Zhan Long

Chapter 295

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Chapter 295 – Valley of the Gods

“Xiao Yao Zi Zai is coming again!”

Goodbye Tears waved his staff, his eyes filled with bloodlust, “Should we run or not!?”

North Pole gritted his teeth and said, “Run if you’re a sh*thead! The God of Commerce Badge is right on the Extinguisher of Hope’s body; don’t you dare run away. Even if you have to harden the skin on your head, you have to advance! Don’t be Foolish, we’re relying on you. [Heavenly Shield Wall] and whatever else you might have, activate it all! We have to stop Xiao Yao Zi Zai. I’ll go contact the Vice Guild Master to come. With her magic, even Xiao Yao Zi Zai can’t be too fierce!”

Don’t be Foolish picked up his iron spear, his face a ghostly pale, “You want to make the frail me go and fight against the unstoppable Xiao Yao Zi Zai? You bastards have abandoned face, didn’t you say you liked me? So much for that… like me my ass…… “


“Take your stance and prepare to defend!” One of the Knights yelled as he drew his sword, “The Guild Master has given his command: the back row must prevent [Zhan Long] from advancing! He will bring reinforcements soon!”


Before the Knight could even finish his sentence, Li Mu had already skewered him with his blade. Immediately after, he turned around and activated a [Combo] with [Absolute Authority] creating a storm of attacks. The Knight gave a cry as he fell to the ground and died. Wang Jian also waved his sword as he activated a [Combo] as well, followed with [Skyshaker Slash], pressuring a handful of Swordsmen to retreat. Once Old K’s [Whirlwind Slash] activated, [Vanguard]’s defensive formation had been effectively destroyed.

“Be careful. Xiao Yao Zi Zai is coming! ” An Archer carrying a bow gazed terrifyingly and uttered, “Long-ranged attackers, back away. Don’t get struck by his ranged attacks……”

Unfortunately, it was already too late. I activated [Haste] and closed in speedily, and slashed out a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] with a wave of my hand. Ten thousand plus actual attack exploded and instantly killed the Archers and Musketeers. In addition to a [Fierce Roar] from the Flaming Tiger God, [Zhan Long]’s attack immediately caused at least 50+ members of [Vanguard] to die in half a minute!

“Bang Bang Bang” The sounds were endless. A whole row of shields fell to the ground, all of them belonging to [Vanguard]’s elite Knights and Monks. [Zhan Long]’s front-line had penetrated their defense, however we were still being pushed back. With the exception of a few people like Li Mu and Wang Jian, almost nobody was able to break through the third layer of defense, especially since there were some third tier players whose [Heavenly Shield]s were too strong to penetrate with any blade.

“Spam your fire and bombard them!”

With Fox’s command, a dozen of [Zhan Long]’s Musketeers lined up and raised their guns. In the next moment, the air was filled with a barrage of gunfire, covering the entire field. A group of [Vanguard]’s close combat players quickly died off. Yue Qing Qian laughed and as she raised her hand, and a magnificent firefox’s claw appeared. “Shua” the elegant claws slammed into the mass of people, and with the support of the gunfire, they had killed 20+ people!


A group of [Vanguard] players had already become disarrayed, “Are [Zhan Long] members even human? What kind of skills are those? Oh Yue Qing Qian….. her [Grip of the Firefox] is so fierce….”



In the distance, [Prague]’s Yan Zhao Warrior also brought Tornado and Luo Mu to initiate the attack on the east side of [Vanguard]. Within ten minutes, [Vanguard] was on the verge of collapse; however, within those ten minutes, Jian Feng Han and Simple managed to annihilate [Epic]’s 1000 people at the cost of 300 or so people of [Vanguard]’s main guild.

“Break through their defense and kill!” Fox commanded.

But, at that moment, a group of people suddenly attacked from behind. A bright [Indigo Sea Arrow] speared through Fox’s chest, followed by the roar of fire and ice. With that, our [Zhan Long] office’s number one Musketeer fell to his knees, dropping his weapon as well!

“F*ck, they killed brother Fox!” Wolf roared as he rushed over with his dagger.

