Zhan Long

Chapter 251

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Chapter 251 – Cunning Fox

“Are you guys prepared yet?”

Jian Feng Han’s imposing figure stood in the rain with his Flaming Cloud Sword dipped down low with flames flickering from it. By the side, his giant Rock Fighter Spirit stood unyieldingly next to him with a battle axe in its hands while giving off a thunderous roar. Jian Feng Han merely stood there, with his battlemaster demeanor, he had already sensed us coming and his eyes displayed a rare type of self confidence that was seldom seen in others.


Misty Palace put a hand on the handle of his battle axe and lifted the heavy weapon. His battle spirit was already seen in his eye as he smirked, “The final hour has arrived, Sword Reborn and Fighting in Blood, are you two excited yet?”

Sword Reborn waved his spear, “It’ll be 3V1, so we must not be defeated here no matter what. Right in front of us isn’t any regular person, it’s Jian Feng Han!”

Fighting in Blood’s staff trembled in slight fear as his voice lowered, “Let’s have each of our pets attack Jian Feng Han’s pet. Sword Reborn, you activate your [Defensive Stance] when Jian Feng Han attacks, Misty Cloud will be responsible for counter attacking. I’ll attack him with [Icicle], and as long as we take control of the rhythm, we may be able to win this.”

Misty Cloud nodded, “Alright, prepare yourselves then!”




The sounds of water could be heard as Jian Feng Han’s boots hit the puddles. Without uttering a single sound he began to attack with his sword parallel to his chest as he dashed towards where Misty Clouds and Sword Reborn were.

“He’s coming, attack!”

Misty Clouds was startled but immediately lifted his battle axe in response to it. With a low growl, he began to swirl around to in preparation to attack. When Jian Feng Han was about 5 meters away, Misty Cloud’s axe caught on fire as he activated [Flame Blade]. Extending his arm, the battle axe slashed with an arc, leaving Jian Feng Han very little room to maneuver around.This was an incredible feat of prediction and probably the reason why Matcha said he had a 90 in his combat abilities.


Jian Feng Han’s mouth twitched a miniscule amount as he suddenly decreased his speed. The flaming axe slid onto the rainy water as Jian Feng Han took the chance to step on the handle of the axe. With that sudden change in trajectory and speed, the [Flame Blade] missed Jian Feng Han, leaving Misty Cloud’s shoulder wide open!

“Crap, Misty Cloud…”

Sword Reborn rapidly tried to impale Jian Feng Han with his spear. The fact that he was purposely sliding on top of the ground had added to his strength and was now just waiting for Jian Feng Han to be hit by the tip of his spear.


Jian Feng Han let the spear strike him with an impassive look on his face. It was a shame that his defenses were extremely high and so the damage done to him didn’t even reach over 600. His body blurred as a sword smashed into the back of Sword Reborn and using the impact, Jian Feng Han rushed towards the third person!

In a blink of an eye, everybody understood. The reason Jian Feng Han directly bypassed two people was no doubt to first kill the Mage within the group of three. After all, Fighting in Blood, as a Mage, carried the most threat to a heavy armor class. Jian Feng Han had been using this tactic from the start!


A layer of ice encircled Jian Feng Han’s sword as he hacked at Fighting in Blood’s shoulder. His attack was higher than my own and a single blow from him could shatter the [Mana Shield] straight away.

“Oh crap!”

Fighting in Blood reacted instantly, he activated [Dimensional Leap] and fled!

Jian Feng Han quickly brought his sword up and activated his skill, [Corrupted Wolf Edge]!

Fighting in Blood’s face went pale, it was time for the second leap!


The Rock Fighter Spirit came lumbering towards them with its battle axe already to strike! In a wink of an eye, Fighting in Blood’s face went green after realizing resistance was futile. The third leap was activated!”


Splashing through the rain, Jian Feng Han immediately predicted where Fighting in Blood was going to be and instantly used [Blade Rush] to 4 meters in front of him.

With a “hucha”, the blade impaled Fighting in Blood and his [Mana Shield] twisted precariously. Turning around, Juan Feng Han used a [Combo] and the first three strikes broke the shield while the fourth and an extra normal attack landed directly onto Fighting in Blood!


In two strikes, the Guild Master of [Winds of Battle] was killed!



Misty Clouds reached out with his arms and threw his battle axe; it was time for the Berserker’s third class skill!


Jian Feng Han’s entire body trembled a huge chunk of his 3500 points of health was taken from him. He hurriedly downed a health potion and then with a twist of his wrist, his sword stabbed through the chest of Sword Reborn twice!


A knight’s defense was extraordinarily strong and so Misty Cloud began to cycle again with his battle axe with both his hands. With a ferocious snarl, he activated [Flame Blade] once more and struck at Jian Feng Han!


Jian Feng Han’s face began to pale, it was apparent that he didn’t think that Misty Cloud would do that much damage again. Not only that, but it was also a clean strike and not one that was sloppy.

His boots spread out across the muddy floor in a single arc, causing Misty Cloud’s attack to miss him. Returning the favor, Jian Feng Han’s sword trembled with [Skyshaker Slash]!


The advantages and drawbacks could be seen clearly here; their attacks couldn’t even be compared fairly. Misty Cloud drank a health potion but did not bother to retreat, his battle axe heated up once more with [Flame Blade] before he swung it again at Jian Feng Han!

“Go die!”

