Zhan Long

Chapter 462

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Chapter 462 The Final Showdown

The fierce battle continued for over three hours and the number of people on both sides decreased as we fought. The total number of people in the Desolate Cloud Swamp had already shrunk to less than 20,000 people. It is conceivable that not many of the [Zhan Long] players are left, [Hero’s Mound] suffered even more losses. A total of 50000+ [Hero’s Mound] members were slaughtered until about 10000+ people were left. The tides of war had gradually turned and broken away from Q-Sword’s control. The tired armies of Ba Huang City fought back desperately and finally saw the dawn of victory.


“Gather some intel. How many [Hero’s Mound] members are still standing in the field?”

Qing Qian stood in the midst of the corpses, the daggers in her hands were covered with blood, as she smiled and said, “[Hero’s Mound] still has a total of 8100+ people in Ba Huang City while 7000 people in Desolate Cloud Swamp. [Zhan Long] still has 4000 people now. Haha. Brother Xiao Yao, it seems like we are winning…….”

From afar, I stared at the Talisman badge on top Q-Sword’s head and said, “If Q-Sword isn’t killed then it doesn’t count as winning.”

As my Dragon Reservoir Sword trembled slightly, my eyes were locked on a person not far away. He was waving his sword and slaying the [Zhan Long] players. That person was no ordinary soldier, but Jian Tan, the elder of [Hero’s Mound] and the right hand of Q-Sword!

“Dancing Forest!”

I bellowed, “ Don’t let Jian Tan leave!”

“Alright!” Dancing Forest raised her hand and shot a [Scattered Shot] while I also had the Azure Dragon Crossbow behind me to lock on Jian Tan as the target. Immediately, five sharp arrows darted towards Jian Tan!


Feeling the descending danger, Jian Tan lifted his head abruptly and his sword immediately swept past Matcha’s shield as he flipped and tumbled onto the grassland. Behind him were “PaPaPa” sounds of arrows dropping on the ground. The Azure Dragon Crossbow’s targeting time is rather long and actually did not manage to attack him. However, when Jian Tan stood up, a “Pa” sound was heard as he was hit on the chest and he entered a temporary stunned state. He could dodge the Azure Dragon Crossbow but he could not dodge Dancing Forest’s precise [Scattered Shot]


My Cloud Stepping Boots swept past the grassland, I activated [Haste] and dashed away. I opened my arms the instant the [Scattered Shot]’s stun effect wore off. The distance had shrunk enough and with a “Shua” sound, a dragon-shaped chain bound Jian Tan. As I exerted strength, this elder of [Hero’s Mound] was immediately pulled in front of me. With a shocked expression, he retreated, and moved 5 yards backwards through the use of [Blade Rush]!


As the sound of wind swept past, I had already expected this and followed as I dashed 5 yards forward. With a wave of my Dragon Reservoir Sword, [Wind Blade] fell directly on Jian Tan’s shoulder!


Jian Tan was surprised and hastily wielded his sword. He slashed from the side towards my waist.


I smiled and my Cold Iron Sword arrived as it broke through the wind. With a “Keng” sound, I blocked his attack accurately. When my Dragon Reservoir Sword rose up again, Jian Tan slid a step backwards and gulped down a health potion as he simultaneously began fighting. He sent forth his sword diagonally and knocked away the attack of my Dragon Reservoir Sword, while the Cold Iron Sword in my left hand was forcefully sent towards his shoulder. As A “Keng” sound rang again, sparks of fire leapt forth. As expected, Jian Tan is indeed someone adept in the sword technique of the Northern Chen Family, his ability in continually defending is extremely high.

Without wasting much time, I crossed both of my swords and slashed. It made “Keng, Keng” sounds as my swords knocked Jian Tan’s sword away. Advancing forward, I kicked Jian Tan’s wrist with my battle boots and took the chance to land a slash on his arm. The sensation of pain caused Jian Tan to be unable to use his sword temporarily while I lowered my body and raised my swords together and revolved them rapidly, as I cut open Jian Tan’s armor abruptly with a “PaCha” soun. Blood splattered and an enormous damage number leapt up. It was an instant kill this time——




When Jian Tan died, the surrounding [Hero’s Mound] players finally lost their will to fight. They were unable to continue fighting anymore. It was also at this moment, the sounds of bells suddenly rang in the air——


System Notification : Player [Q-Sword] successfully killed [Misty Clouds], the player in possession of a Talisman, and succeeded in taking the [Warring States Talisman – Four]. Gather ten Talismans and you can claim the ownership of the garrison at the City Lord’s office!



