Zhan Long

Chapter 221

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Chapter 221 – 10 Charm for One Night
Translated by: L, Deception, TaffyGirl13
Edited by: Zephir and GGP

“These Fire Elves, we should kill them one by one……” Wan Er looked out at the Fire Elves, happily jumping around close to their vicinity and slightly smiled, “Phantom Tier monsters, they are a new type of monster with a magic attack of 1500. Phantom Tier monsters have an approximate stat increase of 20% as a hidden attribute; 1800 magic damage would hurt a lot wouldn’t it? Boss, why don’t you go try it out and go first?”

I nodded, raising my Frost Rain Sword and rushed at a nearby Fire Elf; I had barely approached it when its body started to shake and it issued a chilling scream. Its aura of fire condensed as the Fire Elf raised both its arms and summoned a mass of fire. The Fire Elf immediately shot it out towards my chest and with a “peng” sound it hit me!


As expected, in comparison to physical damage, magic damage was more lethal; we shouldn’t try and kill them in groups otherwise even I’ll be insta-killed!

As I quickly spread out my palms, my Frost Rain Sword separated into 3 sharp blades with a “ding” and flew out, aiming at the direction of the Fire Elf, [Great Realm of Desolation]!


A large damage number flew up, and at that same time Fox exclaimed with a surprised face, “Dang! Xiao Yao’s attack is really high, I believe [Great Realm of Desolation] is still a level one skill right? And it’s almost 2000 damage already just with that!? This is too overpowered! “

With her pair of attractive eyes observing the Fire Elf, Wan Er giggled as she commented, “Uncle Fox, it’s not because Li Xiao Yao’s attack is too high, but probably because the skill [Great Realm of Desolation] is relatively strong? It’s an S-Tier single target attack skill and a third promotion skill from the high-class NPC Frost, it’d be more unbelievable if it wasn’t this strong; plus the Fire Elf’s defense is also lower, so 2000 damage should be pretty normal.”

I smiled slightly and quickly shortened the distance between the Fire Elf and myself. Suddenly it let out a continuous loud cry and a sea of fire covered the surroundings. Still it wasn’t a big deal, I used a normal attack before activating [Blade Rush]. My body fused with the light of my sword as I dashed 5 meter ahead with a “Hu cha!”. Penetrating through the body of the Fire Elf and escaping the sea of fire, I turned around and activated a Lv 6 [Combo] and with a following attack from Baby Bobo, in a short amount of time this Lv 64 Phantom Tier monster died crying and fell on the ground, turning into 10 streaks of light and flying towards every one of us.


Matcha widened her pair of beautiful eyes as she stared at me, mouth curved laughingly, “Boss’ understanding of his skills are really deep and the overall attack rhythm has great coherence to it. Hoho, having this kind of leader will guarantee us a great future ….”

Dong Cheng Yue’s pretty cheeks were blushing, “Not only that but this leader is also very handsome, everyone likes him so much, what to do……”

Promised Love interrupted, “You little girls be a little more serious, we need to continue killing monsters; quickly clean up the Fire Elves on this map. Oh right Xiao Yao Zi Zai, that Fire Elf dropped something, check out what it is…..”


I walked up to the front and picked up the spoils: there was a Lv 57 Silver Tier cloth wrist guard which added some magic attack, it was pretty good and could be sold for some money later. There was also a fiery red card and waving my palm, the card’s effects turned to words and were displayed in front of me——

【Fire Elf Card】(A Tier) : Increases user’s magic attack by 5%, reduces defense by 10%, lasts 60 minutes, requires Lv 60 to use.


“Um……” Lifting my eyebrows and laughing: “A consumable card that increases one’s magical attack by 5%, Dong Cheng, what’s your magic attack right now? Tell us……”

Dong Cheng Yue let a sound and looked down, saying “ 2097 magic attack as of right now, how is it?”

I laughed, “Adding 5%, then it’ll be 2201 points of magic attack at the very least….”