The opponent was a Mage that was floating in the air. He was around 30 years old, with an air of arrogance. Written above his head was——

Lu Dong Bing Lv 64 Gold Mage
City: Ba Huang City
Guild: Valley of the Gods
Position: Guild Master


“It’s [Valley of the Gods]!”

Yue Qing Qian bit down and said, “Ranked 11th guild in Ba Huang City, [Valley of the Gods] has come. What bullsh*t is this?!”

Yue Wei Liang said, “Sister, [Valley of the Gods] made an alliance with [Vanguard] the other day!”

I gripped my Emperor Qin’s Sword and cursed, “Motherf*cker, no wonder Jian Feng Han seemed unworried. To think that he already knew that he would have an ally help….. how many people does [Valley of the Gods] have?!”

Matcha flew up, her beautiful eyes scanning the area, “They probably didn’t join the previous waves, since they still have 1500 people. There are too many, I’m afraid we can’t take them….”

Li Mu held his sword up: “What should we do, our flank has suffered damage. Xiao Yao, we need to immediately think of a plan!”

I raised my sword and rushed toward [Valley of the Gods] and said, “Let [Prague] deal with [Vanguard] first. Our entire force will go back and kill everyone in [Valley of the Gods]!”


Wolf rushed forward as well, and with the flick of his daggers, he killed two Archers. His synchronized use of his two daggers and his [Gouge] skill was perfect. Indeed, battles could mature a person. At this moment, Wolf, as one of [Zhan Long]’s four elders that had been forged by many fierce battles, had already surpassed his past self and achieved a new echelon. To be more specific, he has entered the ranks of the elite, and had begun to follow the tracks of Yue Qing Qian and Yue Wei Liang.


From within the [Valley of the Gods] guild, the Guild Master, Lu Dong Bin, waved his staff and cast multiple spells upon the crowds of [Zhan Long] players. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and the others withstood the barrage of spells and rushed forward. As soon as this happened, a [Savage Jump Slash] cut through the crowd of people, followed by a desperate [Whirlwind Slash]!

“Kill Old K!”

Lu Dong Bin roared. Behind him, a Lv 64 Swordsman rushed forward; it was the Vice Guild Master of [Valley of the Gods] – Heaven’s Rebel. He was a young man around 25 years old, slightly ugly, but his PK ability was not inferior. He immediately hit Old K’s armor, creating sparks from the clash!


Old K retreated two steps, immediately receiving more damage from a [Pillar of Fire & Ice]. Nearing the end of his health, he bit down and yelled out to activate [Oppose the Heavens], receiving 7 seconds of immorality as he raised his battle axe to cut Heaven’s Rebel with a [Skyshaker Slash]!


“F*ck…..” Heaven’s Rebel was slightly shocked as he had never expected Old K to have such a high attack. The sword in his hand flashed, activating a [Combo], but every hit gave a MISS. His opponent’s [Oppose the Heavens] couldn’t be broken within the 7 seconds!

“Shield Old K’s retreat!”

I began attacking from the flank, using [Seven Star Fragment Slash], [Soul Army], and [Black Tortoise Realm] all at once, using all of my highest skills to maintain [Zhan Long]’s upper hand. Wang Jian, Li Mu, and Bai Qi all rushed toward Old K, but his [Savage Jump Slash] had brought him too far into the crowd, and he couldn’t retreat within that moment…..

Lu Dong Bin’s eyes held a strong killing intent as he said, “Wind Elves, fly over there and use [Scatter Shot]! Kill Old K!”

A dozen Wind Elf Archers launched into the air holding their bows. [Zhan Long]’s long range attackers couldn’t kill them in the spur of the moment, and as a result, after the 7 seconds of [Oppose The Heavens] had passed, Old K was immediately hit by a [Scatter Shot]. He became stunned, making my heart grow cold. It was over!

Lifting my hand, I cast [Heal] from a distance!


Unfortunately it was too little, and Lu Dong Bin took advantage of Old K’s stunned state to summon an [Indigo Sea Arrow]!




Old K cried out and fell to the ground. He had finally been killed after his mass slaughter of players.

