The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: I'm Rich!!!

“After overcoming my limits time and time again, I will gradually grow stronger!”

Su Yi realized this fact quickly.

The cultivation process is one of trials and progress.

Every improvement was like a snake shedding its old skin.

For example, it was similar to bodybuilding.

After working out, tearing one’s muscles and challenging their own limits time and time again, they will have a new and improved version of themselves, in the end, each time; a version of themselves which will have surpassed their previous limits.

The cultivation process was the same. After challenging one’s limits, you will become even stronger than before. This was a gradual metamorphosis; gradually surpassing one’s limits.

Looking at his shoulder which had been shattered by the fist of the Young Master of Black Fiend School, the skin there that was once broken and bloodied, oozing with fresh red blood, now almost completely recovered as the skin seemed to be radiating with a glow like fresh jade.

The corner of Su Yi’s mouth curved up slightly. Su Yi knew that this was the work of the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

Three years of training his body made his physique far better than those of his generation.

From back when he fought with Ji Chao, Su Yi already knew how tough his body was. This was the reason why he decided to take the blow of the Young Master when he could think of no other alternatives.

“That was risky.”

Thinking back on his fight with the Yan Shangyang, Su Yi’s smile dropped. He knew that he had taken too big of a risk and the consequences were almost unbearable.

As he played back the scene when he fought Yan Shangyang in his mind, Su Yi felt that he had made some minor errors. Along with some misjudgment, he did not manage to kill the Young Master with one shot as he had intended.

As a result, he had put himself in a desperate situation.

In the end, he had to admit that being able to kill the Young Master and escape was nothing short of plain dumb luck.

“There is a great difference in the abilities of a Yuan Xuan Realm and a Yuan Soul Realm!”

Su Yi mumbled to himself.

Back when he had fought Ji Chao, Ji Chao was only at the Peak of Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, there was still quite a bit of distance from the Yuan Xuan Realm.

But the Young Master of Black Fiend School was a real Yuan Xuan Realm Cultivator. He could condense Yuan Qi to form shields, form the “Coat of Yuan Qi” and materialize solid energies of Yuan Qi. These actions could be done when one has reached the Yuan Xuan Realm.

Su Yi's eyes squinted slightly. He knew that this time he had made a few errors in his judgment. He could not afford to make the same mistake again or else he may not be able to live to tell the tale.

Getting up and tidying himself, Su Yi left the mysterious space and appeared within the crack in the cliff.

It couldn’t be said that Su Yi had done everything in vain. Not only did he kill the Young Master of Black Fiend School, but he had also even gained an interspatial bag.

Within the crack in the cliff, Su Yi stretched his stiff waist and then an interspatial bag popped out into his hand. It was the size of a palm, similar to a cotton pouch, giving off a faint glow.

This was the interspatial bag he had gotten from the Young Master. Su Yi had risked his life to deal with Yan Shangyang not only to pay him back for what he had done to him, but also another reason was due to his identity as a Young Master of the Black Fiend School.

Su Yi had guessed that there would definitely be an interspatial bag on the Young Master and there may be quite the amount of cultivation resources within it. What he lacked the most now to become strong were cultivation resources.

Looking at the bag in his hand, a smile once again crept up Su Yi’s face.

The interspatial bag alone was already a treasure and was quite valuable.

But Su Yi was far more interested in what was inside the bag instead of the bag itself.

“Hmm, there is a seal on it, how do I open this?”

A problem placed itself in front of Su Yi’s eyes. A seal had been placed on the bag and he had no way of opening it.

Though Su Yi had never owned an interspatial bag, he had heard of it before.

An interspatial bag, being such a valuable item, other than having a portable space, each bag needed to be bound by blood and then one would set their own unique seal on the bag.

In this case, the bag could only be opened by yourself.

If someone else tried to open it forcibly, everything inside the bag would be destroyed.

But the seal was not indestructible, in front of absolute power, there was no problem of it being destroyed.

Or some strong tool refiners would have their own special methods of destroying the seal placed on the interspatial bag.

Su Yi pondered hard on a way to open the seal on the bag.

Back when he was with the mysterious man in the valley deep beneath the surface, Su Yi did not receive only the Heavens Taming Incantation, he had also received a whole bunch of cultivation knowledge, like an inheritance.

“Got it!”

Soon, Su Yi had a smile on his face. He had found the way.

If one’s ability was similar to the one who had placed the seal on the interspatial bag, then there was a large chance that you could break the seal.

Strictly speaking, there were two conditions to fulfill before one could break the seal on the interspatial bag.

The first was that your ability cannot be below the one who had placed the seal.

The second and the most important that your spiritual power must be stronger than the other side.

Su Yi was happy. Although his cultivation may not be at the level of the Young Master, he was a real and genuine Soul Tamer, his spiritual power was one of his strong points, he could definitely give the method a shot.

Carefully investigating the method to open the seal, Su Yi fell into silence. He sat cross-legged and began to try to open the seal placed on the bag.

A hand seal formed, and Yuan Qi flowed with a bright shine.

Su Yi started trying to break open the seal. He controlled some Yuan Qi in his palm, the invisible spiritual energy started to ripple out together with some Yuan Qi, flowed towards the interspatial bag.


Suddenly, something which Su Yi had not expected happened. When the Yuan Qi in his palm touched the interspatial bag, the mysterious space in his mind roared to life.


There was an explosion of light in Su Yi’s mind and a familiar energy shot out like lighting and enveloped the interspatial bag.

Su Yi could clearly feel that the mysterious sphere of light in his mind was currently devouring some sort of energy within the interspatial bag.

In an instant, the light enveloping the interspatial bag became unbearably bright.

Su Yi was bathed in the light and he could not interfere in anything. He could only feel that there was an energy flowing between the interspatial bag and the mysterious sphere of light.

Three minutes passed by before the light enveloping the bag started to fade.

The mysterious sphere of light in Su Yi's mind also no longer had any reactions and everything became calm once again as if nothing had even happened.


Within his palm, a soft sound came from the interspatial bag, the seal had already been shattered and disappeared at some point in time.

Su Yi’s face was stunned. He still had not recovered from what had just happened and his thoughts were in complete chaos. Did the mysterious sphere of light also have the function of breaking seals placed on interspatial bags? But the sphere of light was definitely devouring some sort of energy within the interspatial bag just now.

Snapping out of his daze, Su Yi immediately checked the interspatial bag and flipped the bag upside down. Many items started pouring out from the bag.


Pieces upon pieces of stones dropped out of the bag and once they hit the ground, they all turned into dust.

There were too many stones and Su Yi was still sitting cross-legged. Huge amounts of stones came dropping out of the bag, turned into dust and almost drowned Su Yi.

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