Status update & important information

By Jaspaaar

We just want to inform everyone of why we switched to the new website so suddenly.

There were some unforseen, malicious circumstances that forced us to move to the new website to protect everyone's security. We understand that there are still kinks in the website and we are working on them. Please leave a comment about problems that you have found that are not addressed in this post. We will try to give more updates as soon as we can.

There should be minimal downtime with this change, and our tech team will be working as quickly as possible to fix any problems with the website that may not have been found in testing. If you receive a 520 error with Cloudflare, please click the "retry for live version" button in the upper righthand corner.

There is an issue with the time of the servers not syncing properly, causing updates to say they're coming out in the future when they're already released. We're aware of the problem, it just hasn't been fixed yet.

Many of you may wonder why your comments are not being seen right away. Know that your comments probably went through, they are just in a moderation queue. Our tech people will be available to answer your more technical questions/suggestions later.

Sorry for any inconvenience that this has caused, we really appreciate your patience. 

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