Zhan Long

Chapter 542

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Chapter 542 Dark Moon Elves





One after another, I rammed against the hard cliff. I healed myself while drinking potions, and had almost completely recovered my health. Thankfully, I had Chi You’s Body which increased my Health recovery by 200%. Plus, the Ruler’s Mantle [Cleansing Wind] also had a 2% heal recovery boosting effect. I somehow managed to hold up for 15 seconds!

Just as my health was about to hit the bottom, I cancelled my Dragon’s Hook. “Shua!” I flew out, escaping Lin Han’s grip!


I flew right towards the cliff and then rolled forward. The sharp rocks slashed through my skin, making it extremely painful. I crashed into Frost, bringing her rolling down the cliff with me. “Pu pu!” I coughed up blood onto Frost’ white mantle. When I finally stopped, I only had 400+ health left!

‘Hai hai….”

I violently coughed as blood dripped down the side of my mouth. I felt extremely weak. To think that I would become this frail due to heavy wounds. I slumped down onto the ground, unable to exert any more energy.

Frost leaned against my chest and looked at all of the wounds on my body. Her tears continuously flowed down her cheek, washing away the blood and dirt. She cried, “I’m sorry…. I’m sorry… I shouldn’t have let you join Dragon City. If I hadn’t, you wouldn’t have taken s\o many injuries, and you wouldn’t have to go against such a terrifying enemy…”

I couldn’t help but chuckle and softly said, “What are you talking about? From the day that I joined Dragon City, I have never once regretted my actions..”


Tears rolled off of the beautiful face. Frost looked at me and softly whispered, “You could’ve been like a regular adventurer and happily lived your days out in Ba Huang City gathering food and hunting for meat. With your strength and talent, you would’ve become the most talented adventurer. There was no need for you to stand in this fearsome territory, no need for you to go against these savage Hybrid Demons and fear for your life every second…”

I looked at Frost and smiled, “But, if I hadn’t met you, then I would’ve never been able to see what it truly meant to be strong, not to mention become as strong as I am now. Besides, I never was a patient guy, I wouldn’t be able to peacefully stay as an average adventurer. I like sticking my nose into things, and rebelling. If I didn’t have a strong teacher like you, then who would watch my back…”

Frost grinned, and a tear rolled off her chin, “Don’t say anymore, don’t say it. We all might even die here…”


At the bottom of the mountain. Su Ke raised his battle axe and supported Da Lin. He took a group of Dragon City Warriors and climbed up the mountain peak yelling, “Frost, we’ve come back….”

Frost leaned against me and looked at everyone. She then softly said, “I know. Hurry…. hold off Hell’s Song…. Lord Luo Lin… he’s close to Despair… Also, Su Ke, why have you brought Da Lin along with you? He’s too frail!”

Su Ke’s face was filled with determination, “All of the Dragon City Warriors are my brothers. We’ve gone to battle together and we no longer see each other as strangers. Maybe today is Dragon City’s last battle. Either way, I cannot let Da Lin survive miserably at the bottom of the mountain. I brought him so that if he dies, then at least he dies with our brothers…”

At that moment, the unconscious Da Lin suddenly raised a hand and “Pa!” slapped Su Ke’s face. We could hear it all the way from here, “You motherf*cker, I guess I really have to thank you huh…”


Right at that moment, Luo Lin finally stood up. He reached out and grabbed the hilt of Despair. His entire body shook and a blood red aura enveloped his entire body. His veins looked as though they were about to explode as they popped out from his skin. Luo Lin gritted his teeth and let out an agonizing scream. His cape fluttered and suddenly the entire earth started to shake!


A ray of light surged into the sky from the weapon Despair and shock waves began to ripple throughout the area. Frost and I were embroiled into the chaos. I did all that I could to just keep my eyes open.

“King Luo Lin got the Godly Weapon Despair! King Luo Lin got the Godly Weapon Despair!” Su Ke grabbed his battle axe and whooped.

All of the Dragon City Warriors started to chant, “Long Live Lord Luo Lin! Long Live Lord Luo Lin!”


Lin Han arrogantly smiled and said, “You dead bastard. Did you think that you’d be able to fight with Despair? The strength of that godly weapon is dependent on the person who’s wielding it! For a man who’s just a Sword God, just what makes you think you can control its power? Hahaha, let my Misfortune get a taste of Despair, how does that sound?”

The light began to diminish. Loo Lin raised Despair and quietly stood in the ruins. and slowly looked up, “As you wish!”


Sparks flew and Luo Lin rushed at Lin Han. Gripping his sword in both hands, Luo Lin threw an energy slash!

Lin Han didn’t say a word and raised his sickle with both hands and parried Luo Lin’s attack!


A loud boom sounded out and avalanches of rocks fell forward from the impact of the two godly weapons. The strength of the resulting shockwave was so strong that it collapsed some of the cliffs!

Lin Han retreated a dozen meters and halted before a notch in the cliff. He smiled, “Looks like it’s pretty strong. But if that’s all you’ve got, you’re still going to die!”