Dong Cheng Yue suddenly felt really happy, “ Then…..then wouldn’t my magic attack already surpass the number one Mage, Fang Ge Qi? Hehe, I’ve never thought about it……”

Shaking the card in my hand, “If you assume….Fang Ge Qi didn’t receive a storyline quest and didn’t encounter Phantom Tier monsters and they didn’t drop magic attack increasing cards. These Phantom Tier monsters will soon be known to other players and be killed by the masses. Thus the actual stats are still more important, so good luck on that. Here, I’ll give you the card……”

Dong Cheng Yue accepted the card and carefully placed it into her bag as she said, “I’ll wait until we’re up against a BOSS or when we’re PKing; it’s not worth it to use right it now.”

I nodded: “As you wish……”

Wan Er carried her Scarlet Edge, her purple eyes stared down the faraway Fire Elf as she said, “We should split into smaller groups and start killing, otherwise it would take far too long to kill them all. This fiery red plain has a bunch of Fire Elves and it would take us 24 hours before we could kill them all…”

“How will we be split into groups?” Fox asked.

Wan Er bit her red lips then thought it over, saying, “We’ll split into 3 groups, Li Xiao Yao, Who’s Blue, Fox, you 3 will be in one group, Yue Qian, Promised Love and I will be in another group. Matcha and Dong Cheng will be with Darling Duck. This way, each group will have a tank, a damage dealer and a Healer, so killing them won’t be as difficult.”
TL: Okay – 9 People on the quest

I nodded, “Right, we’ll follow Wan Er’s plan; everyone will split up to farm. Try to finish up this map in 4 hours, we can’t stay here for too long, [Zhan Long] still needs someone to manage it.”

Matcha chuckled, “Oh right, the Guild Master and Vice Leader are both here sweeping the map, while outside there’s only Old K, plus Li Mu and his group of roughnecks. If [Zhan Long] starts something with another guild, a lot of problems will start up without a clever Guild Master.”

I smiled, “Don’t worry, Wolf is cautious, thoughtful and cool-headed. With him around, there shouldn’t be any major problems. Furthermore, Yue Wei Liang and Thousand Suns are in the guild too, nothing to worry about.”



After we split into teams, I took Who’s Blue and Fox and started advancing on the right side of the map. One by one, the Fire Elves started to wander into the valley cheerfully as if they were celebrating the new year. Our plan to kill them all was not at all complicated. It called for me to be the main assault, Fox to be the marksman and Who’s Blue to heal us when needed. Although I could easily kill all of the Fire Elves by myself, having someone to heal me made life much easier.


The blade of my sword shone brightly as I ran forward and cast [Great Realm of Desolation]. It was a pity that the activation signs for the skill were quite obvious, plus it took a second for me to gather strength. Although the power was strong, it was better suited to kill monsters than other players. It would be a miracle if it could land on top ranked players like Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword.

Still, I needed to focus on using my newer skills more. It was necessary to level them up as soon as possible. Right now, [Great Realm of Desolation] took too long to gather Qi but with the factor of terrain, the map’s lighting and other factors, the success rate of this skill wasn’t 0%. I just needed to be more diligent when I attacked. If the attack lands, then any opponent would be half dead.


My sword sliced through the head of a Fire Elf, droplets of magma spilled out from it along with a screech of pain. This was the 7th Fire Elf to die by my sword and it had also dropped a Fire Elf Card for me. Pocketing the card, I planned on giving Dong Cheng Yue the two cards I had collected already. A card that gave a 5% increase in magical attack was a new type of item, so it was necessary for our own group to take advantage of this carefully. Other than the card, the Fire Elf also dropped a Devil Token, this would go to Matcha later to help raise her level!

Off in the distance, Matcha was dancing around with her Glass Soul of the Dragon Spear as she killed monsters while Dong Cheng Yue came to her rescue when needed. The two together were killing at a faster rate than I was, though Wan Er herself was killing at a rate that was even faster than the both of us. Fire Elves fell instantly to the overwhelming might of the [Gouge]+[Twin Blade Harmony] combo. The Healer on her team had barely spent any time healing her and spent most of her time attacking monsters instead.


