Part Four of the Way of Choices First Arc Now Available on Amazon!!

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The fourth book in the first Way of Choices arc is finally live and available on Amazon! “Way of Choices: Book 4 - Youths We Were, Schoolmates, Part Four” leaves only one book remaining to complete this vast story arc, and it’s exciting to see what this next book holds for Chen Changsheng! Below is a brief synopsis from the editor:

To the surprise of most of the human world, Chen Changsheng has emerged victorious from the Grand Examination. His prize, the one he has journeyed to the capital in pursuit of, is a night in the Lingyan Pavilion. But just what will he find there? Does it really hold the secret to changing his doomed fate?

In the morning, the Grand Examination's participants will enter the Mausoleum of Books, the holy ground for cultivators. Depending on their success in comprehending the Heavenly Tome Monoliths within, this generation's balance of power could shift drastically. Many are convinced that Chen Changsheng will not stay on top for long, and are determined to topple him in order to prove their own worth.

But in the middle of all this, the news arrives that Qiushan Jun has opened the legendary Garden of Zhou! With the news comes a decision: to stay in the mausoleum, or to enter the Garden?

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