Li Mu slashed the throat of a [Hero’s Mound] Archer while gazing at the distance, “ Misty was actually killed by Q-Sword and now Q-Sword has a total of 4 Warring States Talismans.”

“Does that mean……Q-Sword will be the final winner?” Wang Jian gritted his teeth as he spoke these words.

I held the long sword covered with blood and said, “Don’t worry about that. Everyone, follow me and target Q-Sword. Kill him and all the problems can be solved!”


I led the remaining 4000 elites of [Zhan Long] and slaughtered the surrounding [Hero’s Mound] players. We immediately pounced on the distant army led by Q-Sword. They were now fighting a fierce battle with [Vanguard] and [Enemies At The Gate], which had already continued for four hours!

A little distance away, in the small Rock River Valley at Desolate Cloud Swamp, a group of players covered in blood and mud were engaging in a fierce battle. Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han were among these players. Simple had already been attacked until only a few bits of her health were left and had less than 10% of her health as she retreated. [Vanguard]’s players were miserably suppressed while the players of [Enemies At The Gate] had almost been all but scattered because of the attacks. [Zhan Long] prevailed on the battlefield to the south, but [Hero’s Mound] prevailed on the battlefield here. It couldn’t be helped. There were too many [Hero’s Mound] players assembled here, so that Jian Feng Han and Misty Clouds were powerless even if they had a strong will to overcome.


Jian Feng Han suddenly spread his wings with his sword held high and struck with [Through the Clouds Slash]+[Skyshaker Slash] together as he bellowed loudly, “Die!”

“Keng Keng Keng……”

After three strikes, the glow from the [Wings of Freedom] were extremely radiant. Jian Feng Han exerted all his strength and Q-Sword was forced several steps backwards and hit a huge rock, making a “Crash” sound. With a “Shua” sound, the long sword in his hand revolved in the air. His weapon was actually knocked away by Jian Feng Han’s three successive strikes!

Seeing this, Jian Feng Han’s will to kill grew even stronger. He held his sword and struck with a [Blade Rush]. As ripples under his feet surged, he activated his combo——[Exposed Point]!

Unfortunately, Q-Sword was a Grand Master, and not some noob that can be simply slayed by anyone. He tread on the mud with his battle boots and exerted his strength abruptly. In an instant, his body leapt up almost two meters, flipped in the air, and landed on top of the huge rock. Just when Jian Feng Han flew up with his sword in hand, Q-Sword gripped the handle of his own long sword as the corner of his mouth curved into a smile and yelled, “[Destruction Wolf Formation]!”


Huge wolves were summoned and dashed towards Jian Feng Han’s body. Simultaneously, the row of [Hero’s Mound] Archers behind Q-Sword drew their bows and aimed at Jian Feng Han. It was obvious that this was a trap, but Jian Feng Han was blinded by his desire to win and so he was tricked!

“Oh no…..”

Jian Feng Han’s reaction was incredibly quick. The [Wings of Freedom] behind his back were retracted abruptly while his long sword blocked the front of his chest against the attacks of the [Destruction Wolf Formation]. He flipped and rapidly dove into the muddy water below. Although it was embarrassing, he dodged the numerous [Scattered Shots], and successfully escaped from death!



Breathing heavily, Q-Sword’s eyes were blood-red like Jian Feng Han. He had also killed until his eyes turned red. However, a team leader behind him said in a deep voice, “Boss, [Zhan Long]’s men are here! They are 200 yards away from us! Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Yue Qing Qian, General Li Mu, these people are all still alive!

Q-Sword gritted his teeth and yelled, “Everyone, retreat with me!”

Abandoning the corpses of his guild members that covered the ground, Q-Sword held his sword and dashed towards the northern areas of the map. Four Talismans floated above his head. It looks like he had realized that this place is unfavorable to stay in. Once [Zhan Long], [Vanguard], [Enemies At The Gate] stuck on, his army with less than 7000 people would be slaughtered!


