The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Enemies on a Narrow Road

When Su Yi had exited the space and walked out of the hidden cave, the sun had laid its last rays of the day upon the mountaintop.

It was twilight, the evening sky was like a blanket of orange-red leaves in autumn, and the mountain tops poking through the sea of clouds were like dark purple islets.

It was a long chain of mountains. They towered over the land side by side, and forest stretched endlessly beyond the horizon.

Some ancient trees were shockingly tall, so huge that they seemed to be as big as the mountains. They stretched far into the clouds and blocked out the sun, filling one’s heart with awe as one looked at them.

Between the trees and mountains, some vines grew. They looked like dragons coiling around the mountains.


Within the trees, he heard a loud, frightening cry of a beast.

Tens of beasts appeared and surrounded a dozen people.

Within the group of people, there were quite a few very strong cultivators. Yuan Qi materialised into figures of beasts under them, sending a wave of intimidating aura into the surroundings.

But at this moment in time, within the horde of beasts, there were also some very strong beasts. Each of them was tens of meters tall with sharp rows of teeth lined on the insides of their jaw. Some had scales all over their body like a suit of armour while others had feathers like blades.

These few very strong beasts had started to attack the very strong cultivators, occupying them.

At the same time, the other beasts started to make their move. Some terrifying birds stretched their wings which were several meters wide and began diving down for an attack, tearing a person apart with their claws. Blood splattered all over the ground.

“Hurry! Protect the Young Master!”

A strong cultivator shouted at the top of his lungs, his face filled with seriousness. He had never thought that they would meet a strong beast and so many of them at once too.

Amidst the group of figures, a youth in black clothes was being protected. His face and figure, fine and handsome. It was none other than the Young Sect Master of Black Fiend School.

The youth’s surname was Yan, he was called Yan Shangyang. Last night, he had initially come out to hunt for a few demonic beasts.

At the start, he had High Elder Yu accompanying him, but halfway through the journey, High Elder Yu had received news that someone was invading the territory. Hence, he left in a hurry and ordered the strong experts who were left behind to bring the Young Master back.

But this opportunity did not come easily. How would Yan Shangyang agree to go back to the camp just like that? When High Elder Yu left, the remaining people from Black Fiend School were unable to go against his wishes and could only listen to him. As a result, they ended up in this mess.

On the way, they did kill some beasts, but Yan Shangyang was not satisfied. He wanted to venture deeper into the woods, hence how they were in their current situation.

Now that there were so many beasts and even a few extremely strong beasts leading the horde, Yan Shangyang could not feel happy at all. Although the disciples of Black Fiend School were doing all they could to protect him, his face looked slightly troubled. He also drew his bow and prepared to fight.

These disciples were all the elite and their strength was not at all weak, but facing these tens of strong beasts, they also started getting goosebumps.


Some of the of beasts roared and at once, all the beasts in the sky and on the ground lunged forth, causing the woods to be filled with cries and movement as they continued trying to kill the disciples of Black Fiend School.

In an instant, the flying beasts with sharp claws, jaw-like traps of steel with wings when stretched, seemed to cover the entire forest, had torn a few more elites of Black Fiend School into pieces. Once again, blood and flesh all mixed together.

“Young Master, please retreat! You! Bring some people and escort the Young Master back now!”

A strong cultivator hollered out loud, yet in his heart, he was cursing and swearing. If it weren’t for this Young Master looking for his own death, they wouldn’t have met so many beasts. If the Young Master were to die here, at this time, even if they had escaped, they would not be able to run out of the Forest of Demons anyway. The Black Fiend School would never let them off, so they could only fight to the death and escort the Young Master as they retreated.



Low sounds of explosions and horrifying roars from beasts sounded through the mountains.

Su Yi was standing on a valley, far away from the battle. The valley was very high up above the ground, so from a long distance, he could see what was happening.

“Eh? It’s the people from Black Fiend School!”

The violent outburst had drawn Su Yi to the site and from far away, he saw the figures of the disciples of Black Fiend School. Instantly, his face changed. Had the people from Black Fiend School chased him all the way out here?

“No, it shouldn’t be. That! It’s that kid!”

Su Yi saw the youth who was being protected by some people as they retreated in a rush.

How could Su Yi ever forget about that youth? It was that Young Master of Black Fiend School, he had the cultivation level of Yuan Xuan Realm and may even be stronger than Ji Chao, but he should not be much stronger than him.

Inspecting the situation, Su Yi inferred that these people from Black Fiend School did not come to look for him. Instead, they had run into the group of strong beasts for some reason, and the Young Master was now running for his life.

Though the Black Fiend School still had some strong experts alive, according to the current flow of the battle, they already had a hard time staying alive themselves.

“When a gentleman takes revenge, ten years of waiting is not long. But, I am no gentleman. Ten years of waiting to take revenge are too long for me. I act according to the opportunities I see!"

[T.N note: “When a gentleman takes revenge, ten years of waiting is not long” means that one should bide one's time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance]

As Su Yi looked on from afar, a cold light appeared in his eyes.


Su Yi’s figure flashed and vanished from where he stood.

“Young Master, run! Hurry!”


The people from Black Fiend School were all running in a panic. Roars of the beasts were like thunder as tens of beasts fiercely chased after them.

The faces of the disciples of Black Fiend School were all white as they lost their calm.

They escorted the Young Master Yan Shangyang as he retreated while being terrified of those beasts, but they knew as well, that if something were to happen to the Young Master when he was with them, they would not be able to live well when they get back.

So, they could only protect the Young Master with their lives. If they succeed in protecting the Young Master, they would have achieved something great.

But the speed of the beasts was no less than theirs, they may be even faster than them.

Especially those flying beasts. Not much time had passed before they had blocked their escape route.

“Damn, we are in big trouble now!” The faces of the disciples turned whiter. The tens of beasts, that had chased after them, had already surrounded them. They could only form a circle and protect the Young Master Yan Shangyan who was in the middle.

The tens of beasts were all very strong. With the current situation, Yan Shangyang was no longer in the mood for hunting. He started to really panic and fear what was going to happen.

Yan Shangyang had sparred with the beasts that had been caged up by Black Fiend School. These beasts were nothing at all like them.


These beasts were aggressive, and they lunged forth at the disciples for the kill without hesitation.

These beasts had scales which shone, bared their sharp fangs all while emitting a horrifying aura. Their claws could tear metal and their teeth could rip anything apart.

“Fight with all your strength!” These disciples were some of the finest of Black Fiend School. At this time, they all also had a sharp and fierce aura around them. They swung their weapons and a cold light reflected off them. Yuan Qi surged out around them as they began their fight to the death with the oncoming beasts.

But the beasts far outnumbered the few disciples of Black Fiend School and in an instant, like a tornado scattering the clouds, the few disciples were all surrounded and occupied and Yan Shangyang was now directly exposed to the raging beasts.

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