Zhan Long

Chapter 265

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Chapter 265: Who Can Break Through The Defense?


Wang Ze Cheng shouted in shock as he saw the emblem on my shoulder, “It turns out…it turns out that you are the legendary [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master! Heavens, I never knew….Li Xiao Yao, you were actually so formidable in the game! [Zhan Long]’s Guild Master…I heard a few days ago you even defeated Ba Huang City’s number one guild [Vanguard]. So amazing….

I remained calm and collected, “It was only luck.”

Behind me, General Li Mu narrowed his eyes, smiling, “Cang Cheng, you’ve brought along [Hero Mound]’s first division to Ba Huang City, isn’t this implying that [Hero Mound] is taking the first step to conquer the three main cities?”

“No, no it isn’t like that. You’ve misunderstood…” Wang Ze Cheng smiled as he explained, “Actually, the reason the first division has come to Ba Huang City is not because of conquering or anything. We’re pretty much an adventure team, with the goal of exploring the famous major cities and its deep mysteries. After all, [Destiny]’s map is really too large, there are still many things that [Hero Mound] doesn’t know about. Therefore, we came to Ba Huang City, to leave our mark here, that way we won’t have any regrets….”

Li Mu couldn’t help laughing, “Actually, leaving behind a corpse works too….”

As soon as Li Mu said these words, the surrounding players in Ba Huang City immediately all inhaled sharply; this was clearly a provocation! However, I approved of Li Mu’s words; battling was unavoidable. I could feel it in my bones that Wang Ze Cheng had actually come to Ba Huang City to fight us. I wasn’t an expert in playing with words; I only liked to use my sword to speak.

“This…I don’t understand your meaning….” Wang Ze Cheng looked towards the inner city, then said to the guild members behind him, “Let’s go, we should report to the city’s ruler….”

At this time, a Berserker behind Wang Ze Cheng carrying a battle axe shouted angrily, “Peh, who does [Zhan Long] think they are, daring to bare their teeth at us here? Dammit, we’ve been giving you face by nicely talking to you guys; did you really think that you were something?”

This guy wore the Vice Guild Master emblem. Walker in the Wind, the Vice Guild Master of the first division that was once the Guild Master of the first division. He was a third advancement Berserker and probably had decent equipment. Otherwise, he would not be as arrogant as he was.

Li Mu immediately unsheathed his sword, indifferently saying, “What, Walker in the Wind, do you want to taste some of my swordplay?”

Who was Li Mu; he was someone that was consistently ranked within Ba Huang City’s top ten experts. He definitely wouldn’t pay attention to the opposite party’s provocation.

Walker in the Wind roared in anger, throwing his battle axe towards Li Mu!

Li Mu smiled, slightly lowered his body and directly charged forwards with the blade of his sword!



Walker in the Wind’s body shook, and more than half his health depleted; terror-stricken, he did not dare to move again. Li Mu leaned his body forward, his sharp sword directly charging towards Wang Ze Cheng’s neck. That fellow, he was obviously much more rash than I was; wouldn’t this be directly getting rid of [Heroes Mound]’s first division’s leader?

In that instant, Wang Ze Cheng smirked and reacted lightning fast. He suddenly pushed his shield forwards, and with a “bang”, sparks burst forth, sending Li Mu back a few steps. This knockback showed the difference between Wang Ze Cheng’s defense and strength to Li Mu’s pure strength!

Using his right hand to lunge the spear forward, Wang Ze Cheng’s [Flame Blade] went towards General Li Mu’s chest. Li Mu’s body was originally falling backward, causing him to be unable to dodge at all. He could only take the attack straight on!


“Sha sha……”

My Purple Dawn Boots slid over the city’s brick path as I walked forward. With the lift of my hand, Emperor Qin’s Sword was already within my grasp. With a light flick of my wrist, the blade of Emperor Qin’s Sword blocked Wang Ze Cheng’s Spear. At that moment, a “Keng” rang out and I struck the spear away. I lifted my boots and kicked right at Wang Ze Cheng’s abdomen!


Wang Ze Cheng’s in-game control was very good and he ducked to block my kick with his shield. His body was only slightly shocked, causing him to move backwards a step. The 2900+ defense was not just for looks!

I didn’t give any signs of stopping and advanced forward. Fast as lightening, I slashed with [Wind Blade] aiming right at Wang Ze Ceng’s shield. I wanted to see whether or not my attack could penetrate his defense!

Wang Jian, Li Mu and others all tightened their fists, waiting for the outcome of this slash.



Wang Ze Ceng immediately put up his shield, clutching it close to his chest. He entered into a defensive stance and activated [Heaven’s Shield]. Third advancement Knights had this skill that drastically increased their defense power while decreasing magic damage by 70%. The only problem with [Heaven’s Shield] was that their speeds would be decreased by 50%, but that was nothing since Knights generally didn’t need speed in the first place.

My blade grew cold as I slashed with a Lv 7 [Wind Blade] right onto [Heaven’s Shield]!


A gust blew over the grass and a green ray of light fell upon myself. The superior strike appeared and the strike blew Wang Ze Cheng several steps backward along with a very large damage number




Wind Walker’s face paled: “This…how could an attack give Boss two thousand damage to Boss’ 2900 defense along with [Heaven’s Shield]? This….. this Xiao Yao Zi Zai, is he even human?”

I smiled inwardly; they seemed to have forgotten that my Emperor Qin’s Sword could decrease defense by 25%. If 2900 defense was decreased by 25%, how much could be left? On top of that, my 3700+ attack power was already above his 2900 defense! He might have been fully equipped with defense, but I was also equipped fully with attack. Who’s afraid of who now?