Jian Feng Han sneered loudly as the previously hidden Rock Fight Spirit flew out to attack Misty Cloud. His blade trembled once more as he activated [Ice Blade] in preparation to attack Misty Cloud!

Sword Reborn clenched his teeth as he shifted to the side. He helped Misty Cloud take a slash. Although his health took a huge beating, Misty Cloud’s battle axe was left on Jian Feng Han’s shoulder!


Jian Feng Han’s health immediately dropped down to a dangerous level, causing his face to ashen. His body dropped down a bit as he evaded the sword arc from Sword Reborn and the bloodthirsty battle axe from Misty Cloud. Moving in a graceful manner, golden hexagrams appeared under his foot as he activated his S rank skill–[Exposed Point]. Locking onto Sword Reborn, he knew that if he allowed Sword Reborn and Misty Cloud to stay paired up, he would definitely die.

In the middle of the fierce rainstorm of attacks, Sword Reborn fell down to his knees with the last of his health gone. In the end, he was not able to withstand the Emperor Tier Flaming Cloud Sword’s attack. But while he had died, this gave Misty Cloud a chance to kill Jian Feng Han. At the moment, Jian Feng Han only had around 1500 health, all he needed was just one more strong hit to kill him!


The battle axe surged in the air, it was [Flame Blade]!

At this point, Misty Cloud’s eyes were already bloodshot, “It’s now or never!”

Jian Feng Han’s eyes grew cold, no matter how much he looked at it, if that axe hit him, he would die. Taking a look at the cooldown of his own skills, he saw that [Blade Rush] had just then finished its cooldown!

When Jian Feng Han’s sword began to glow, everyone knew at that moment that Misty Cloud had lost. Even if [Blade Rush] missed the initial strike, it would be enough to avoid the [Flame Blade]…

But, no one would had thought that Misty Cloud would had taken a step back, his skill taking a delay in reaching the target. At the same time, his entire body shook and a ripple came over his battle armor. Jian Feng Han’s [Blade Rush] had missed! Turning once more, the [Flame BLade] moved towards the shoulder of Jian Feng Han!


Jian Feng Han’s eye widened in shock, he knew that his hit would kill him.


A split second before the [Flame Blade] landed, a Lv 61 Healer from [Vanguard] cast [Heal] from far away to help recover some of Jian Feng Han’s health as well as to dash Misty Cloud’s hopes. Within that same second, Misty Cloud’s eye only contained despair and indignation, “Jian Feng Han, so is this how [Vanguard] truly plays?”

Jian Feng Han dashed forward with his Flaming Cloud Sword and stabbed Misty Cloud through the stomach with it, “The winner earns the spoils while the loser has nothing, I’m sorry about that!”



Misty Cloud fell to his knees in front of Jian Feng Han, his eyes full of wrath, “Shameless…how shameless you are…”


In the middle of the rain, my shadowy figure flew like a blur. Traces of my sword could be seen hitting against Jian Feng Han’s armor; it was a [Combo] skill!



Jian Feng Han immediately turned around to face me with a face full of anger, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai?!”

“Go die!”

I growled, my knee was itching for action and slammed against Jian Feng Han’s abdomen with a heavy amount of force. The sword in my right hand finished it’s 0.2 second casting time, [Wind Blade] struck against his shoulder!


Because of how quickly I took down most of Jian Feng Han’s health, he obviously did not expect to see me predicting the outcome of the battle and attack him so outrageously like this.


The Frost Rain Sword’s tip penetrated through his battle armor and nailed him to a nearby tree. Then, I brought my palm up and activated my skill–[Great Realm of Desolation]!

Jian Feng Han wasn’t able to defend against this at all and no strategy or planning would help him at all here!


[Great Realm of Desolation] ripped straight through Jian Feng Han’s armor, dropping him onto his knees. His pale face stared at me silently as he entered spirit mode, awaiting to be revived.


“Ah Han!”

Both Fallen Wolf and Fushen Thousand Blade quickly charged on over, but I waved my sword and cast [Seven Star Fragment Slash] at them!


The entire earth trembled as the sword qi tore apart the ground and left behind long scars. I calmly stated, “You guys had a Healer heal Jian Feng Han and changed the outcome of the battle, don’t blame me for taking action!”

Fallen Wolf roared, “Bullcrap, you just couldn’t bear to watch Jian Feng Han win!”

Behind me, Li Mu and Wang Jian walked up to my left and right with their hands on their swords, “Fallen Wolf, do you wish to die?”

Fallen Wolf gnashed at his teeth, but did not say anything more. Even he could tell, with Jian Feng Han, Simple, North Pole and Don’t Be Foolish gone, [Vanguard] simply did not have anymore experts that could withstand [Zhan Long]’s attacks.


“Brother Xiao Yao…”

Behind me, Yue Qing Qian pointed out towards the east with her finger, “Look over there, so many people are coming…”

I turned my body to look and saw a large amount of players come rushing out of the forests. The crest on their arm meant that they actually all belonged to the same guild. The crest had the symbol of a bloody dagger –[Prague]!



Yan Zhao Warrior’s face looked tired as he walked amongst the grass towards us, a smile on his face, “Ba Huang City is without a doubt the city out of the 3 main cities with the most fierce conflicts. As a member of Ba Huang City, was [Prague] not participating in this struggle in Arctic Fox Forest too low-key for people?”

Li Mu gnashed his teeth and growled, “You cunning fox…”

Matcha clenched her fists and whispered, “This uncle Yan Zhao Warrior, he has finally shown us his crafty side…”

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