In the blink of an eye, more than two hours had passed. The majority of the Fire Elves had been wiped from the field. The battles continued and after a while there was finally a change in topic in the party chat—–

Wan Er: “I…I didn’t mishear that right? A few minutes ago, I heard the sound of an ambulance outside the dorms….”

Dong Cheng Yue: “You didn’t hear wrong… it’s true….”

“What is the situation?” Promised Love asked.

Dong Cheng Yue laughed faintly, “I heard from my class representative that not long ago, a group of students fought in an undeveloped part of the school grounds. Quite a few people were injured and some of the injuries were pretty serious…”

My heart thumped, already having understood something. I asked, “Dong Cheng, do you know who was fighting?”

Dong Cheng Yue strained her mouth, “Who else would it be….it’s Liu Ying, Piggy, and their group. It seems their injuries were quite serious; a few bones were broken. A total of 9 people were wounded from the fight….”

“Who did Liu Ying fight with?” Wan Er asked.

Dong Cheng Yue laughed lightly, “I don’t know, the paramedics only saw Liu Ying’s group when they had arrived at the scene. They were probably suppressed by someone else. Hehe…how interesting, for someone from a second generation group like Liu Ying to have finally stumbled onto rough lands…”
TL: Second Generation = rich kids

I furrowed my eyebrows. That couldn’t be possible. Those bodyguards under Wang Ze Cheng’s commands had either their arms or legs broken by me, there was no way they could leave by themselves. Did that mean those bodyguards had been rescued by someone else? Maybe this was the case, otherwise they couldn’t have crawled back by themselves, not from that wasteland…

I didn’t say much. It was best that the actions I had taken in those small woods remain unknown to Wan Er. After all, it was not my place to say what type of person Wang Ze Cheng was or else it would make me seem inferior. Also, it could easily cause her to gain some misunderstandings about me. The thing I wanted to do was to stay by Wan Er’s side and protect her so that no harm would come to her, especially from the likes of Wang Ze Cheng. I kept having this feeling that the CEO of Booster’s Asian Branch was not that simple. For a youth like him to have reached where he stands right now, he must either have some type of strong background or a supporter from behind the scenes. Another possibility was that he possessed something that gave him an advantage over others.

Engrossed in the task, we continued to kill the monsters. These Fire Elves gave quite a bit of experience. Since their drop rates were also quite high, the riches poured out like water. Clearing the monsters on this SSS-ranked quest map was really a great enjoyment.


After nearly 4 hours, we had finally completely wiped out all of the Fire Elves on the field. We didn’t have to kill all of the monsters to advance to the next level but the experience was very generous. If we hadn’t killed all of the Fire Elves before continuing onto the next level, we would’ve regretted it.

The end of the map was a piece of land that had grown wild. Twelve towering totem pillars were rooted to the ground. In the center there was a large plaza with a faint amount of magical light floating around. Our three small groups regathered at this plaza.

“What drops did you get?” I asked while facing Wan Er.

Wan Er checked her bag, replying, “9 Fire Elf cards, 4 Devil Tokens, 3 Gold Tier equips and 27 Silver Tier equips and the others are not worth mentioning; how about you?”

I laughed and responded with, “15 Fire Elf cards, 7 Devil Tokens, 6 Gold Tier equips, 44 Silver Tier equips, how is it?”

Wan Er raised her head and looked at me, whining : “So this is the difference between 51 points of charm and 39 points of charm? So unfair, if you drop another heaven’s decree, it’s mine, no objections……”

Dong Cheng Yue giggled on the side, “That’s right, 1 point of charm for a kiss. Collect 10 points of charm and Wan Er will roll around with you under the sheets……”

Wan Er blushed and raised her daggers, “Do you want to die Dong Cheng?!”

Dong Cheng Yue’s whole body shivered, “Miss Wan Er is so charismatic, she has a large amount of tolerance and is very intelligent…, this little girl here humbly backs down! I will forever serve by Xiao Yao’s side and will be your willing fallback girl , hehe……”

Wan Er: “Seriously, enough…….”

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