The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Get a Taste of your own Medicine

All his years of experience within the Forest of Demon had caused him to become very cautious towards everything.

Su Yi was still kneeling on the ground with a single knee, his hand clutching the saber beside him, gasping heavily for air.

Seeing the man in front not daring to approach him, Su Yi took the opportunity to rest.

Now, Su Yi had indeed expended his energy to the very limit. It was hard for him to muster up even a single ounce of strength to fight back. Furthermore, his opponent was a Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade cultivator, under normal conditions, he was already stronger than him and currently, he had even expended all his energy on killing the other people.

Su Yi observed his surroundings. The adventurer party should not only have these few people.

Since these people could find him, the others would most likely reach here soon.

The former was in no rush to kill him, probably because he was waiting for reinforcements.

“Little bastard, surrender immediately! There is no way you can escape this place today!”

The man stared coldly at Su Yi, indeed he was not anxious to take Su Yi down.

He estimated that his other party mates should almost be arriving. He did not need to take the risk himself, this kid was too unpredictable.


Su Yi took a deep breath, clenched his teeth slightly and struggled to get up while leaning on his saber for support.


The saber was pulled out of the ground, Su Yi’s face was still a pale white, but his eyes were gleaming with a cold light as he looked at the man in front of him.

“You are already exhausted and will not be a match for me!” The man looked at Su Yi and said. He had felt the kid’s aura, he was sure that the kid was barely hanging on.

“Oh, really?”

His mouth curved up into a cold mocking sneer, and as Su Yi finished his words, his eyes were filled with anticipation and nervousness like he wanted to try something out.


The “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was initiated and from within Su Yi’s body, a wave of energy rushed out, his eyes slowly became crimson red. If one looked carefully, the crimson red color was like a blazing fire.

At the moment, Su Yi’s aura changed completely as if he had become a different person. It caused people to tremble involuntarily as fear gripped their hearts.

“Howl! Howl! Howl! Howl!”

The howling of the wolves was continuous. The ones who were being affected the most now were the four Hell Wolves hugging the ground.

For some reason, the four wolves were horrified to their very limits. They faced Su Yi, yet they did not dare raise their heads, only lying on the ground, crying out non-stop.

“Kill him, go!”

Su Yi stared at the four Hell Wolves not far away and shouted. His shout was like the deep rumbling of thunder, brimming with might and authority.


As Su Yi gave his orders, the four Hell Wolves suddenly rose their head, their eyes once filled with horror and fear turned into one full of bloodlust and ruthlessness. They bared their fangs and growled.


Without any hesitation, the four wolves lunged towards the man simultaneously, their wide blood-red gaping mouths were hideous and terrifying, their claws like sharp hooks.

“What is happening?’

The man was in a daze, he could not comprehend what had just happened. Why would the Hell Wolves that they bought listen to the kid?

Though the four Hell Wolves had not reached the Demonic Xuan Realm, if any one of them went mad, even a Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade cultivator would not dare face them head-on.

And right now, there were four Hell Wolves lunging towards him. The man may be a Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade cultivator, but right now he was not in a good situation at all.


When the four Hell Wolves leaped out, Su Yi’s eyes were filled with glee and he immediately turned around and dashed into the forest.

“Howl! Growl!”

The four wolves did not care at all about themselves, as if they had gone berserk and lunged towards the man, biting and tearing.

“Beasts, what are you all trying to do?! Die!”

The man was also in a panic and became occupied by the four berserk wolves. He had no way to get out of his current situation and could only watch as Su Yi escaped.

Su Yi made a run for it and for the sake of increasing his speed, he had to take off the 500-kilogram sword on his back and keep it within his interspatial bag.

He had gotten a few interspatial bags, each of them opened by the unknown power from the mysterious space. And they were in perfectly usable condition.

Su Yi was now more or less a genuine Yuan Soul Realm cultivator and he was even a Soul Tamer, taking the interspatial bags for himself was not a problem.

With the heavy sword off his back, Su Yi’s body instantly felt relaxed and light and his speed shot up.

And within the interspatial bag, he could not feel any of the sword’s weight and this was the special function of an interspatial bag.

Su Yi may be completely exhausted, but he did not dare stop.

The adventurer party was using beasts to hunt him down and this gave Su Yi a last-minute idea. Since his “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” caused beasts to fear him, then why not use the beasts to take on his enemies?

To the adventurer party, it would be them getting a taste of their own medicine.

Initially, Su Yi had no idea whether the idea would work.

But when he remembered that the Golden Python and other beasts back then could listen to him, he decided to give it a shot and miraculously, it actually worked.

The four wolves may not be easy to deal with, but Su Yi knew that with the adventurer’s cultivation level of Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade, it would not be to the point where he had no way to deal with them.

Furthermore, there would definitely be more people from the adventurer’s party nearby. He needed to get as far away as possible now while he still could.

The adventurer’s party had used those Hell Wolves to track him, Su Yi suspected that they may not only have those four Hell Wolves, but his situation was also becoming increasingly dangerous.

Even if he found a place to hide, it would need to be someplace where the Hell Wolves would be unable to find him.

But with the Hell Wolves natural ability, trying to mask his presence and dodging the tracking noses of the Hell Wolves would not be an easy thing to do.

It was the dead of the night. The forest was silent, and occasional roars of beasts would echo from the depths of the forest.

Su Yi had no need to worry about the average beasts, the aura from his “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” was constantly leaking out, preventing the beasts from approaching him.

Anyways, the further he ran now, the better. Since that party could search for him for such a long time, they would definitely continue their search and not let him go.

On his path of escape, Su Yi did meet quite a few low-level beasts, but none of them dared approach him.

“This aura…”

After a whole two hours, Su Yi had no idea where he was when he suddenly felt a strong presence.

“It’s a beast!”

Afterward, Su Yi slowed down and his eyes followed the aura to its origin.

Not far away on a gigantic tree was a green vine, as thick as a human thigh, coiled up around the tree like a dragon.

On the vine perched a red bird, its claws hanging onto the vine tightly, its eyes sharp as it looked forward.

In front of it, a small distance away was a white ape, seven meters tall, standing on a rock. Its thick coat of white fur was like snow and its huge arms rested on the ground. Its huge body was slightly hunched, and it was also staring at the bird keenly, ready to attack at any moment.

“Snow Jade Beast Ape, Fiery Beast Eagle!”

Su Yi’s eyes swept across the place. This was a Snow Jade Ape and a Flaming Beast Eagle. Both their levels were far higher than the Hell Wolves.

The auras of these two beasts were similar to the Golden Python that he had met back then, they were almost at the stage of Demonic Spirit Realm, at least Demonic Xuan Realm Ninth Grade!

“It’s injured.”

But when Su Yi saw the bird’s appearance, on its humongous body, the crimson feathers on its right wing had some blood stains on it and many of its feathers on its wing had come off as if it had been seriously injured.

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