Versatile Mage (QZFS) is Now Available as a New Series in the eBook Program!!

By MindLitUp

Greetings Gravity Fans!

We’ve got a fun change of pace for you in the eBook program today with the new series, “Versatile Mage”. The series will begin with the book “Versatile Mage: Volume I - The Old World is a New World” and clearly isn’t your ordinary cultivation novel! With a modern, teenage main character whose scientific world suddenly becomes magic based, you can be sure things are going to get strange very quickly. Will Mo Fan be able to handle this new version of his world? Check out the ebook to find out!

You may also be familiar with this story from the Chinese title, “Quanzhi Fashi,” and the anime title, “Full-Time Magister,” however, now you can read it from the convenience of your Kindle device or app on your phone at any time, ad-free, and with the ability to choose a variety of enhanced typesetting options!




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