Dungeon Hunter is Fully Translated!

By Jaspaaar

Hi everyone,

At 242 chapters, the translation of Dungeon Hunter is now finished! 

After months of tireless work from the amazing Rainbow Turtle, Dungeon Hunter has become Gravity Tales' first completed novel.
It has been a fun journey, and I know that I will miss reading the antics of Yihi and Randalph's cold scheming. 

Here is a message from Rainbow Turtle:

Once again, thank you to all the readers and donators for supporting this work.

A huge thank you to Jaspaaar for editing the chapters and Noripixel for helping out with a few of them.

I never expected to finish Dungeon Hunter so quickly when I first started in June/July and am grateful for all the love it's received.
For people asking what I’m going to do next, I will be working on Dimensional Sovereign and a new series should be posted on this site soon. Look forward to it and thanks again for your support.

All the love,
Rainbow Turtle

For those of you who haven't read Dungeon Hunter yet, you can start from its table of contents here.
If you want to try Dimensional Sovereign, which is also an excellent story, you can go to its table of contents here.

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