The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: Confrontation with Yan Shangyang

How could these few beasts suddenly have this reaction? They seem to fear the kid.


At that instance, Su Yi’s figure was like a streak of lighting as he lunged directly towards Yan Shangyang.

Su Yi knew that the "Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique" could affect the beasts. This was also one of the reasons why he decided to reveal himself.

The strong cultivators of Black Fiend School were occupied and the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” could affect these beasts, those were the reasons why Su Yi had decided to take this chance to take his revenge.

“Kid, you are looking for death!”

Yan Shangyang was no coward. He quickly recovered from his shock and let loose an arrow towards Su Yi.

Su Yi already knew about this Young Master’s skills. A bow was a ranged weapon, only when he was near to Shangyang would he have a greater chance of winning.

Su Yi immediately used the “Hundred Transformations Step”. The “Hundred Transformations Step” made his movements unpredictable and his speed extremely fast, making things seem real yet fake, fake yet real.

Su Yi had prepared for this long ago. He integrated the experience he had gained from all these years together with the “Hundred Transformations Step” perfectly. It was just like adding wings to a tiger. His body bent in an unimaginable angle and dodged the arrow.

[T.N: “Adding wings to a tiger” means making someone who was already stronger even stronger]

Yan Shangyang’s expression changed. He retrieved three arrows from his quiver while his body shot back in the blink of an eye.

“Triple Air Breaking Arrows!”

With a shout, Yan Shangyang let loose three arrows towards Su Yi as he was retreating.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Three arrows flew at the same time in the formation of a triangle, accompanied by the sharp shrieks of air breaking. They were like streaks of lightning, locking onto Su Yi’s figure.

At this time, the lunging Su Yi became focused. He did not expect Yan Shangyang to be strong like he had thought. This archery technique had its own strangeness and strength.

Feeling the aura of the three arrows like that of thunder, Su Yi dared not go face to face against it.

In an instant, white-colored wind attribute Yuan Qi surged from his feet and formed a whirlpool beneath him. He was like a ghost, a willow in the wind, as he dodged the three arrows through the gaps between them.


But the sharp, strong winds encircling the arrows shaved off quite a bit of hair which landed on his shoulders. As the sharp winds passed by, they emulated the light of a sharp blade, causing his hair to stand on their ends. His skin tightened and gave off a sensation of pain.

Su Yi took this chance to reach Yan Shangyang as fast as lightning.

Yan Shangyang showed a face of surprise. He had never thought that the kid could evade his finishing blow. He used a lot of strength to let loose the three arrows at once and now he had no time to arm his bow once again.

“Kid, did you really think I depend only on arrows?!”

Yan Shangyang sneered. This kid had escaped from the mine and actually wanted to take his life now.

Yan Shangyang could not draw his bow in time, so he swung his arm, and in a flash, a blazing hot fire attribute Yuan Qi surged from his body, forming a finger seal pointed towards Su Yi.


The red light from the finger seal was glaring and like a crimson snake, it shot towards Su Yi’s forehead. Its angle hard to counter and sinister, poised for the kill.

Su Yi had already made his preparation to kill and he was observing the surroundings as well, and even more, he did not underestimate this Young Master of Black Fiend School.

Seeing the sinister finger seal dashing towards him, Su Yi’s heart sank slightly, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

This Young Master indeed has some tricks up his sleeve. If it wasn't for the period of time that he was guided by the mysterious person back in the deep valley, Su Yi felt that he would be in serious danger at this point in time.

Everything happened in a flash.

When the finger seal appeared in front of Su Yi, he waved his hand. Yuan Qi flowed, and a strong formless power flowed and shattered the finger seal to nothingness.

After shattering this finger seal, Su Yi was also prepared and he utilized this opportunity to close up the gap.

Suddenly, a black-colored Yuan Qi flowed within Su Yi. As it passed through certain meridians, earth attribute Yuan Qi started to come together and converge at his right foot.

Su Yi hid his aura of Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade no longer. Within his eyes, there was a glaring light like the flash of lightning. His tattered clothes fluttered. His black hair swayed and flew in the air. His aura seemed to be endless like he was bringing the rage of a storm.

“Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, Oppress the Mountains and Rivers with a single foot!”

His shout was like thunder, and with Su Yi's shout, his right foot hit the ground, and the Yuan Qi at the sole his foot spiraled out like a tornado.


The earth shook, and the air cried out, from where Su Yi’s foot hit the ground, rings of black-colored earth attribute Yuan Qi rippled out like waves.


The earth started to fracture and cracks the width of an arm started to spread out like the web of a spider.

The surrounding stones and trees were all shattered into a fine powder in an instant.


The eyes of beasts in the surroundings for reason unknown started to quiver and cried out continuously.


While currently, a groan filled with pain was heard from Yan Shangyang. As his body staggered back pathetically from the impact, the ground was breaking underneath his feet and a mouthful of blood flew out from his mouth involuntarily.

At this moment, the expression of Yan Shangyang was truly flabbergasted.

He was injured, seriously injured.

The kid only had the cultivation level of Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade, right?

He was a genuine Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade! Even if it was Pinnacle of Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, there was still an extremely huge gap between it and Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade.

But that kid was only Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade, and the strength that just exploded out from him was actually that terrifying,

If he had not made some preparations and cultivated some Body Cultivation Techniques since his childhood, the consequences would have been unthinkable!

After Su Yi made his move, his face was pale. The strength needed to initiate the “Wrath of the Eight Wastelands” was too much.

If it wasn’t for him breaking through to Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade, Su Yi would not have simply dared to use the move.

“Stronger than I had thought. That is-!”

Seeing that the person was only injured, but not knocked down from his move, Su Yi’s face instantly darkened. It was not within his prediction that this Young Master of Black Fiend School was quite a bit stronger than Ji Chao from Sacred Mountain.

Then, Su Yi saw that a layer of faint crimson light had enveloped Shangyang’s skin like a mist, tightly hugging his skin.

“Yuan Qi Cloak!”

Su Yi’s eyes narrowed. When one reached the Yuan Xuan Realm, they could exude Yuan Qi to form a clock to protect the body.

The crimson red light enveloping Shangyang’s skin right now should be the Yuan Qi Cloak.

“Kid, I have to say that you are already very strong. But unfortunately, there is a difference like heaven and earth between Yuan Xuan Realm and Yuan Soul Realm. Now, die!”

Heavily injured, fresh red blood dripped from the corner of his mouth, Yan Shangyang stared at Su Yi coldly. As his bloodlust increased, Yuan Qi flowed through his body and formed a light like that of a brightly burning fire on his body.


In an instance, Yan Shangyang made his move. Light burst from beneath his feet and his figure disappeared like a black phantom in the night.

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