Seeing Q-Sword flee with his 7000 men, Li Mu gnashed his teeth and shouted, “F*ck this. After killing so many of our men, he actually wants to run away? Brothers! Pursue and kill them!”

Qing Qian stared at me with eyes as clear as water and asked, “Brother Xiao Yao, should we pursue?”

I nodded, “Go! Kill them all!”



And so, a shocking scene happened. The 7000 [Hero’s Mound] players were running desperately in the front while over ten thousand Ba Huang City players were pursuing from the rear. The players of [Enemies At The Gate] and [Vanguard] also pursued together. All the old and recent grudges would be settled at this moment!


I slashed a [Hero’s Mound] Swordsman dead with my Dragon Reservoir Sword and continued pursuing with all my effort. This is the greatest chance for [Zhan Long] to obtain points as the escaping [Hero’s Mound] players had almost no power to defend. We chased after them all the way to the northern areas, yet they did not even possess the will to fight. Within the short time of twenty minutes, the 7000 players were killed until only 2000 were left.


As I stepped on the grassland, a forest was ahead of us. It seemed like it was a new map that had appeared along with the City of the Four Noblemen as we had never seen such map on the world map in the past. Purple trees were in the forest and tasty-looking fruits grew on top of the huge purple trees. Of course, this place could not be as good as we had imagined, especially the instant I stepped into the forest. The sounds of bells resounded in my ear——


System Notification: You have entered the sinful region——Purple Demon Forest!

Map Introduction: An ancient evil demon was buried beneath the soil of this forest. His strength is abnormally powerful. He was sealed by the gods and sleeps here. Legend had said that all the fruit trees in the Purple Demonic Forest were produced by the wrath of this evil demon. An extremely abnormal power dwells in this forest. If any player is killed here, their level will decrease by 10 levels and the percentage of these players dropping their weapons will increase by 50%!


“I……I think I have a bad feeling…..” Qing Qian stared at me who was right ahead and said, “Brother Xiao Yao, we……we can’t pursue anymore, right? I have…I have a really bad feeling……”

Li Mu bellowed, “What is there to be afraid of! If we drop ten levels lower, [Hero’s Mound] players will also drop ten levels lower. Let’s fight!”

Wolf also had a murderous look as he exclaimed, “ Yes, annihilate them! Otherwise, the many deaths of the people of Ba Huang City would be wasted!”

In the distance, Jian Feng Han, Sword Reborn and the others also lead their own guild members into the Purple Demonic Forest. As expected, no one was afraid. This was not for other causes, but to kill Q-Sword and the last strength of [Hero’s Mound] and never let the dignity of Ba Huang City be trampled on by them!


The 4000+ men of [Zhan Long] headed into the forest rapidly, and raised their swords while killing the [Hero’s Mound] players ahead. I walked at the front most point and already saw Q-Sword as his four streaks from the golden badges were very conspicuous.

However, at this moment, a weird noise of a mechanical spring resounded——


The sound continued non-stop and soon the sound resounded throughout the whole forest. The next moment, within the grass, shrubberies, and dense forest and everywhere else, blood-red mechanical crossbow boxes emerged, and aimed at us with beams of bloody cold light. There were countless numbers of the mechanical crossbow boxes.

“Watch out!”

I could only shout out loud as the crossbows all moved and numerous arrows shot out. The arrows that were shot were not ordinary arrows but a type of cold iron arrow. The length of the arrow was around 50 centimeters and a blood-red vine dragged behind the feathers of the arrow. Such vines are poisonous and once a person comes into contact with such vines, the person’s health would decrease continually. The speed of the decreasing health was even faster than the healing speed of the Healers!

“Oh no!”

Li Mu’s face instantly turned pale, “Death God Arrow, this is the famous Death God Arrow….. So many……”



Fresh blood splattered and Death God Arrows penetrated the bodies of the [Zhan Long] players one by one. The Death God Arrows appeared in every hidden corner of the dense forest while three Death God Arrows penetrated my chest. The heads of the arrows were nailed onto trees far behind which connected the poisonous vines to us. The vines were covered with my blood and the blood of the [Zhan Long] players. Everyone was instantly poisoned and their health dropped rapidly.