Wang Ze Cheng retreated a few steps and stabilized his shield while he stood his spear up. He looked at me, saying with surprise: “Li XiaoYao, this must be a misunderstanding. Wind Walker, Li Mu, both of you should calm down a bit. We, [Hero’s Mound], did not come to look for trouble…..”

I lightly smiled, and raised Emperor Qin’s sword, lightly saying: “Whether you came here looking for trouble or not, I want to make it clear, [Hero’s Mound] can stay in Ba Huang City and [Zhan Long] will welcome you. However, if [Hero’s Mound] wants to make this their Guild HQ right next to [Zhan Long] in Magic Tracking Forest, I apologize, but [Zhan Long] will never agree. If you guys take even one step in Magic Tracking Forest, [Zhan Long] will definitely attack with all our might, even if we had to do whatever it takes. We will never let [Hero’s Mound] come to Ba Huang City to threaten our guilds!”

That short speech had caused all of Ba Huang City’s inhabitant give a standing ovation. It was clear, everyone did not have a good feeling about this foreign alliance with [Hero’s Mound].

As I was talking, I stepped backwards, saying: “Li Mu, Wang Jian, lets make way, allowing them to enter Ba Huang City. We aren’t tyrants, and we can’t control the actions of other people.”

Li Mu nodded: “Okay!”


At this moment, another beautiful girl arrived. It was our Vice Guild Master, Yue Qing Qian. She blinked a few times and smiled: “Brother Xiao Yao, shall we post this on the forums?”


I nodded, and went onto the chinese server forums and made a post–

【Fighting (Poster: Xiao Yao Zi Zai)】: Informing the leader of [Hero Mound]–Q-Sword!

“I heard CBN’s rank two guild, [Hero Mound] has entered Ba Huang City. Of course, the players of Ba Huang City welcome them…the boundaries of the city are very large and each of the guilds have already occupied a training area as their base. In order to avoid conflicts with other guilds, [Zhan Long] has established themselves within the Qilin Valley. However, [Hero Mound]’s First Division insists on establishing themselves in the Magic Tracking Forest, right next to the Qilin Valley. There’s a saying that goes: “If a stranger snores next to you, even if he is kind, you would not hesitate in killing him”. With this, I hope that Guild Master Q-Sword can change the area of the First Division’s establishment. However, if you insist on having the Magic Tracking Forest as the First Division’s training area, I will see this as a challenge against us. With this [Zhan Long] will attack. I hope that Guild Master Q-Sword will think twice about it.”


In a flash, the post grew more popular. Not long after, Yue Qing Qian and Li Mu voiced their opinions with the post, causing it to grow even hotter. Anyone would be excited, since this was the precursor to a battle.

【1st Post (Player Yue Qing Qian)】: Right, [Zhan Long] isn’t looking to provoke or bully anyone, but if [Hero Mound] wants to fight, then they’ll get a fight!

【2nd Post (Player Li Mu)】: I truly hope that Guild Master Q-Sword will think twice before continuing on with his plan!

【3rd Post (Player Dancing Forest)】: Eh, judging from this situation, will there really be a fight?


【11th Post (Player Yan Zhao Warrior)】: Ha…provoking [Zhan Long]? [Hero Mound] has chosen the wrong person to fight, [Zhan Long] is a hard bone to break…”

【12th post (Player Jian Feng Han)】: This…. Will there be something exciting to watch soon?

【37th Post (Player Cang Tong)】: I don’t wish to see [Hero Mound] and [Zhan Long] to engage in any sort of battle….

【38th Post (Player Cang Yue)】: I too don’t wish for this…


【101 Post (Player Simple)】: If [Hero Mound] truly wishes to enter Magic Tracking Forest, then they really will provoke [Zhan Long] and [Blood Contract]. I simply cannot understand why Q-Sword would want something like that to happen!

【102nd Post (Player Wolf Totem)】: I’ve already prepared 1000 [Zhan Long] elites. Come if you want. The Magic Training Forest is an excellent PK location, the mad men of [Hero Mound] needs to know where they stand.

【103rd Post (Player Hero Ran Min)】: Let’s fight then!


【207th Post (Player Drunken Spear)】: Hehe, looks like something exciting is finally about to happen. The high and mighty Q-Sword against the tenacious yet unbending Xiao Yao Zi Zai. Hehe, I’m actually rooting for Xiao Yao Zi Zai this time. Hopefully Guild Master doesn’t see this…

【209th Post (Player Soaring Dragon)】: …….


We had waited for a whole half hour and Q-Sword had made no response to the hottest post on the forums. It seemed as though he had decided to hide from all of the controversy. At that moment, Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue both brought a few, hundred men teams. Within those teams there were quite a few that I recognized. In fact, they were all friends of the two girls and weren’t necessarily loyal to [Hero’s Mound]. When the time comes and the two girls say a single sentence, they will switch from bearing the battle axe of [Hero’s Mound] to the Dragon Emblem of [Zhan Long].

“What is the situation like?” Wan Er asked as she lifted her daggers and gracefully walked over

I smirked, “Let’s wait to see how Wang Ze Cheng will respond…”

“Sure, I’ll just wait by your side….”



After a while, 1800+ players from [Hero’s Mound]’s first division had arrived at Ba Huang City gates. Wang Ze Cheng lifted his Spear and Soul Fortress Shield as he grinned, thrusting the spear in the South West direction, yelling: “Let’s set off! We’ll follow the guild master’s orders and advance towards Magic Tracking Forest. That undiscovered map will belong to us, [Hero’s Mound]!”


Li Mu had already unsheathed his sword, “Wow, do they really want to fight against our [Zhan Long]?!”

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