Lin Han’s arm jolted and he finally looked as though he was getting serious. One after another, characters of hell began to appear in the air and revolve around his hand. They swirled in the air and then began to spiral around Misfortune. Lin Han’s face became ruthless and he raised his sickle with both hands and laughed, “Come, why don’t you have a taste of my ‘Elegy of the Frozen Night!’”


A crimson aura began to rise from the sickle. Lin Han seemed to have grown into a giant and the sickle hung in the air “Shua shua shua” it flew out and dealt three attacks towards Luo Lin. Luo Lin had no other choice but to use Despair and parry the attack!

“Keng keng keng…”

Sparks flew up in the light, and the entire mountain seemed like it was about to crumble. When the dust finally cleared, we could see that Lin Han was still standing in the air, while Luo Lin had collapsed into the rubble. Blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. After all, his enemy’s power was well above his. Even if Luo Lin obtained Despair, he still had no way of achieving victory.

Lin Han wryly smiled, “Luo Lin, did you see that? Even if you obtained a godly weapon, I can still easily crush you. In the end, trash like you doesn’t deserve to use Despair. Come, give Despair to me. If you do so, I might consider leaving you with your body intact!”

Luo Lin gripped his long sword and said, “In your dreams!”

“You’re asking for it!”

Lin Han raised his arm and death energy began to gather at his palm. Suddenly, he threw an attack and “Hong!” Luo Lin was enveloped into a whirlwind. The armor that covered his body ripped to pieces bit by bit. He was in so much pain that he agonizingly screamed. But, just as before, he did not let go of Despair. Determined, he held on, unwilling to give up this chance at victory. In reality, as long as Luo Lin dies, then every one of us here would die as well.


Once the attack finished, Lin Han remained in the sky, and he smiled. Luo Lin knelt among the rocks, and the light from Despair had diminished. Lin Han coldly smiled, “Do you see that? The ultimate weapon has also become weak because its owner is a useless piece of sh*t. Luo Lin, you useless thing, you were raised like a prince. There’s no way you can wield Despair. Give it to me, hahaha….”

Luo Lin looked up, his eyes filled with determination, “Never!”

“You pighead!”

Lin Han suddenly raised his sickle and the earth began to tremble. One after another, spirits of the dead began to leak from the earth and meld into the sickle. Looks like this was the ultimate attack from this Hell’s Song. Wan Er, Li Mu, Yan Zhao, Jian Feng Han and I looked at each other. All of us made our preparations, since we were most likely all going to die here!”

“We’re screwed….” Misty Clouds whispered with a clenched fist.

Han Bei Song gritted his teeth, “Looks like we’re all going to die at this rate..”

Who’s Blue pointed towards the west and said, “Look over there. What’s that dark cloud over there? It looks like it’s heading straight towards us….”

Everyone looked over. Just as she had said, there was a dark cloud of flying animals flying towards us.



Lin Han furrowed his brows in confusion “I don’t think I summoned anyone to battle. Why are those Sword Spirit Cavalrymen coming here? Unless… unless there was a new command from up there?”

A few seconds later, a great crowd of flying dragon riders came at us. All of them were mounted on black dragons which were covered in armor. The knights were also covered in an intricate black armor. They each carried a heavy sword and had cold eyes——

Sword Spirit Dragon Riders, Level 7 Hybrid Demons. This was a high tier monster that had more power than we could ever imagine!


Yan Zhao Warrior was stunned. He gritted his teeth. Even the sword in his hand trembled a little as he said, “F*cking hell…. Even the Level 7 Hybrid Demons are here. Are they trying to bury us here? Motherf*cker, this isn’t an SSS Tier Main Quest, this is a suicide mission. The people who designed this really are heartless..”

Jian Feng Han also looked dejected, “This quest… it’s almost as though they never wanted us to succeed in the first place…”

Under the heals from Darling Duck, I quickly recovered and slowly stood up with the help of Frost. I looked at the group of Sword Spirit Cavalrymen in the distance. Frost’ eyes were filled with shock and she softly said, “The legendary Sword Spirit Cavalrymen. To think that they were like this. These Dragon Riders are high tier warriors that guard the Sword Saints of the Hybrid Demon Territory. They’re the strongest and fastest troops on flying dragons…”

I said, “Can we defeat them?”

Frost softly shook her head, “The history books recorded that any wise man would run as soon as they see the Sword Spirit Dragon Riders. Otherwise, they’re doomed to die.”

I was speechless.


Right at that moment, Sword Spirit Cavalryman with an insignia on his shoulder walked forward and respectfully said to Lin Han, “Lord Hell Song, we have been commanded to invite you back and fight an enemy!”

“Fight an enemy? Lin Han softly said, “What kind of an enemy would they require me?”

The Sword Spirit Cavalrymen lowered his voice, “It’s an enemy from the Southwest. It’s the Dark Moon Elf!”


Lin Han raised a fist, “For as long as I live, I will destroy those b*tches. Come, follow me!”


As he finished talking, Lin Han looked back at Luo Lin and coldly smiled, “This time you were lucky. But you remember, your life is mine and so is Despair. Just you wait. Once I fight back the Dark Moon Elves, that is the day that you will die. No matter where you are, I will come from your head!”

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