The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81: Mysterious Spring Water

“There was definitely a lot of Yuan Stones within the interspatial bag!”

Su Yi’s eyes lit up with delight. Feeling the energy which has increased yet again within the mysterious space, it was not hard for him to confirm that there was definitely quite the amount of Yuan Stones within the interspatial bag initially.

Holding back the excitement and happiness within his heart, Su Yi placed the three bottles of elixirs which he had just gotten into this space.

This space has an excellent function which provides great help. Placing elixirs within this space could raise the grade and effectiveness of elixirs.

Su Yi did not want to miss out on this cheating function of the mysterious space.

Since the mysterious space had consumed so many Yuan Stones which were supposed to belong to him, then naturally he had to reap some benefits right?

After placing the elixirs here for a period of time, the grade and effectiveness of the elixirs then would definitely be incomparable to the elixirs’ current state.

“If this space could directly raise the grade of elixirs, then what about those spiritual herbs?”

Suddenly, while looking at the soil within this mysterious space, a thought struck Su Yi. This space could raise the grade and effectiveness of elixirs, if he were to grow spiritual herbs here, will it raise the grade of those herbs?

Putting his thoughts into action, Su Yi instantly started his experiment.

Using the sword with he had gotten from the interspatial bag as a hoe and spending a whole four hours, Su Yi finally dug up a plot of land several meters wide within the space. Then, he carefully planted the spiritual herbs which he had gotten into the dirt, after finishing his plan, he then got up satisfied. He was looking forward to the results, yet at the same time, he was slightly nervous.

If this was to work and it was proven that the mysterious space could raise the grade and effectiveness of spiritual herbs, then he would be set for the future.

“Eh, what’s that?”

Suddenly, Su Yi saw something special. Within this space, there was raised land which looked like a small mountaintop and in the middle of it was a small hole around a meter and a half in diameter.

Around the small hole were smooth, transparent stones, making the hole look something like a well.

But within the hole, there was a palm-thick layer of liquid. It was crystal clear and sparkling, looking something like pure water, just thicker. There was no colour or flavour.

“What is this? A mountain spring?”

Su Yi was filled with curiosity. He bent down, dragged his hand in the crystal-clear liquid and out of the blue, he felt a hunger for the liquid.

Not knowing what was going on, Su Yi used a single hand and cupped some of the liquid to his mouth where he drank it all down in one gulp due to habit.

It was cool and refreshing like it was sweet water in the middle of a desert, saving him from dying of thirst.

But then, as this sweet liquid flowed smoothly down Su Yi’s throat, in that instance, it turned into a tremendous amount of energy which rushed into very fibre of Su Yi’s body.

This tremendous power made Su Yi's body felt like he was struck by lightning.


That tremendous surge of pure power exploded like a bomb within Su Yi and almost wanted to blow Su Yi’s body apart.

This also caused Su Yi to stumble and fall onto the ground.

In a flash, energy surged out of Su Yi’s body and enveloped Su Yj in a glowing white cocoon.

Su Yi was unprepared for all that had just happened.

The liquid that looked like spring water instantly turned into a huge wave of rampant energy within his body which seemed to be so much that it could cover the heaven and earth.

This surge of energy felt like it was going to make Su Yi explode.

If it wasn’t for the toughness of Su Yi’s body, with this sudden surge of energy, it probably would have been too much for Su Yi to take and make his body explode.

“What a huge amount of energy! I’m in deep trouble now!”

Su Yi snapped out his confusion and his expression changed greatly.

He did not expect the liquid to hold such a titanic amount of energy. It was way too much such that he felt his body was going to split into pieces.

Under the stress taken by the meridians, muscles, Five Viscera and Six Entrails and more within his body, the tearing pain was as intense as it could be, so intense that Su Yi could not utter a single word.

Su Yi clenched his teeth and sat down with his legs crossed. He performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, trying to consume and refine the rampant energy.

The rampant energy assaulted his body from within, like countless wild horses galloping around. As Su Yi performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, he started to absorb and refine that surge of energy.

Following the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, the energy flowed through Su Yi’s meridians, being refined and then gradually turning into pure Yuan Qi.

Luckily, the liquid which had turned into energy did not resist and started to become refined as Su Yi performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

But the huge surge of energy was still there, that energy from that mouthful of liquid was no doubt something which Su Yi could bear with his current cultivation.

As Su Yi refined the energy within his body, his body was quivering, his face cramping, beads of cold sweat seeped out non-stop from his forehead.

The pain brought along by the rampant energy within Su Yi was not something which anyone could bear.

Su Yi bit down hard as he tolerated the shrieking pain within his body, making him unable to utter even a single word.

Su Yi had never imagined that the liquid would be so terrifying, but he could nothing about it now, all he could do was refine the energy with all his might.

If he did not do that, in the end, the energy would tear his body apart from within.

Fortunately, the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” could refine all this energy, taking a load off Su Yi’s shoulders.

As time passed, the tearing pain gradually went away.

Su Yi could finally take a breather, but the rampant energy was still within his body.

Strands of pure Yuan Qi flowed into the Yuan Qi Whirlpool inside his Dantian. All those Yuan Qi was refined from the energy which ran amok within his body.

This made Su Yi surprised yet ecstatic. Looking again at the situation, he might have almost been ripped to shreds by the surge of energy, but he could be sure that the liquid contained a titanic amount of energy which he could use.

Now Su Yi could feel all the strands of Yuan Qi gushing into his Dantian and the aura of his body continued to strengthen, it seemed that he was going to have a breakthrough in his cultivation.

Feeling this change, Su Yi was wild with joy, and he tried his best to control the situation and send the last bit of refined Yuan Qi into his Yuan Qi Whirlpool.

Within the Dantian Yuan Qi Whirlpool, the amount of Yuan Qi there was currently becoming denser and denser.


The speed at which the Yuan Qi Whirpool within Su Yi’s Dantian spun became faster and faster, turning into a hurricane and giving off rumbles and roars, like that of thunder and wind.

Yuan Qi continued rushing in, becoming denser and denser.

And finally, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool could not store anymore Yuan Qi.

The amount of Yuan Qi was so much that it had even filled the meridians to the point where they were almost going to burst.


Suddenly, a sound of an explosion came from Su Yi’s Dantian.

The Yuan Qi Whirpool suddenly froze and then as if it had exploded, it began to turn in the opposite direction as it expanded more and more, turning into nothingness.

“I have broken through again!”

Feeling this change, there was a broad smile on Su Yi’s face. This was a sign of him going to have a breakthrough in his cultivation again.


Suddenly, Su Yi’s expression changed once again. Within his body, there was still quite the amount of energy which had not been refined.

But now, the energy which had yet to be refined followed the energy of heaven and earth in the surroundings and rushed towards his Dantian.

This unexpected change of events filled Su Yi with shock.

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