo Lin’s weapon was far better than Tang Xiong’s.


Finally, when Tang Xiong’s health dropped to 20%, he suddenly went crazy. He pointed his sword at the ground and shouted, “Come, the power that rests in the depths of hell, heed my command. Kill all enemies in your path——[Dance of the Gods and Demons]!”

The earth began to shake and numerous demon spirits broke through the earth, gathering around Tang Xiong, creating a fiery shell. The fiery spirits funneled into his arms. The battle horse whinnied and suddenly charged at Luo Lin. Tang Xiong swung his sword and threw an attack that rammed right into Luo Lin’s [Star Armor]!


With that one attack, Luo Lin was thrown into the air and he coughed up blood. He halted the momentum in the air and grit his teeth, shouting, “Are you still trying to trap me? Tang Xiong, go to hell! You were never supposed to be upon this earth. This isn’t your world!

As he said those last words, he charged straight from the sky and raised his sword as he prepared a kick. Each attack rammed into Tang Xiong’s shield but it repeatedly reconstructed itself. Even though he used his final skill, it looked as though he couldn’t stand against Luo Lin’s attacks. Not long after, Tang Xiong’s health dropped to below 5%.


Li Mu glanced at us, “Right now is the best time..”

I jerked my arm and activated [Great Realm of Desolation] on Tang Xiong. However, before it even finished casting, Luo Lin raised his arm and roared. A cruel smile rose on his fast and he hacked right into Tang Xiong’s shoulder and said, “Now, can you finally die?”

Tang Xiong’s sword drooped and “Keng!” it fell to the ground as his arms lost their strength. He reached out to grab Despair’s blade, he smiled as well, “Luo Lin, you have finally arrived!”

Luo Lin hesitated slightly, then became infuriated. He flicked his wrist and cut an enormous hole in his enemy’s neck. He then spun around and threw a beautiful kick. “Ka Cha!” Tang Xiong’s head flew off like that and the body plummeted. “Hua La la” a pile of gold dropped.


“Neigh neigh…”

The iron horse whinnied as it lost its master and pawed and the ground nervously. A large crimson magic circle appeared underneath it and his body slowly sunk into the center and started disappearing.


Frost raised her Severing Beauty and descended towards me. She smiled as she looked at me, “Do you want it?”

“Want what?” I asked.

Frost’ eyes rested on Tang Xiong’s mount and smiled. “This mount!”

My eyes filled with determination, “I want it!”


In that moment, Frost suddenly charged over and opened her hand, “[Ice Spear]!”


Frost’s [Ice Spear] sealed the battle horse in its place before it completely sunk into the ground. She grabbed its tail and pulled it out. That battle horse began to cry out and raised its back legs, about to kick Frost. However, it did not expect Frost to wave her hand and “Pa!” slap away the hooves, giving it no opportunity to act up. The battle horse then spun around and created a blade in front of it and rammed right into Frost’s chest!


Sparks flew and Frost retreated several steps. Blood dripped from the corner of her mouth, but she still grabbed its reigns. She then released waves of Dou Qi onto the horse, for a whole 20 seconds. Finally, it lowered its head and let go of its rebelliousness and bowed before Frost. Frost then waved her hand and the battle horse disappeared and was sealed into a stone.

Frost turned around and held the stone in an open palm. She looked at me and smiled. “What are you waiting for?”

I softly touched it and felt her lightly trembling. Frost seemed a little out of breath. She looked up and quietly said, “Hurry up and become stronger. Hurry…”


I nodded. Behind me, Wan Er, Qing Qian, Li Mu, and Wolf all ran over to me as Qing Qian guarded the drops and Wan Er smiled. “You got a mount?”

I replied, “Yes, I did….”

“Let’s see its stats!” Wang Jian smiled.

I waved my hand over the sealed rock, revealing the stats of Tang Xiong’s mount for everyone——

[Flying Scythe War Horse] (Divine Tier BOSS level Mount)

Level: 100

Strength: +210

Stamina: +208

Agility: +205

Magic: +200

Attack Power Increase: +75%

Defense Increase: +100%

Movement Increase: +245%

Max HP increase: +7000

Mount Durability: +50%

Mount Stamina: 200

Recovery rate: 0.5/minute

Level: 100

Bound Player: Xiao Yao Zi Zai


“D*mn… these stats….”

Li Mu took a deep breath, his eyes widening, “This basically increases a player’s stats to a whole new level….”

Wang Jian smiled. “It’s a Divine Tier, and a BOSS level. That’s understandable….”

Old K was puzzled, “I get all of the other stats, but what’s with the stamina?”

Wan Er explained, “You need to look at the forums more… a mount’s stamina refers to how fast and long it can run. A player’s mount has three stances, the first is walk, which is at the same pace as the player’s own speed. That stance doesn’t take much stamina. The second is galloping, which increases the mount’s speed by 100%. Every minute takes 1 point of the mount’s stamina. The third type is charge, which increases the mount’s speed by 150%. Furthermore, it deals a ramming attack on the target. Every minute of uses consumes 2 points of stamina.”

Qing Qian smiled. “In other words, for a mount, the higher the stamina, the better…”

Old K was stunned, “What about Little Li’s war horse? Is 200 points good?”

Wan Er grinned, “It’s really good. That’s enough for him to be moving at full speed for 3 hours. How could that not be good? Imagine, three hours of galloping. In a real battle, that’s unimaginable.”

I didn’t say much else. I just slid my finger along my Dragon Reservoir sword and dropped blood on the stone. Suddenly a golden light rose and soared into the sky. In the next moment, the system successfully recognized my ownership and I obtained the mount: Flying Scythe War Horse!


“Xiu xiu…..”

The battle horse appeared at my side. I leapt onto the horse and raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I looked like an expert horseback rider. Furthermore, my stats suddenly leapt up. While I was mounted on a horse, my stats were just too strong——

[Xiao Yao Zi Zai] (Dragon Knight)

Level: 102

Attack: 6501-7942

Defense: 9047

Health: 42922

Magic: 11030

Charm: 285

CBN Battlenet Rankings: 12


On the side, Wan Er smiled. “What a handsome look…”

Frost also smiled. “Now you look the part of a Dragon Knight…. Finally starting to look strong…”

I was speechless.

Qing Qian raised the three equipments, “Brother Xiao Yao, are we going to look at these equipment stats?”

“Yup, let’s begin!”


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