Zhan Long

Chapter 464

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Chapter 464 Hermit God Certificate

Wan Er picked up the seven Talismans with one hand and placed them all in her bag. Dong Cheng Yue attacked with the support of Yue Yao Yan, and cast several [Magma Abyss]-es. Sword Tears howled in pain and collapsed while the purple dragon wrecked havoc in the forest. [Hero’s Mound] has already used up all their Death God Arrows and have lost the power to fight against [Zhan Long: Defense Army].


The Guild Master of the second division [Hero’s Mound], Ai Ye, held his sword up and let out a furious roar, “I received a message from Guild Master, and he commanded us to retreat. This battle has no meaning anymore. Retreat out of Purple Demon Forest and search for the chance to return to the city!”

Yue Yao Yan looked towards me and asked, “Main Guild Master……what should we do? Pursue?!”

I gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword tightly and said deeply, “Kill! Confirm that their Death God Arrows are depleted. If they really are used up, then pursue!”

Yue Yao Yan nodded and answered, “Yes, confirmation completed. A total of 11478 were set up here. Only 47 have not activated, the rest have depleted their arrows and poisonous vines!”

“Alright! Pursue!”


At the side, Wan Er carried the seven Talismans and handed them to me with a smile, “There you go! All 10 Talismans had been gathered….. We can now summon the Shen Ron and make a wish…….”

I looked at her speechlessly, “You still are in the mood to joke……”

“Sniff, sniff…..”

Wan Er looked at me with a hurt expression as she pouted and said, “I know you must be blaming me for not leading the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] here earlier to help you. However, you have also seen the result now. I can’t appear too early, otherwise my 3000 men would disappear like a cow statue made of mud into the sea and the whole situation would still remain the same. I must let Ba Huang City and Fan Shu City fight until the every effort is exerted, then I can rely on my 3000 people to save you in the critical situation. Actually, I had planned for the worst…..”

“What plan?” I looked at her with a smile. At this moment, Wan Er was like a little girl that had done something wrong. She is an explosion of cuteness.

Wan Er looked up at me with beautiful eyes filled with determination as she spoke, “The worst scenario I had in mind was you get killed by Q-Sword while I lead the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] and kill Q-Sword. In the end, I would have to take the City of the Four Noblemen and offer it to [Zhan Long]……”

I did not speak but outstretched my arms and held the beautiful Missy in my arms, and hugged her very tightly.

Wan Er also hugged me tightly and rubbed her pretty face against my neck as she spoke with a chuckle, “Alright already, people are watching……”

At the side, Dong Cheng Yue tilted her head and laughed, “Yo. It’s alright. You guys continue. We are just the passerbys in you two’s lives. Since you two are in love, why care about the eyes of a passerby……”

I released Wan Er and accepted the seven Talismans from her hands. The instant I took them, the sounds of bells resounded in the air——


System Notification: Congratulations to player “Xiao Yao Zi Zai” for gathering all ten of the Warring States Talismans. Through these Talismans, you can receive the ownership of the garrison at the office of the owner of the main city!


I loaded all the Talismans into my bag and glanced back at the [Hero’s Mound] players that were scattered and fleeing in the forest. I gnashed my teeth and said, “We are not in a hurry to return to the city. Everyone, attack with me. We must take revenge on [Hero’s Mound], otherwise the 4000 brothers of [Zhan Long] cannot lose their levels in peace. Er…. please don’t tell me you guys…..you guys can’t harm [Hero’s Mound]?”

Yue Yao Yan burst out in laughter and spoke as she trembled with laughter, “Guild Master, what a joke! I originally had no relationship with [Hero’s Mound]. I just got to know Beauty Cang Tong in a quest, where I was pulled in to be the Vice Guild Master of the Defense Army. All the people of the Defense Army have no relationship with [Hero’s Mound]. Don’t worry. We are all true [Zhan Long] players!”

“Great. Pursue and kill with me!”


I held my Dragon Reservoir Sword and through the advantage of my speed, I charged forward with Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, Yue Yao Yan and the others. It was confirmed that all the Death God Arrows had all been depleted. Q-Sword, Sword Tears , Jian Feng Han, Simple, Yan Zhao Warrior, Misty Clouds, all these people had died in the battle. No one in this territory of Ba Huang City could threaten my life therefore pursuing and slaughtering [Hero’s Mound] in the Purple Demon Forest and letting them die, so they dropped ten levels lower would be the best compensation for Qing Qian, Li Mu, Wolf, Matcha, and the others.

Shooting stars materialized on my sword and I forcefully threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. The 5% Dragon Power effect of my Dragon Reservoir Sword splattered out and a chain of triple damage numbers dazzled the eyes that were looking.There was even a critical attack that was added into some strikes, leading to some damage numbers of nearly 35,000 which was very pleasing. Seeing such a damage number, the terror stricken [Hero’s Mound] players were defeated in a landslide.


My Cold Iron Sword pierced through many people’s chests and continued attacking by revolving in the air under my control. My sword became like a flying Body-Crusher that even made Wan Er purse her red lips as she watched and remarked, “This [Blade Spin] is really a BUG like skill ……”

I grinned, “It can’t be helped. Frost personally taught me Dragon City’s ancient godly skill……”

“I despise you……” Wan Er said jokingly.

“Muah, muah!”

Wan Er was speechless.


