The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: Escaped


The two palms collided. In an instance, there was another sound of an explosion which came from Su Yi’s palm. Blazing hot air gathered and was compressed in front of the palm seal, then, the compressed air detonated.

“Rumble…” The sound was as loud as thunder, the aura erupted like a small volcano and the air flow surrounding them was like that of a destructive tornado.

“Puh!” Seeing this turn of events, the man’s face turned deathly white. His body shot back and at the same time, his Yuan Qi Cocoon started disintegrating from the impact and a mouthful of blood was spat out once again.

“Argh!” The man cried out in pain. The explosion happened right in front of his palm and the high temperature had roasted his hand.

Crimson Flame Palm, a General Grade Martial Art Technique. It was definitely not your average technique. The fire attribute Yuan Qi which was contained within the attack was compressed and when the opponent least expects it, the Yuan Qi would explode like a bomb.

Su Yi did not stop after his attack. He raised his leg containing Yuan Qi and kicked the ringed saber which the man had let go.

The ringed blade flew through the air and before the man had noticed, the tip of the blade had already reached his chest and stabbed into him.


The blade which was tearing through the air contained Yuan Qi and the force of the blade sent the man flying. His eyes bulged, and a feeling of despair crept up his heart. He had never imagined that he would be the one dying, and especially by his own blade.


The man fell onto the ground. His eyes wide open, filled with horror and regret. The ringed blade was stuck straight through his heart and blood gradually seeped out of the wound.

“Bam! Bam!”

Not far away, the gigantic tail of the Green Jade Python ruthlessly hit the tall skinny man, sending him crashing into a tree. The tree shook from the impact, leaves fell onto the ground and the thick bark cracked.


Fresh blood spewed out from the tall skinny man’s mouth. He dropped and onto the ground, unknown whether he was dead or alive.

“Swish! Swoosh!”

At this time, from the depths of the forest, several figures were seen dashing towards Su Yi.

“You dare kill our men? Kid, you shall die!” With a shout, a figure with the fastest speed appeared right in front of Su Yi.

A powerful aura raged out of his body. It was a green colored Water attribute Yuan Qi with a thick mist. A palm seal with an aura like a flash flood came crashing down on Su Yi from out of nowhere.

“Strong!” Su Yi immediately frowned. This man’s aura was far stronger than the man which he had just killed.

Without a moment of hesitation, the dense and enormous amount of Yuan Qi within Su Yi began to surge through his meridians once again. It was as if all the Yuan Qi within his Dantian had gathered on his right fist as a blinding light shone.

“Overlord’s Fist!” Su Yi cried out within his heart. From the fist came a terrifying force of Yuan Qi like an erupting volcano and smashed the enemy’s palm seal.


One fist and one palm met. A dazzling light radiated and the light on Su Yi’s fist seem to shine brighter than ever, enveloping everything. With a clear sound of howling winds and roaring thunder, an aura like that of a tyrant awakened, the majesty and pressure of an emperor descended.

A gigantic force rippled through the surroundings, causing an illusion that the entire space was shaking.

A violent and powerful energy exploded at the site of impact between Su Yi and the enemy, sending out a shockwave of energy like that of a hurricane.

“Pat, pat.” Su Yi’s body stumbled back. The feelings within his heart changed. The man in front of him should at least be of Yuan Xuan Realm Third Grade.

“Sss…” The situation caused the Green Jade Python to attack. It swiped its tail directly towards the man.

“Humph!” The person who had arrived was a man around thirty years old. His stumbling steps had already stabilized and as he saw the giant tail coming towards him, he drew a long saber from his back, encased in Yuan Qi and instantly slashed down on the tail.

“Not good, run!” Su Yi clenched his teeth in frustration. The person in front of him was very strong and there were more figures in the forest heading towards him. With his current cultivation level, he could not help the Green Jade Python. Before he had regained his composure, a whirlpool of Yuan Qi formed under his feet and he started using the “Hundred Transformations Step”, making use of the impact to retreat. His body was like a flash of lightning as he headed into the woods.

“Krrk…Krrk…” The blade and the tail met. The snake’s scales were like steel and sparks were flying due to the collision. But in the end, the scales could not compete with the sharpness of the saber and they shattered, revealing blood. The snake let out a cry of pain.

“Swish! Swish!” Many figures came shooting out from the trees. They saw the Green Jade Python which backed off in pain and immediately drew their weapons and surrounded the snake, their aura sharp and fierce.

“What are you guys doing?! Do you think I need your help with this mongrel? Go and chase down that boy!” The man hollered out in anger as he looked at the people, his face black with fury.

"Yes, sir!" The man's angry shout reminded them about the task at hand and they rapidly nodded their heads in response. Then, one by one, the figures bolted in the direction of Su Yi.

“Skraa!” The snake roared, and its giant body blocked the path of the people who wanted to chase down Su Yi, trying to help Su Yi to escape.

“Beast, you are looking for death!” The man cried out in anger, his eyes glimmered with a cold light and the light of his blade was like a streak of lightning, descending upon the snake.

Su Yi used all his might to escape. The people who had arrived should be from the same adventurer’s party as the man he had just killed. Even though they weren’t very capable, but with this current cultivation level, he had no way of fighting them and could only run away as quickly as possible.

With the “Hundred Transformations Step” and three years of experience within the Forest of Demons, he had a slight advantage when running away from others.

In the silent forest, there were many figures running through the trees, causing the sound of rustling leaves to be heard.

Cautious gazes scanned the surroundings, their hands tightly holding onto their weapons on their waist, on guard against any sudden dangers which might appear, ready to respond to any sudden events.

These people did not have a very high cultivation level; hence they did not dare enter the depths of the Forest of Demons, but they had spent many years in the area, so they had ample experience and was able to work together very well.

But since the people had to be on guard against unknown dangers and possible sudden attacks from beasts, their speed was naturally not as fast as Su Yi.

Su Yi was rapidly escaping and was not at all afraid about attacks from beasts. He had the aura from the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” emanating from his body, enough to make an average beast think twice before approaching him.

The forest was filled with trees and vines hanging from them.

Su Yi hid his tracks and after he felt that he had run a long distance, he slipped through a canyon. His view opened up with bright light and there was a steep cliff in front of him.

Below the cliff, he could see everything. Trees stretched for miles beyond the horizon. It was an amazing sight.

“There! A place to hide!” After wiping off his tracks from the surroundings, Su Yi climbed down the cliff.

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