In the midst of the battle, Bai Qi was focused on. Without any time to react, he also fell to the ground. Very soon, the brothers of [Zhan Long] began sustaining heavy casualties. Before the last battle had even begun, the us that had already received so much damage still faced such a powerful opponent. Maybe this was fate; after all, we already knew that opposing a sovereign like [Vanguard] could very well result in death. At the same time, we had had the dream of rising victorious among the corpses of [Vanguard]’s players!

[Valley of the Gods]’s Guild Master, Lu Dong Bin, continuously waved his staff, constantly casting [Pillar of Fire & Ice]. This put a lot of pressure on [Zhan Long]’s members; after all, this guy’s talents lay in killing. He had already spammed [Pillar of Fire & Ice] and killed Old K, Bai Qi, as well as a dozen other [Zhan Long] core players.

The dagger’s point in Wolf’s hand began to grow, and as he rushed forward, he activated [Absolute Step] and said in the party chat, “To destroy the bandits, you must first kill their leader. Our first priority should be to instantly kill Lu Dong Bing. Sister Thousand Suns, give me some support!”

Wolf kept charging forward as his dagger flashed and shot forward.

Lu Dong Bin’s reaction was unnaturally fast, and with the touch of his staff, his entire person disappeared from his original spot as his [Dimensional Leap] successfully activated. At the same time, he cast a [Pillar of Fire & Ice] from his original spot and he yelled out, “Explode!”

“Bang Bang Bang…..”

A chain of explosive sounds followed, and Wolf weakly fell to the ground in the midst of smoke. Although his resistance wasn’t low, the opponent’s bombardment was just too great. At least 20 people received such serious damage, to the extent where only 200 more damage could kill any one of them.


As Yue Qing Qian started getting anxious as she watched, and began waving the dagger in her hand, “How….. how are we suffering so many losses?!”

I gritted my teeth and said, “Thousand Suns, help me kill Lu Dong Bin!”

As I said that, my entire body shot forward, and with a sweep of my sword, I knocked away a few Knights that were trying to block my path. I lowered my body and activated [Blade Rush], appearing right in front of Lu Dong Bin. I turned and blocked his pet, swiftly bringing my blade down!


Just as I had predicted, Lu Dong Bin’s strength was enough to rank him as one of Ba Huang City’s top ten Mages, and he fully understood the essence of [Dimensional Leap].

But, right as Lu Dong Bin was about to use [Dimensional Leap] again, the three [God Army Cards] appeared in my hand. “Shua!” [Seven Stars Teleportation] activated and the constellation’s size and location came under my control. At this moment, I dove into the light and moved with the constellation!


Emperor Qin’s sword stabbed forward and Lu Dong Bin’s face went cold, “F*ck, what kind of skill is this!?”

His body disappeared again; it was the third [Dimensional Leap]!

My palm opened up as I targeted the distant Lu Dong Bin, and once my hand closed, [Great Realm of Desolation] activated!


Three Emperor Qin’s Swords began shaking the [Mana Shield], and within seconds, Lu Dong Bin’s health hit the bottom. Shocked, he tried to retreat, but an [Indigo Sea Arrow] hit him out of the blue. Even more fatal was the [Meteor Shot] that broke through the ground. The two skills had been aimed right on this [Valley of the Gods] Guild Master!


After a desolate cry, Lu Dong Bin slowly fell to the ground. As his last bit of health disappeared, he dropped a staff. Unfortunately, it was picked up by a person from his own guild. Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands had joined together and activated their long ranged attacks, long surpassing his ability to defend.


“F*ck, our Guild Master died…..”

[Valley of the Gods]’s Vice Guild Master, Heaven’s Rebel, picked up his long sword, his face a cold mask. But before he could recover from his shock, Li Mu and Wang Jian had started attacking. From the distance, Lian Po activated a [Scatter Shot] aimed right at Heaven’s Rebel’s chest!


The stun had succeeded!

Li Mu and Wang Jian were very experienced in their skill activation, and with a [Skyshaker Slash] + [Combo], they cut down [Valley of the Gods]’ Vice Guild Master!

The nearly 1000 people in [Valley of the Gods] lost both their Guild Master and their Vice Guild Master at once. Under [Zhan Long]’s strong assault, they had already been scared out of their wits. It seemed that they had never before encountered such a valiant battle where they had to fight with their lives on the line.

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