Zhan Long

Chapter 517

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Chapter 517 Come at me!


Li Mu raised a blade that was covered in nicks and was dripping with blood. He looked up at the vines that were swinging in the air and said, “They’re planning on fighting with their lives. This time there’s at least a thousand people coming down. We’re gonna have to give our all too!”

I spun around and looked at Old K, “How much longer is the cooldown for[Fierce Sun]? It should be soon right….?”

Old K glanced at his battle axe and shook his head, “There’s still 17 minutes left. The cooldown on this special skill is way too long!”

I looked towards One Second Hero and said, “What about Yong Jie? Your [Fierce Sun Wall] should be ready right?”

One Second Hero raised his Fierce Sun Shield and nodded with a smile, “Yup, I’ve kept it prepared!”

“Alright, wait for my command. We’re going to have to turn the tables within 7 seconds!”



I looked at the swinging vines in the air and pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and Cold Iron Sword and shouted, “Prepare for a charge! Make sure to protect the ranged and support classes! Let’s show those bastards from [House of Prestige] what it means to die, rather than to submit!”

Everyone pulled out their weapons and prepared for the attack.

Finally, Quick Thunder Swift Wind roared and swung his battle axe in the air. He threw an attack towards Dong Cheng Yue!

“He really did come after me…” Dong Cheng narrowed her beautiful eyes.

Matcha quickly moved and raised her golden shield in front of Dong Cheng. She then activated [Holy Phantom Shield] and assumed a defensive position.


Sparks flew and Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s [Fierce Axe Strike] forced Matcha back several steps. The attack power behind that skill was just too much. He then roared and activated [Will of the Berserker] and launched a [Battle Axe Throw] straight at Dong Cheng!


The battle axe glowed with a red light as it spun through the air. Dong Cheng quickly reacted and used [Dimensional Leap], dodging the attack. She however, did not expect that Quick Thunder would charge right at her again right after retrieving his battle axe. Right as Dong Cheng opened her hand and activated [Thunderbolt Finger], he shouted and activated [Berserker God], a skill that ignored all magic damage. Immediately following that, his battle axe began to glow with the light from [Flame Blade].

“Dong Cheng!”

I quickly raised both of my blades and charged forward. Suddenly I leapt in front of Dong Cheng and parried the attack with one blade. Quick Thunder roared and raised his battle axe, and threw another attack. I held my position and pushed Quick Thunder back. It looks like he still had some ways to go before he reached my level.

Without waiting for Quick Thunder’s reaction, I lunged forward. I did not, however, expect a cold arrow to come flying straight at me!



It was a [Cursed Arrow] that prevented me from using any skills for 2.5 seconds. Bai Li Ruo Feng was holding onto a vine and shot the arrow at me from the air. I glanced over and said, “Little Dance, Qing Qian, pull him down and kill him!”

Dancing Forest let loose her [Meteor Shot]!


Bai Li Ruo Feng began to swing his vine and then grabbed onto an adjacent one, dodging Dancing Forest’ attack. However, Qing Qian followed with a [Grip of the Firefox], making it impossible for Bai Li Ruo Feng to dodge. At that moment, a [House of Prestige] Knight slid downwards and thrusted his shield out, blocking the attack for his Guild Master.

“F*ck you!”

Bai Li Ruo Feng roared and then raised his hand. He activated [Electric Star Shot], increasing his attack speed. He then raised his bow and locked three shots onto Dancing Forest.

Dancing Forest gritted her teeth and then raised her bow. Launching herself off the grass, she dashed backwards, dodging all three of the attacks. She did not expect, however, a Berserker to appear right behind her and deal an attack with his battle axe!


There were just too many players from [House of Prestige] that had made it onto the ground. At the moment, they had more people than us. Furthermore, Dancing Forest had lost her guards. That one misstep had caused her to lose her balance. All she could do now was stare into the sky, where Bai Li Ruo Feng began his descent. In that split second, she took a hit from [Lightning Tempest]! [Condensed Storm] +[Backward Jumpshot] + [Wind Piercing Strike] + [Mortal Burst Shot]. The skill took 1.9 seconds to complete, and during that time, Quick Thunder had made his way out of the encirclement. He swept out his battle axe and activated [Whirling Battle Axe]. With no way to avoid the attack, Dancing Forest could only cry out in pain and kneel onto the broken rocks. [Zhan Long]’s number one Archer was killed, just like that.

