Introducing Our Next Korean Novel From Munpia, Legend of Legend

By Ekdud

Hello everybody, Ekdud again.


Please give a warm welcome to Moliere, who will be translating Legend of Legend, our next novel from Munpia. It is completed at 599 novels in the raws.


The release rate will be about one per day for a total of 7 average per week.


There will be 10 chapters for the launch (Prologue + 10 regular chapters).


You can read the first chapter Here!


Here’s the synopsis:


The world is in a state of panic.

Every Friday, thousands of people fall under a sudden deep sleep, followed by coma.

Junhyuk Lee is just a normal guy on his way to a job interview. However, his interview is on a Friday, and, on his way there, he suffers an accident that changes his life.

He finds the answers that everyone has been looking for, but, in exchange, he is thrown into a world where his life is always in peril.

He has to fight and kill, to save himself and, possibly, the rest of humanity.

Follow Junhyuk as he treads on the path of becoming a legend amongst legends.

Legend of Legends.


Ekdud’s views:

Legend of Legend is a novel based on the battle arena games such as LoL, dota and others like it. Countless number of lifeforms of different races from multiple dimensions and worlds are brought into the ‘Valley of Death’ where they start off as minions and where a small percentage of them unlock abilities.

Those who are able to unlock all 3 abilities, as well as the final ultimate ability, are able to become ‘Heroes’, the game characters we would be playing.

It is an extremely interesting novel because instead of viewing from the angle of the main focus of the game, the novel takes a different approach as the viewpoint is shifted towards the lackeys on the side. There are other ‘Heroes’ by the main character throughout the story as well where the allied Heroes are helping him and the enemy Heroes trying to kill him.

Also, the entire story is not entirely situated in the ‘Valley of Death’, the main character also has issues in his real life. The main character will have to deal and adapt as he switches back and forth between the ‘Valley of Death’ and the real-life world.

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