The beams of white radiance scattered and almost in an instant, half of our people were killed. The crossbow boxes that shot the Death God Arrows still continued to shudder as Li Mu, Wolf, Qing Qian and the others collapsed on the ground. Their bodies were still linked up in the air by the Death God Arrows when they died.

“Brother Xiao Yao……” Qing Qian helplessly cast a glance at me as blood flowed down from her chest, and dripped onto the grass.



I was suddenly disillusioned as tears welled in my eyes. Yes, I have underestimated my enemy. Otherwise I would have never let everyone experience such humiliation. It was me who had no knowledge that [Hero’s Mound] developed Death God Arrows, this kind of deadly weapon, within such a short time. Nor did I know that they had been ambushing people here……”

All of [Zhan Long] began dying.

Farther away, Q-Sword held his long sword and waved it gently. Jian Feng Han collapsed on the ground as three of his Talismans were all taken by Q-Sword.

We were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered, waiting for the sentence of death. [Zhan Long] had increasingly less people. Including me, there were not even a few people left.

I glared at Q-Sword with bloodshot eyes and bellowed, “Q-Sword!”

Q-Sword stared at me indifferently, “Li Xiao Yao, this is the ending you want……right?”

As I stared at the bodies of Qing Qian, Li Mu, Wolf, Matcha and the others, anger and regret filled my heart. I glared at Q-Sword and spoke distinctly, “This debt.. I will definitely settle this score with you and get my revenge!”

Q-Sword drew his longsword slowly as the muscles on his face twitched. He seemed to be staring at me with a murderous expression as he spoke, “You settle this score with me? Then to whom shall I settle the score with? Do you know? I, Bei Cheng Feng, have never liked any girl in my life, but her……Cang Tong. I was infatuated with Lin Wan Er, but what did I receive in the end? I receive the appearance of her back determined to leave. No matter how hard I try, no matter how I beg, she will eventually leave me. Li Xiao Yao, can you tell what is fair? Can you understand the pain of still loving her bitterly even when you know you will lose her? Therefore, I don’t want to be weak. I want to prove my worth and value. Annihilate [Zhan Long]! Even if I lose her, I must retain my dignity!”

“Kill all of [Zhan Long]!”

Q-Sword bellowed and the group of [Hero’s Mound] players drew their swords and killed the remaining defenseless [Zhan Long] players linked together on the poisonous vines. Blood spattered while my heart felt immense pain, as if I was being pierced by numerous trenchant knives!

“Now, it’s your turn…..”

After killing all players of [Zhan Long], Q-Sword looked at me apathetically with his long sword in hand as he stepped towards me.


I struggled with all my effort, and hacked the poisonous vines that pierced through my body with my Dragon Reservoir Sword, yet there were no signs of the vines breaking.

“Stop struggling. Li Xiao Yao, this is the end of your [Zhan Long]… Hehe……” Q-sword’s sneer became more and more scornful.

At this moment, one yard ahead of me, the air suddenly revolved, and swirled the fallen leaves on the ground!


A light suddenly glowed as data fluttered and danced, which condensed into an attractive body with snowy white cloak fluttering behind her. A moonlight girl was instantly transported in front of me. The ring in between her fingers was enshrouded by the radiance of energy!


Along with a furious roar, a huge dragon glided past forcefully in the air and smashed into the forest. The dragon’s breath was spat on the group of people behind Q-Sword and a fierce gush of wind swept past. The battle cloak of the girl fluttered along with the wind as she opened her eyes slowly and waved her left hand abruptly, with a “Ping” sound as she knocked away Q-Sword’s sword. She then spoke calmly, “Do you know? I have never wanted to protect someone this much.”

Q-Sword responded with a shocked expression, “Wan Er……”


On the west of the forest, a group of people suddenly emerged. Everyone of them had a dragon shaped badge that had the same appearance as [Zhan Long]’s badge materialized on their shoulder. These people belonged to the same guild——[Zhan Long: Defense Army]!

The guild badge materialized on Wan Er’s arm. The position——Guild Master!

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