“Dancing Forest was killed!” Li Mu grunted through his gritted teeth.

I swept my blade and pushed away the Knights that had surrounded me. I then raised my sword and said, “Li Mu, Wang Jian, Bai Qi, you three go after Bai Li Ruo Feng. I’ll deal with the Vice Guild Master!”


“Ga ga ga…..”

Quick Thunder Swift Wind stood at the center of a group of [House of Prestige] players and let out a wild laugh, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, have you not realized the reality of your situation? You only have a small amount of people. Just what makes you think you can fight on par with [House of Prestige]!?”

Without responding, I activated [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Haste]. I then charged straight towards them. Qing Qian, Wolf, and Old K followed right behind me.

Quick Thunder raised his battle axe and fire began to rise off the blade. A group of Swordsmen threw [Skyshaker Slash] while the Berserkers activated [Battle Axe Throw]. [Zhan Long]’s Tang Xin was also killed in the barrage of attacks. We were quickly losing more and more players.

I sprinted forward. Right as I was about to reach the enemy I shouted, “Yong Jie, the shield, now!”

One Second Hero rammed his shield into the ground, creating a shockwave that spread out through the entire abyss. During that moment, all of [Zhan Long]’s players had a [Fierce Sun Wall] condense around them. Their defenses increased drastically and I swung both of my swords as I charged into the crowd. With a [Sword Tempest], I immediately cut through the line of defense formed by a dozen Berserkers and Swordsmen. Both Wolf and Qing Qian waved their daggers and cut through the crowd. In the middle of the chaos, they had taken on the mentality of a warrior.

In the distance, Bai Qi shouted and threw his battle axe. “Peng!” It flew into a wall and sparks flew. His mark was a little off and he didn’t manage to kill Bai Li Ruo Feng. He however, did not expect that Bai Li Ruo Feng would turn around and shoot a [Scatter Shot] that stunned him. The Musketeers and Archers had focused all their firepower on him and Bai Qi fell to his knees and died.

Screams of anguish rose all around us. Even Wan Er’s Purple Kirin Dragon had been stunned in the air, and couldn’t be used. [House of Prestige]’s attack was just too savage!

“Kill Quick Thunder Swift Wind first!”

I opened my hand, [Defeat the Dragon]!

Quick Thunder Swift Wind shouted, “Oh no!”

At the same time he raised his battle axe to retreat, Quick Thunder Swift Wind activated [Berserker God] and dodged the [Defeat the Dragon] effect. F*ck, [Defeat the Dragon] was considered a curse type effect so it couldn’t deal damage on Quick Thunder while he had [Berserker God] on. That skill lasted for 7 seconds, which meant that he wouldn’t be able to take any magic or stun type effects.

I instantly reacted and jerked my left arm. Seeing as he wouldn’t take any skill type attacks, let’s see what he will do about my weapon! My Dragon’s Hook flew out and pierced right into Quick Thunder Swift Wind’s chest. I then gave the Hook a sharp tug, bringing him flying, straight towards me. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!



Quick Thunder Swift Wind trembled as his health dropped below 50%. No matter how hard he tried however, he couldn’t shake off my Dragon’s Hook!

At that moment, two Swordsmen type girls charged forward, putting themselves between me and Quick Thunder. Their faces were extremely cold and they shouted, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, I won’t allow you to kill Brother Swift Wind! If you have the guts, then kill us! Anyone who hurts a girl isn’t a man!”

I released the Dragon’s Hook and my Cold Iron Sword appeared in my hand again. I then swept forward and “Ka Cha Ka Cha!” threw seven attacks right onto the two girls. Before they died, they could hear me faintly say, “If I showed you mercy, then how would I face Dancing Forest, Rainy, and all the other girls that had died in battle for [Zhan Long]?”