We pursued them all the way until we left the Purple Demon Forest. Q-Sword’s 7000+ men that had ambushed us here were decimated by the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] until only 3000+ were left. There is only one reason for this result. Actually, many of these people knew Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue. All [Hero’s Mound] players knew Cang Tong and Cang Yue, the two beautiful Vice Guild Masters. And now, these two banner like famous beauties are pursuing them with an army and also including me. The result was obvious. The leaderless [Hero’s Mound] absolutely had no power to defend. Even Wang Ze Cheng was killed by Dong Cheng’s [Thunderbolt Finger]. Ai Ye and Ji Yuan, those lackeys, were crushed by Yue Yao Yan and her men with entirely no strength to fight back.


Standing outside the Purple Demon Forest, I took a deep breath and confirmed with the system that [Zhan Long: Defense Army] was a division of [Zhan Long], thus building an official connection between our guilds. Afterwards, “Finally there’s an end to this…. I never thought that this Battle for the City would end up like this. This was completely out of my expectations….”

Wan Er’s long hair flew in the wind, and she gave me a sweet smile, “Either way, the final result was pretty good. After all, [Zhan Long] gathered all ten Talismans. You haven’t disappointed the hopes of Melon, Li Mu, and Wolf. Everyone just lost 10 levels. Most of their equipment is still there. They don’t even have to take their equipment off and they can use their Lv 80+ stats to grind their levels. It shouldn’t be a problem for them.”

I quietly said, “That’s true. I was just worried that a big half of [Zhan Long]’s main guild lost 10 levels. It’s basically decreased most of our strength. Even if we did get the player camp, I’m afraid that it’ll be coveted by guilds like [Vanguard], [Prague], and [Flying Dragon]. At that point, what army are we supposed to use to defend against them? We’re lower than everyone else by 10 levels, we took way too much damage this time…”

Wan Er couldn’t help but smile. She crossed her arms, and propped up her two peaks. In a very mature tone, she said, “With Dong Cheng and I here, and the existence of [Zhan Long: Defense Army], what are you worried about? Besides, you’re a Guild Master and you’re ranked number one in Ba Huang City. You still have your level and equipment. With such a renowned person here, who would dare to touch [Zhan Long]’s guild base?”

My heart softened and I turned around, “Having you and Dong Cheng here really makes me relieved. Come, hand over [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to Yue Yan Yao, and I’ll add you and Dong Cheng into [Zhan Long]’s main guild. I’ve left the Vice Guild Master position for you…. Li Mu’s been shamelessly asking to be Vice Guild Master from me and I’ve always denied him. Look….”

“But, I heard a different version of this story. Clearly, it was because Li Mu didn’t want to to be Vice Guild Master? Even if you were the one shamelessly begging them, they wouldn’t want to be the Vice Guild Master either way….”

“I can’t love anymore….”


Dong Cheng giggled beside us, “Alright, Wan Er and I will join the main guild. After that, we’ll head out soon. The [Defense Army] will protect you on your return to Ba Huang City and as you complete the quest. You have been online for too long!”


Everyone turned around, and we walked around the Purple Demon Forest and ran straight towards Ba Huang City. Because I had all 10 Talismans, I could leave the Grave of the Warring States map. On the way there, we saw quite a few Ba Huang City players killing monsters. Once they saw how I had collected 10 Talismans above my head, almost nobody dared to come near.

The sun began rising in the east, and the first rays of sunlight fell upon me. Wan Er opened up her iron umbrella, and gracefully stepped across the grass. She walked right next to me. She raised her hand and yelled out, “Yue Yao Yan, can you clear out any obstacles we have in the road ahead of us? If there is any person who seems to have an interest in the Talismans, kill them immediately!”

Yue Yao Yan nodded with a smile, “Alright, understood!”

Just like that, we passed through Ba Huang City Forest. Within 40 minutes, we reached Ba Huang City and I had reached the safe area. I took Wan Er, Dong Cheng and the rest of the [Zhan Long: Defense Army] into the Duke’s palace. I had to carry the Talismans while they destroyed their Fan Shu City records and switched their home bases to Ba Huang City. That way, they could reside in Ba Huang City, and use Return City Scrolls to bring them back to here, rather than Fan Shu City.

When I arrived before the Duke, he immediately recognized me, “Oh, brave young man, what kind of good news do you bring to me this time?”

I took out the ten Talisman and said, “My Lord, I request to receive a garrison!”


Coldness flashed in Duke Luo Lei’s eyes as he said, “Are you sure garrison 0001 will be your guild [Zhan Long]’s garrison?”


With a “Ding” sound, the confirmation was completed and an input system appeared on the interface. Duke Luo Lei spoke, “Young man, you must rename the City of the Warring States, otherwise your request cannot be accepted!”

I pondered and typed the two words, “Dragon’s Den” and the sounds of bells instantly resounded in the sky above the main city——


System Notification : Congratulations to player Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s guild [Zhan Long] for receiving the first player garrison. The city is named [Zhan Long (LV-0)]. As player Xiao Yao Zi Zai is also the MVP player of this Battle for the City, therefore he shall receive double rewards, level +2, Charm+30, CBN battlenet points+ 20000 point. Due to the guild damage caused during the fierce battles, all players of [Zhan Long] shall receive an additional reward : level+1. Player Xiao Yao Zi Zai receives the final reward : [Hermit God Certificate]!

The holders of the Talisman——

Number 1 Talisman : Soaring Dragon→Baili Ruofeng→Jian Feng Han→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 2 Talisman : Jian Feng Han→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 3 Talisman : Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 4 Talisman : Misty Cloud→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 5 Talisman : Jian Feng Han→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 6 Talisman : Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 7 Talisman : Yan Zhao Warrior→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 8 Talisman : Yan Zhao Warrior→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 9 Talisman : Liu Yin→Bai Mo Yan→Wang Ze Cheng→Q-Sword→Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Number 10 Talisman : Xiao Yao Zi Zai

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