“Peng peng peng….”

Arrows thudded into my chest. I had already started to attract firepower. If my [Wall of Dou Qi] wasn’t as strong as it was, I’d probably have become a porcupine already. Li Mu and Wang Jian took the players from the Valiant Bravery Camp and charged towards Bai Li Ruo Feng’s personal guard. The scariest part was Bai Li Ruo Feng’s attack. He, China Server’s number one Archer, was just too talented. Almost every attack he threw was enough to instantly kill one of our players. Furthermore, he was extremely skilled with his maneuvers, making it even harder for Li Mu and Wang Jian to kill him.

“Li Xiao Yao!”

Wan Er said in the team chat, “I’m at your 7’o clock. I’ll coordinate with you and kill Bai Li Ruo Feng. Otherwise, there will be no way for us to control the situation!”


I pushed off another group of people and dashed towards Bai Li Ruo Feng. At the same time, I glanced at my Dragon’s Hook. It still had 47 seconds left until the cooldown timer was done. There was no way for me to use it in that time.

The entire way there, I was met with players from [House of Prestige]. I continuously stepped into a Z formation, evading their attacks. I needed to decrease the damage I was receiving as much as possible. At the same time, I said in the team chat, “I’m blocking everything 180 degrees to his left. Li Mu, Wang Jian, block everyone 90 degrees to his bottom right while Dong Cheng and Qing Qian block off the remaining angles. Let’s kill him in one move! If Bai Li Ruo Feng dares to come, then he’d better leave his life here!”

Once I finished talking, I raised my sword and got closer to Bai Li Ruo Feng. He was at the side of the cliff and had no more room to retreat.

“Protect the Guild Master!”

A group of players from [House of Prestige] roared. Seeing their attempt, I laughed and activated my [Dragon Transformation]. Like lightning, I sprinted right at them and activated [Sword Tempest], crushing everyone in the group. At the same time, I jumped up and raised both of my blades, throwing one heavy slash right at Bai Li Ruo Feng!

“Not good….”

Bai Li Ruo Feng could already tell that there was no one to help him fend off an attack while I used [Dragon Transformation]. He then immediately tried to escape to his right, but Wang Jian and Li Mu came at him from that direction. They activated [Halberd Whirlwind] and [Covering Sword Slash] at the same time! Wan Er’s [Blade of the Death God] was more than enough to make Bai Li Ruo Feng tremble in his boots.


Bai Li Ruo Feng cursed, raised his bow and quickly retreated, dodging the attack. He then swung his bow and threw a shot right at Li Mu’s face. Li Mu pulled the arrow out and said, “I’m going to kill you!”

Once all of his escape routes had been sealed, Bai Li Ruo Feng could only try and make a hole. However, Qing Qian and Dong Cheng were waiting for him. In desperation , Bai Li Ruo Feng raised his long bow, charged towards Dong Cheng, and shot a straight arrow right at her. He then roared and activated [Big Dipper Meteor]. With Dong Cheng’s [Mana Shield] only at 4% durability. A [Big Dipper Meteor] + normal attack was enough to kill Dong Cheng!


Dong Cheng’s had been too arrogant and missed her chance. Now, even if she were to use a [Dimension Leap], she wouldn’t necessarily get out of the way in time.

Right at that moment, a person raised their battle axe and charged forward yelling, “Don’t hurt Yue Er, if you have the guts, then come at me!”

It was Dong Cheng Lei who had activated [Berserker God]! He swept his battle axe and took three shots to the chest. With his health at a critical level, he rammed right into Bai Li Ruo Feng and “Peng!” pushed him right into the wall. With his talented strength, there was no way a weak Archer like Bai Li Ruo Feng would be able to hold him off.

Even with critical health, Dong Cheng Lei didn’t seem to be afraid of death. He threw a kick right at Bai Li Ruo Feng’s chest, and dealt three attacks straight at Bai Li Ruo Feng’s neck, hacking him to death!

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